Black Sea

Bulgaria is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Eastern Europe. Every year it attracts thousands of vacationers to winter sports in the Bulgarian mountains and bathing on the Black Sea coast. The travel portal reported what awaits visitors on a journey of Bulgaria. The sandy beaches of Bulgaria are the favourite destination of many tourists in the summer. Over many kilometres, they nestled on the crystal clear waters of the Black Sea.

Especially the Golden Sands and sunny beach in the northeast of Bulgaria attract true throngs of visitors each year. No matter whether as family vacation or group travel, the experience of Bulgaria should miss nobody. The holiday region is a popular destination for a beach vacation due to the variety of water sports and the countless restaurants on the beach promenades. The Bulgarian joy of life is expressed in the many colourful festivals. Even away from the beach resorts, the country has much to offer.

You can marvel at the extraordinary landscape of Bulgaria in the numerous nature reserves. In a pleasant climate exploring adventurous deep forests, impressive ravines and steep cliffs. Visitors to the many small monasteries and churches of the country discover the characteristic Bulgarian charm. Away from the beaches, the capital Sofia has their very own urban flair while the surrounding snow-capped mountains to a descent on the ski slope.