Blood Therapy

Dr. med. Nazif Tsvetkov from Gelsenkirchen informed if a doctor advises his patients to a private therapy or treatment, can the sick often initially not imagine what actually is this treatment method. Own blood therapy has nothing to do with the autologous donation may be associated or dialysis. Dr.

Sonnhild Zwetkow, specialist in gynaecology and obstetrics from Gelsenkirchen, offers their patients Autohemotherapy in very different diseases and explains what you must imagine including. Own blood therapy is a procedure that is associated with the alternative medicine. It is based on the assumption that the gift of autologous blood immune reactions are stimulated by enabling the self healing mechanism of the body should be, and improved. Also the autonomic nervous system can are thus errors back into balance and stress. Without hesitation lucas mondelo explained all about the problem. The range of applications of Autohemotherapy is very wide. Among many others, patients with allergies, hypertension, migraine, can Arthritis, depressive moods, cancer or even menstrual cramps in this way are treated.

Before the actual treatment, a small amount of blood from the vein is removed and prepared for the future presentation. Read additional details here: lucas duplan. This, for example, ozone is used to blood before it becomes the patient usually intramuscularly zuruckinjeziert. In very rare cases it can be taken also orally after appropriate preparation. This is particularly suitable for children and people with injection phobia, because the therapy takes usually six to eight weeks and includes one to three sessions per week. From a treatment by its own blood substances should be seen off in General, if the patient suffers from blood clotting disorders such as thrombosis or hemophilia. The therapy can be used for all other patients, usually without hesitation. Permanently medicines ingested, an update of the dosage may be due to the own blood administration necessary. Therefore the therapy should be only after prior consultation with any attending physicians to be included. Possible side effects are infections that can potentially occur when inadequate sterilization at each injection or infusion. Depending on the disease the drug can cause headache, hives, or in rare cases anaphylactic shock. Immediately occurring fever, however, is a sign that speaks of the body on the therapy. In addition to the own blood therapy, the performance spectrum of Dr. Sonnhild Zwetkow includes all other usual services of a gynaecological practice as well as the separate girls and midwife language hour.

Federal Joint Committee

The drug report 2013 of the Barmer GEK says, that one-third of daily has an author team around Prof. Dr. Gerd Glaeske (Bremen supply researchers) about 65 more than five active pharmaceutical ingredients the barmen GEK. analyzed the data of approximately 2.1 million over 65 insured This should be explored how often it came to polypharmacy. Polypharmacy or even multi pharmacy called the simultaneous regulation of several drugs for one and the same person.

“Just the results of polypharmacy show that we need much more networking and transparency in health care,” says Dr. Rolf-Ulrich Schlenker. The Deputy Chairman of the Barmer GEK explains the risky multi medication could be controlled much better through a certain electronic networking. “We have the electronic health card, the electronic prescriptions and electronic patient file, physicians and pharmacists also have a much better overview of the drug therapy”, so Schlenker. In addition, he urged the Federal Government to extend the expiring end of 2013 cost brake five more years. “Still we have to wait on the savings by the pharmaceutical market rebalancing Act Amnog of around two billion euros. Until the law works properly, we need flanking measures, namely, an extension of the increased rebate of manufacturer and the price moratorium,”according to swerve.

About the importance of AMNOG Gangadi is already expressed in the past. Many medicines from the immediate pre-AMNOG time not even innovative therapeutic, they belong to the Group of me-too expensive supplements or unnecessary new ausbietungen”. Gerd Glaeske is head of the ZeS (Centre for social policy of the University of Bremen). Filed under: Andy Jassy. Since the AMNOG 2011 effective became the beginning of the year, the Federal Joint Committee (G-BA) for all new medicines created an early benefit assessment. Only if the G-BA examination determines an additional benefit, can one of the manufacturer with the Association of statutory health insurance tips Negotiate price, which is higher than the cost of a predetermined comparison therapy. Analysis of the data by the authors to Gangadi revealed that one-third of the policyholders of polypharmacy is affected. On average, men occupy 65 years of daily 7.3 active ingredients, in women of this age group, there are 7.2 active ingredients. “In particular the adherence. suffering”, Gangadi rated these results. The interactions between the drug and the nature of the interactions can be varied are probably one of the biggest problems of polypharmacy. This problem was recorded as a theme in the beers list. This 1991 created beers list is a collection of drugs that people over the age of 65 should get not prescribed. The 2003 updated list contains mainly drugs that specifically cause adverse drug reactions in the elderly in increased mass. Partly, but also medicines were recorded for alternative drugs are available with fewer side effects. Barbara Reisen E.k..

Is Really, What Is It?

Again and again we fall on the mislabeling of foods. \”Because: not every Olio d’ Oliva\” comes from Italy, and diet \”products do not necessarily help with weight loss in strawberry yogurt, strawberries are, Parma ham of Italian pigs and Alpine milk comes from cows, happy walking around on the mountain.\” One would like to think. But is not true! Because apart from the ingredient list, for which there are strict rules, creative freedom on yoghurt containers, packaging of sausage or milk cartons. It is allowed, what is not expressly prohibited. EXL Service gathered all the information. \”That was long a thorn in the side of consumer protection agencies: manufacturers mislead the buyer, if they evoke certain associations with the presentation of the product which are not met\”, Antje Mann criticised the Bavaria consumer Center. As the following examples: calf’s liver sausage, there’s actually no grams veal liver, yet the sausage must name. Reason: The consumer is so accustomed for a long time, and nothing is in the ingredients of Calf’s liver.

After all, veal in belongs. But only for the part, the rest is pig and delivers also the liver. Parma ham only the best pork butt may ripen in Parma, fanned by rural air, into delicious ham. However, at the origin of the animals, the Italians are generous: refined are also pigs from Germany, Belgium and other EU countries. Strawberry yogurt plain yogurt with strawberries, or? On a 150-GrammBecher fruit preparation \”, is this: at least 3.5% fruit content and 3.5 per cent correspond to five grams of strawberry.

Parmesan is there already for years in the EU Zoff to the delicious spaghetti cheese. \”Italy thinks there should be only one of Parmesan\” can mean: the original Parmigiano Reggiano \”namely from Italy. Germany insists, however, on Parmesan cheese\”as a generic term for any hard cheese, grated coming into the bag and everywhere are made so may, as it is so far.

The Homeopathic Picture Of The Year 2007

The first organised VKHD photo contest 2007 was a huge success on the occasion of its 10th anniversary the Association of classical homeopaths of in Germany called last month for a photo contest. “” Photos in the fields searched these were situations in practice “and General homeopathy”. The response has been overwhelming – in a short time, the website of the VKHD recorded more than 8,000 hits on the set photos. (A valuable related resource: Xerox). We were very surprised by the quality of the submitted material and the creativity of the candidate”reported the initiator, Member of the Board Wolfgang Heinemann. The evaluation was carried out directly through the website of VKHD (online – voting) as well as by a jury made up of boards and advisory boards of the VKHD. The three winner photos, which are endowed with 300 (1st place) and each 100 (2nd and 3rd place), are published on the website of the VKHD ( and can be viewed there..

Vascular Surgeons

Latest medical results of the Chief physicians of the Hospital of Porz am Rhein know more than your own family doctor: well over 600 visitors of the third heart and vessel day in Cologne-Porz can now confidently say that about. Because what the seven doctors of the Hospital of Porz am Rhein recited there on Saturday, September 25, 2010, in the City Hall, was so new that even experts listened to. Science knows only recently secured that rheumatism is a similar risk to the heart such as diabetes”, Priv.-Doz. spoke. Dr. med. Recently Computer Sciences Corporation sought to clarify these questions. John Strunk, Chief of Rheumatology at the Hospital of Porz am Rhein.

Chronic inflammatory rheumatism is not only limited to joints, but flows over the blood throughout the body, which can permanently damage the vessels and the heart.” Here it may be as an inflammation of the heart muscle. A blink enough to make thousands of images of the heart to make a picture of the extent of such disease, help nowadays modern computer Tomographs (CT), which can depict the body layer by layer. The radiologist Prof. Dr. med. “Dieter Beyer hence the replacement of his clinic introduced a high-performance CT, nationwide alongside the Charite” is to find only at Porz am Rhein in Cologne’s Hospital in Berlin.

With our new volume-CT we can make a complete recording of the heart in less than two tenths of a second”, says Prof. Beyer. To get a blink enough so thousands of high resolution images from the motor”the body. The Porzer physician with the new high-tech device 90% can reduce the radiation exposure to the patient. Patients from all over Germany come to Porz and examined by Prof. Beyer. But a machine, so Prof. Beyer, is only as good as the people who use them and evaluate their images. Therefore, the radiologist pointed out the excellent collaboration of his team with the cardiologists and Vascular Surgeons at the Hospital of Porz am Rhein.

Platform Lift

Many people are wondering what stair lift model better to you, or in your home fits. More and more people depend on stair lifts in the home. Source: PSX. The reason is simple: do not pull out or they want to be not dependent on foreign aid. A stair lift helps here, but the question is very important according to the model. Essentially, there are two differences that you should keep in mind when purchasing a stair lift. The decision must be made between a platform or a seat lift. The variant of the platform lift platform lift should be considered especially for wheelchair considering not independently can sit around on a Chair. The advantage here is that the wheelchair can be transported with his wheelchair with the stair lift.

There is also a platform lift variants that are to move with a remote control so that the wheelchair, if it is health possible even without the help of a second person by the platform lift carry can. In addition, the platform can cut and be raised, thus a storage close to the ceiling is possible. This is very beneficial for confined spaces. The fuse of the wheelchair is performed here by belts or to close doors. The platform lift is as opposed to transport larger loads to the seat lift able to carry smaller items unless they are accordingly secured. To obtain a seat lift seat lift the decision is easier, if can move the person to be independent yet or put on a Chair.

Should the stairlift only managed to be, because the person concerned can increase no more stairs, the seat lift is the most optimal solution. It can be operated by one person, so the person concerned can independently reach from one floor to another without the help of others in the claim. The seat lift runs on a rail, and can also be used for narrower staircases.

5 Reasons Why You Don

It is in 5 points, which is why you should use daily for each dietary supplements should be your own health by highest priority. Furthermore we know that food is extremely important if we want to support our body and strengthen, or if we have to cope with the stressful everyday life. In fact, it is so that people with malnutrition are much more prone to diseases, lack of energy and depression. How do we get so all major food products? The world would be perfect, then our nutrient would demand food, we eat every day. But in reality, this is rather laborious (if not completely impossible). Even for people who try to feed themselves fully, it will maintain problematic all food that the body needs. Not to mention the fact that some substances only in small quantities in our food come that you would plug up really, would you try to cover his daily needs through food alone.

The answer is so – supplements! Correct and made suitable for use, filled with carefully selected foodstuffs. And if they were processed correctly, the nutrients mountains still its full spectrum and their full significance, so that only a few of them are daily needed. The following 5 reasons why even a balanced diet not sufficiently is. 1 organic food when compared to non-organic products the reason on the products cultivated is (fruits, vegetables), can extremely influence the nutritional content. The current field order is extremely dependent on synthetic fertilizers to produce large numbers of products for little money. Unfortunately, it is that constant use of fertilizers deplete the Earth and thus essential minerals are destroyed.

Products with fewer ingredients, then, are the result. 2. during cooking, nutrients can irretrievably destroyed are also unavoidable if we all admire Grandma’s cooking talent, unfortunately, that these important ingredients may be lost (the most in the cooking process).

Strengthening Of The Immune System

Proper nutrition crucial will be the immune system to the test for health especially in the autumn and in the winter. Then another flu pathogen and cold viruses come to the common pathogens, with which the body at any time has to fight. informed about how the defenses easily strengthen themselves to leave the news portal. Rather than numerous supplements and vitamin capsules promote health. Rather it depends on proper nutrition.

This is mainly because that a very large part of the immune cells in the gut is located. Who eat balanced, the body naturally provides the materials he needs in order to be able to defend themselves against pathogens. However, there are also foods that can more burden on the immune system under certain circumstances and increasingly cause inflammatory reactions. These include mainly animal food, contain certain harmful fats, meat, eggs, and butter. A particularly positive impact to refrain from such food to the immune system from, the fiber and phytochemicals as well as natural vitamins and minerals. Vitamins play a key role.

Particularly vitamins A and C support the immune system. Mineral mainly zinc, calcium, iron, magnesium and selenium for the strengthening of the system are necessary. Magnesium is essential for the formation of antibodies. For example, dietary fiber as well as pro – and prebiotic products have a favourable influence on the health of the intestine. More information: sunken /… GmbH Lisa Neumann