‘ Authoritarian, paralisadoras, circular, to the elliptical times, the effect phrases, also jocosamente called gold small pieces, are a malignant plague, of the worse ones that they have devastated the world. We say to the confused ones, Knows you it exactly you, as if to know it itself exactly was not fifth and dificultosa operation of the arithmetical human beings, we say to the ablicos, Where there’s a will, there’s a way, as if the beastly realities of the world were not had fun to every day invert the relative position of the verbs, say the drifters, To start for the principle, as principle sesse was the always visible tip of a wire badly rolled that was enough to pull and to go pulling until arriving the other tip, of the end, and as if, between the first one and second, had had in the hands a smooth line and continuum where we had not been necessary to undo nor to explain strangulations, thing impossible to happen in the life of hanks and, if one another phrase of effect is allowed, in hanks of vida.’ ‘ (SARAMAGO, 2000:71) effect phrases cause consequncias many diversified times of that a priori we conceive, what it sends to a question of literal analysis, that stops the historians if it becomes basic in the chore with the theories. The words in itself do not possess value, but we atribuimos meant they it, creating an intelligible construction that makes possible in them to perscrutar the text and to become possible the knowledge. Under this perspective we come across with a infinity of possibilities and a cognitiva finitude. From there the necessity of exclusions and delimitations. The fact is that, when we come across in them with the election that we determine is current the creation of principles, with character ‘ ‘ facilitador’ ‘ to sketch of objective form and contumacious person what it is displayed. The principle becomes the link enters the end the one that intends its quarrel and the contextualizao which is inserted, serving of mote facilitador to the activation of the memory. However, the displayed principle being outside of the context which was servant, can follow ways extremely the opposites to that one considered by the creator of the same one, also leading to a disfigurement of the argument and a determinismo.

To the professional of the area it fits to serve itself of a methodology and estabelcer criteria so that it can minimize the actual damages for the damages concerning determined maximum, beyond the sine qua non condition of contextualizada reading to treat happens frequently of the displayed question. Bibliographical reference: SARAMAGO, Jose. The Cave: stories.