Abraham Louis Breguet

The day of Today, this patented alloy for spring is continues to use in the manufacture of watches. However, in 1945, the main building of a. Lange & Sohne was destroyed and was only until 1990 that the signature was reactivated by Walter Lange, great-grandson of Adolf Lange. Walter renamed the company as Lange Uhren BmbH, which then in 2000 was bought by Richemont. Today, Lange Uhren GmbH tine more than 300 employees, of whom almost half are watchmakers. Currently, Lange Uhren GmbH has developed a reputation due to exquisite shape created watches which offer styles in which through the back, the owner of a Lange, can observe the intricate and fascinating mechanism of hundreds of individual parts that make up its very sophisticated piece of equipment to know the time.

Among the most outstanding achievements of the company are its contributions to the continuous evolution of the tourbillon. The tourbillon is an exhaust invented by Abraham Louis Breguet, a legendary clockmaker in 1801. It was developed with the goal of increasing the rate of precision clocks, reducing the effect of gravity on a subgroup of watches called balance. The result was a new housing that encloses the exhaust, palette, exhaust and balance wheel. This casing was subjected to a constant rotary motion which effectively denied any action of gravity at the parts inside the housing. Control the accuracy rate of watches requires that such rates are consistent with an even more accurate clock that is used as a reference.

It must also be possible to stop the clock mechanism when required. Previously, a tourbillon mechanism could not be stopped and had to wait for the right moment to throw him to walk again. Once the tourbillon began to operate, it wasn’t easy to stop it and restart it again. It might seem that the simplest solution to this problem would be to use a lever to lock and stop the mechanism of the tourbillon, but after a brief discussion at a. Lange & Sohne, it was determined that this solution would simply not work. The reason for this is that stop the tourbillon mechanism also would imply the loss of all energy stored, necessary so the tourbillon continued with their next rotation. You would be required in order to start the tourbillon again, apply some kind of strength, such as a lateral rotation of the clock. Finally, a. Lange & Sohne patented a new way of asymmetric spring that would stop the tourbillon mechanism in a reliable way and start it at will. The full mechanism, which consisted of 373 different parts, was inside the housing that it came to be known as Cabaret, a model of watch for Knight. For more information about wrist watches a. Lange and Sohne visit: on garde! Franz language? Saxon faces substitution Triton TC9BJM 9 Biscuit Joiner amp web nuts Dembow de el BlackBery Donny and the grandson monsieur poulet the crappy more street art!