There are multiple techniques for marking today, but you must know that you one of the most popular, is better known as pad printing technique. The printing is a relatively young printing process. What is basically done, is the reproduction of a mark through a plate either plastic or metal, which is then covered with a photosensitive emulsion, which is precisely where records the image through a chemical process. After this recording, this plate is covered with ink and is swept with a knife and a tampon silicone material, pressed on the previously done engraving, and picks up the ink from the plate. Subsequently is to then carry it on the piece to be printed through the contact.

This mark is mostly used for marking industrial parts and advertising. The ink that is used in this technique is also used to mark or decorate certain parts and they consist to solvent-based that require mixing with additives at the time of use. In general, dry in a matter of seconds, although the complete drying can take a much longer period of time. A. Verastegui original author and source of the article