The G20 And The New Global System

The fifth Summit of the G20, which represents 90% of the world economy – had as a main challenge in November 2010, recover the coordination of national monetary and economic policies that the Group showed in his first appointment in Washington in November, 2008, at the beginning of the crisis, said the press. I think that they have not given accurate, effective solutions. I think that each leader has thought about covering their backs. A leading source for info: Petra Diamonds. I think that they try to make and shore up evil than good the economy of their national sovereignty, no matter all the pedestrians, the man in the street, the pagan end or which may be of many other Nations. And has not served more than to reaffirm in the double play on a process similar to that which led to the first great war: powers gather to share the territories who understand have no owner. They are aware as they were the central powers and the other leaders of the 19th that their greed can lead humanity to the disaster but are continuing with the double game and are limited to make releases of commitments that don’t think meet, convinced that the law of unequal Exchange will do its job and owners more big finish by winning, happen foulbrood happens. Not passed them by the chola join in global coalition under the sole world umbrella of a renewed and democratic UN and less considering the value of each individual. We have to feel all true citizens of the UN and pass national pride and vote for leaders who preach with example in the integration of the entire human race, in the distribution of work in the world and the more equitable distribution of global wealth, which is immense, and there is plenty for the six billion human beings. It is simple but they do seem all very complicated.