Two Best Techniques

I can not miss this date without writing with respect to the two best techniques to attract the Ideal partner or retain that you already have, the reason is simple tomorrow is the best day of the year to do so. First technique: Cartografiado of the love that you need are scissors, cardboard, rubber, pencils of colors, magazines, a photocopy of a picture of yours. For people who already have couples, then a photograph of both and is preferable to do so together, according to the expectations that want each in their relationship for the next year. You’ll cut and paste everything you represent to you the love couple, that is how you want to be that person in values and characteristics, physical, spiritual and intellectual. You can use words clipped from magazines, write, paint, draw. When you are ready you will paste your Cartografiado in a visible place in your room where every morning you can see it and you stop for a few minutes to make your viewing.

Second technique: The law of the Attraction at night in your room, sitting on your bed or armchair, in passive state, close your eyes, relaxes your body and calmly reaches a receptive passive state. Reflection for women: at this time I am attracting up to my real experience a man honest, sincere, loyal, faithful, peaceful, happy and prosperous. These qualities that I admire are impregnated in me now. To purchase these features, they become part of me and included them subconsciously. I know that there is a compelling law and that I attract towards my a man according to my beliefs. I attract that which I believe to be true in my mind.

I know that I can contribute to the peace and happiness of man. He loves my ideals and I love theirs. Don’t want to change me, or I change him. There are love freedom and mutual respect. Reflection for man: at this moment I am attracting suitable women, that this always agree with me. This is a spiritual union because it is divine love running through the personality of someone with whom I armonizo perfectly. I know that I can give that woman love, light, peace and joy. I feel and believe that I can do this complete, done and wonderful woman’s life. I know that this woman is spiritual, loyal, faithful and sincere. Our relationship will be harmonious, peaceful and happy. Only that which is related to love, truth and beauty can enter my real experience. At this time I accept my ideal roommate. Reflections for husbands: imagine your wife as it should be: joyful, happy, healthy and beautiful. Watching your husband as it should be: powerful, strong, loving, friendly and harmonious. Do not say anything, just seen each other for more than 10 minutes. With these two techniques I know you love life changed forever! Sincerely, Teresa Ruiz Pedersen Autor and Personal Coach on the author Teresa Ruiz Pedersen is an author and Coach Personal and helps men and women to build the healthy romantic relationships to live a life of happiness and harmony.