Renault Grand Scenic

The American brand has introduced this year in the national market the new Chevrolet Orlando, a medium size 7-seater MPV. This new model has been designed to be useful and practical, with a proven technology and a mechanical failsafe. With a bold exterior design and a practical interior, Chevrolet Orlando stands for an economical purchase price and low cost of maintenance: is available from 18,500 euros. The new minivan is intended to satisfy the needs of large families or simply to those who require space for your work or leisure activities. To meet sales targets, the new minivan will have to compete with Renault Grand Scenic, Toyota Verso or Citroen C4 Grand Picasso among others. The seats are arranged in 3 rows (2 + 3 + 2), the middle row is a bench and the two rear seats are separate seats that can fold to expand the trunk space.

Its creator, the Korean Taewan Kim, was looking for a car attractive on the outside and practical travelogue. In addition your design should emphasize on European roads without looking too great. The interior is very space and 7 adults can sincerely travel comfortably. Access to the 2 rear seats is easy because the Center row folds with two simple movements. 3 Engines available in Spain, a 1.8 gasoline currently litres and 141 horses and two diesel that will surely be the most demanded. Both are 2-liter with 131 and 163 horsepower. The price difference between the two makes it worthwhile to opt for the more powerful.

They are available in automatic and manual change. The equipment of the Orlando series is more than acceptable and includes, among other things, air conditioning, 6 airbags, radio cd with mp3, front fog lights, trip computer and parking sensor. The version complete, has cruise control, rain and lights, browser and sensors during 3 years or 100,000 kilometres free vehicle maintenance. No doubt the relationship quality/price of the new vehicle gives us the possibility to get a 7 seater new with a budget similar to that you invest in the market for used cars. The acceptance of the Orlando among consumers could lead to the reaction of other manufacturers and reduce the prices of the minivan segment in general, both new and second hand vans.

Jurisoft Services

The project arises from the Association BULMA and has moved to their own association called IGLOOS Bulmages is currently supported by several companies that offer installation, configuration, updates, user support and other services associated with this software. The importance of commercial support is vital for the purpose of this free Software actually reaches the target audience: Las a small example of this is the case of all-networks that sells it services installation, adaptation and support under the designation BulmagesPlus. And is that free software has no limits. It not only allows us to use a simple Nintendo DS to take notes of orders, our accounting BulmGes for Jurisoft management system we also can or create an ecosystem where companies can offer support services. For example, the installer developed by Todo-networking that facilitates the task of installation and maintenance. It is not yet public because it is working to adapt first medical software and POS programs. Task that takes certain amount of time. They have given us the opportunity to download the installer and try it. To install it we must assign permissions (properties/permissions) to allow run the file as a program, then we double click on the downloaded file and follow the instructions on the screen of the crm. From all – networks have asked us that are users who make a feedback, so we encourage you to try this installer. Sure that your opinion will be of much help.

Future City

As examples of these projects include designs of Alfredo Munoz as founder of OOIIO, along with OODA, of Tower of mixed-use Taichung, in Taiwan, the project’s Future City in Stockholm or those recently carried out at ABIBOO Architecture in the residential field of large scale as Thandalam in Bangalore Highway or ECR in Chennai. At ABIBOO Architecture continues investigating and experimenting with new materials and technologies as already it has been doing in the previous projects already built. Within these investigations include the obsessive search to reflect the contemporary culture of the current discontinuous and complex society, and for breaking with the archaic architectural influences that come from society of industrialization. Architectural innovation designed by sintetico-inductivos design processes, coming from the PhD in architectural design of Alfredo Munoz, were fundamental pillars in the designs made by the OOIIO architecture Studio Team and they remain the basis of artistic and architectural innovation of ABIBOO Architecture, together with the international team of professionals of compose this new signature. More information at: Spain – Madrid C / Breton de Herreros 61, 1-D, Madrid, 28003 T: + USA – New York 328 3rd Street, Jersey City, NJ 07302 T: + 1.201.855.9157 India – Chennai 9 Mahatma Gandhi Road, Nugambakkam, Chennai, 600034 T: + 91.9962064626 author: Pilar Esteban, head of communications for Markarte ( about ABIBOO Architecture ABIBOO Architecture is an international architecture and Design Studio with offices in MadridNew York and Madras, whose philosophy It promotes innovation and sophistication. Their designs stand out for their pursuit of excellence and exclusivity, responding to the complex needs of the society in the 21st century.

Wiki Terms

We are facing a point of breakthrough in terms of technology applications. Today the revolution occurs in the way we communicate and interact in social networks. How does this affect the business world? I want to share with the readers of this blog an article I wrote a few days ago to another technology Blog in which I participate. It is important to know these concepts, it is necessary to understand them and have them present. In a short time we can be using this type of technology in our daily work. There are two terms that are revolutionizing the scenario of businesses in developed countries in technology. Wiki and WEB 2.0 let’s see first what are the most common definitions of these two terms: Wiki: somewhat paradoxical.

I did the Wiki definition query in Wikipedia, the encyclopedia of free access that makes use of Wiki technology, but is so complex that did not seem appropriate to make use of it for a basic article on the topic as this. I found a definition more easy to understand posted by Stephanie fails it reads as follows: the term WikiWiki is Hawaiian origin that means: fast. Commonly to abbreviate this word is used Wiki and in technological terms is a software for creating content in a collaborative way.Called Wiki Web pages with links, images and any type of content that can be accessed and edited by anyone. In this way it becomes a Web tool that allows us to collectively create documents without performing an acceptance of content before being published on the Internet. A clear example: Wikipedia, a project to develop a free online encyclopedia. In that way affects this type of technology business? Already have highly productive experiences applying Wikis to work in marketing and sales, for example. Wikis are imposing a new methodology of work to collaborate between the areas of marketing and sales at the corporate level.