Aluminum Windows

High rates of the construction industry leave less chance for the spread of technologies which do not reflect such items as longevity and energy efficiency. This is also true with respect to window systems of new generation – aluminum windows and their various derivatives: facade and stained-glass designs made of aluminum, aluminum doors and groups. Law of the practical use of modern technology reads as follows: "We are not rich enough to buy cheap things." This principle forms the basis of the priority activities of the Moscow company "Lugol's", which makes today a huge range of quality aluminum windows virtually any configuration. Certainly, a large share of finished products, take the windows out of aluminum standard designs, especially when a large number of required glazing surfaces. Growing demand for aluminum windows with large size glass, custom window designs, large arched windows and round aluminum only confirms the new needs of the construction market. It is a unique durability of aluminum, amazing strength and, importantly, ease of this material. Long gone are the days when the large size of the window size was considered a two-thirds of human growth. Modern urban trends suggest a wide and tall window openings, glazing which use plastic does not guarantee continuous operation.

Only the use of aluminum systems for production of windows for openings area of more than 10 – 12 square meters. m to create a robust swing-out or traditional rotary design of high reliability. The spacious windows and doors are now becoming the norm design, glazing walls clearly dominates the area of visible walls of buildings. Almost universally used by both cold and warm aluminum doors and front groups, which also manufactures the company Lugol. Special popular in the construction of buildings with high traffic and enjoy automatic swing aluminum doors. All windows and doors are equipped with aluminum fittings imported from world famous manufacturers – Use high-quality electric actuators for opening the aluminum windows, reliable closers and accessories gu, savio, dorma, locks kfv, which also improves the reliability of aluminum translucent structures. However, good material and Hardware – this is not all that is needed to guarantee the durability and achieve the desired characteristics of the consumer of aluminum windows and doors. The most important factor to consider when choosing Aluminium Joinery, a flawless performance of work by the manufacturer within a specified time. Wide experience of "Lugol's" in the production of architectural aluminum construction, advanced imported equipment and qualified staff – the major components that positively affect the quality of doors and windows from aluminum.