Comprehensive Work

The human body is the most comprehensive work; is the laboratory of the third Logos; He develops life with intelligence and wisdom under the direction of that be great; is equipped with internal and external sensory organs and serves as a vehicle to the soul. The external sensory organs are used to see, hear, smell like and feel. Internal sensory organs are to perceive vibrations and sensations of the higher worlds; are known by the names of roses, CHAKRAS, or churches of the Apocalypse of St. John, and idle in the generality of people; only based on order activity, enter being until then to work normally and confer powers such as the Polividencia, clairvoyance, Clairaudience, telepathy, intuition, domain over the four elements of nature, etc. The physical body or machine human deserves the deepest respect and consideration because it is the reservoir of creative energies, and if these energies are wasted befall the decrepitude, degeneration, disease and the outcome.The large illuminated ones have always stated, and rightly so, that the physical body is the Temple of God. Humans seek God outside themselves and up to let me touch it with your hands, you forget that you must first know yourself and you will soon discover that creative power within himself. Given the opportunity that the sky is again providing us humans; imposes the need to govern the physical body according to universal laws and anyone who wants to save yourself pain and change the circumstances that surround him to take advantage of, not continue to violate this wonderful Temple of God awaken from the lethargy found in who becomes aware of everything. The cosmic intelligence has not neglected anything.

It is interesting for the wise to contemplate all that functionalism. It is wonderful to see the large pulmonary artery divided into two arteries smaller, one for each lung. Within the lungs the pulmonary arteries also branch out to become tiny capillaries.