Electronic RechnungsService

Renaming of eBankingServices Nord GmbH in ebills & more GmbH Kiel, the April 12, 2010 the ebills & more GmbH to build the service offering to the digital exchange of invoices from that savings banks RechnungsService, VR-RechnungsService and ServiCon audit Portal behind the brand. The name change is a visible sign of the new strategic direction, which takes place in the context of a strengthened financial base by new shareholders. This includes the independent pending Beteiligungsgesellschaft current AG as a majority shareholder, as well as the AlphPlus GmbH, which cooperates closely since 2006 with debills & more. The strategy belongs to now, to offer products for E-billing in the form of standardised packages, rather than as previously only project solutions to implement. The advantages of the RechnungsServices clear and simple pricing structures are subject to use and without any hidden extra costs. Corporate clients are target group with a focus on the middle class.

Potential in the market we see ebills & more as a very valuable and promising companies in a market with rapid Development”, says Prof. Dr. Peter Friggemann, Member of the Board of the current AG. The electronic transmission of invoices was solid in the advent, and banks and savings banks dealt within the framework of strategic considerations intensively with the topic. Our new company is positioned right here.” The former Board of Directors of Sparkasse Osnabruck the reach of E-billing as well as the confidence of potential users is called as success factors. Both is ebills & more through the close cooperation with savings banks and the DZ Bank for the VR banks in a unique way.” Ebills & more is for its future growth well equipped.

So the previous core team will double almost with another specialist up to the end of the year. As Managing Director, Foosball, which already have this function in AlphPlus Act Reinhard Nachtsheim and Peter. We welcome the decision of the current AG, to participate in the ebills & more”, as Reinhard Nachtsheim. Thus we can from a financially secure position focus, to become the leading middle-class platform for electronic invoice flow.” About the RechnungsService of the RechnungsService of ebills & more is a Web-based process with universal access: A user must only about browsers & Internet access and register in order to settle its bills through the platform. Through a printer connector, you can easily transport bills from most applications to the platform. The usual, extensive an internal eBilling project costs. Instead at the unit price calculated, what is the RechnungsService for both small and large sizes is suitable. The participating savings banks and credit unions with their nationwide Filialnetzen and ServiCon for commercial groups and franchise systems in the ZGV take over the marketing spot. All three institutions offer the advantage of existing customer close because they already have business relations to most companies in the German medium-sized businesses. The RechnungsService extends the established electronic payment traffic. He is already integrated in many applications for online banking and cash management such as SFirm32, Genocash, Windata, StarMoney, Multicash.