Ellos Childbirth Technique

Ellos technique showed the cloak, which is the way that fits the baby that is not in the birth canal, which explains why they have so few cesareasa , noted for his part Gustavo Marin. Punenelchefe .- In the Mapuche community a existe a figure called punenelchefe that accompanies the process of pregnancy and particularly the time of partoa said Azpiroz Clenan. He added: a Al women bear faces east and is squatting and often taken from a tree, or assisted by another woman, to lose strength and help the baby, (baby) a . Also stated that a previo birth is the baby fit vertically so you can go through the birth canal, and massage are used hierbasa . Before birth, as detailed, it is a pelontun-diagnosis or visualization of how the mother is and how it could reach trigger labor.

This makes it a machi machi or that have a supernatural knowledge or pre-logical, as the Mapuche, “that can not be explained logically. In the Mapuche tradition, the-or-machi makes a diagnosis of a delivery through saliva, urine, breath, and that is a mirror of how the child is . And as he said, a despues childbirth is a ritual with the placenta and umbilical cord: they are buried as a way to give back to the natural forces of life. It is a family ceremony agradecimientoa . Azpiroz Clenan said a OESI complications must refer the mother to a hospital, as there is no experience of how tratarlaa .