United States Technique

In the last ten years this technique that was born from the hands and minds of the American physical therapist Vianna Stibal has evolved and taken a big leap. If a method you created for your patients after overcoming her own cancer in 1995, it has become one of the therapies of self-help with greater expansion and broadcast worldwide over the past decade, once the own Vianna was able to masterfully describe the method used to enter into Theta State consciously and speak with your body, with its superior intelligence (or the creator as many others prefer to call to that essence, which is the soul of every human being) to produce changes within yourself. Vianna has written books, it has treated thousands of people as spiritual adviser and most importantly has managed to capture all their wisdom in a method, a roadmap, which explains clear and concisely how to do things. Currently he travels around the world giving therapists already trained in the technique, the master to teach Thetahealing classes. She is so careful that one of their greatest efforts is that the technique stays faithful to how it was created and why in the headquarters of Thetahealing (Idaho, United States) there is a database with the names of practitioners and teachers of Thetahealing with official certificate.

All have been trained with the same manual and in the same way by teachers who only Vianna has formed at the same time so the magic of Thetahealing remains intact. After this long introduction step to describe as faithfully as possible what is Thetahealing. Thetahealing is basically a process of meditation, with a focused prayer (prayer I mean a sentence in which you manifest a desire) through the creator (this word can replace it with one that will be more comfortable and conform to your beliefs: Buddha, mother nature, Jesus, Shiva, my conscience, my soul, Dios) physical changes occurpsychological and spiritual in it. .