Eva Wagenbach Moller

Data can make the solution of the Lux AG: a dynamic interface to the IT-servicer fidis GmbH, the leading provider of SAP-based banks software. Customers can submit their data in any arbitrary order. The back-office at fidis brings this then in a single order, to use them for further review. Without the interface to fidis we could not offer our product in this form,”Belostennyj explained. A reliable quality control and fast standards form the basis for our evaluation chain. ” Based on the data the Lux AG brings the credit and credit information to the accounts receivable for its cooperation partner for credit information. In addition, the Lux AG checks the processes of the borrower in the course of a tax audit several times a year with their cooperation partner factoconcept on the spot. Is controlled, whether maintained the accounts receivable management, the procedure works and the demand data actually exist. this.

At the same time, contract rules are checked by the customer and the private customer, whether an assignment of receivables is eventually ruled out. On the basis of the report the Bank with all results, OP lists and recommendations finally receives it can precisely set their lines of credit and terms. About fidis, the fidis GmbH is the leading international provider of factoring and ABS processes based on SAP standard software. With FACT.pilot “and ABS.pilot ” factoring companies and banks and savings banks increase their competitiveness and meet the legal requirements. The modular design of the software ensures a quick implementation to the required extent. So the solution for any company is suitable, regardless of its size.

FIDIS was founded in the year 2000. The customers include leading factoring companies, major banks and savings banks. about Lux Lux capital market management AG (LuxAG’) is the operating company of Luxembourg Verbriefung Platform SE for sales financing (AGfU”). The AGfU falls under the Luxembourg securitisation law of 22 March 2004. The securitisation platform is used by the LuxAG and our customers for capital market transactions in different asset classes (multi compartment SPV). The LuxAG has a strategic focus and experience in the structuring of asset backed’ plants or securitisation of trade receivables of German medium-sized companies, parallel to the capital markets the LuxAG supports various assignment employee (banks) in the assessment of collateral (trade receivables) from the global assignments.