ICQ Internet

Social networking is slowly consuming the world. With it in a literal sense! Books, news, movies, all possible information, but generally speaking, everything can be found on the Internet. These people spend half a day, sometimes more. Now, probably a rarity – a computer without the Internet. Progress in science is, of course, good! but how does it affect young minds? Here we can consider the two sides, both positive and negative! Pros Internet for young people lies in the fact that there is less time spent searching for relevant information, because it's a great intern-information field! BUT! This has its drawbacks! After all, about the existence of ordinary printed books, and may soon completely forget! Indeed, why do they need? If you can find any product, interpretation and translation of all words, novovsti political and public life by one mouse click! Spend most of the undergrowth his time on the computer, sitting on the internet. Now there is no need to go out often, because all my friends are in ICQ, VKontakte, the agent! Undergrowth believe in 'on-line love', love, not knowing the person, talking with him and seeing him VKontakte on Skype.

End of a period romance and a serenade, a period of chatting, singing on the wall, and any 'Zaya, I cha ho! Spock Smack '. And all from the fact that people just do not know action. Went into contact for 5 minutes, 2 hours had passed. Because of this, no time to hvaet school, elementary to household chores, start fights with parents, etc. No, I'm not in any way is not to say that the Internet is enemy number one! This is largely a good helper! But do not forget about the books on real communication, the real love! Internet and every possible social networking is very good! But this is not the whole life! People who live in the real world, do not go to Virtual) The real world also brings a lot of fun and joy:)