The truth for the sake of truth itself is not a necessity for all biologists and philosophers in Yellowstone, they want the truth for the sake of Yellowstone – regardless of how it affects their careers. If philosophy of biology can not find this objective care anywhere else in biology, they should visit Yellowstone. First cheyzovsky search exactly, he leaves the wilderness to fight for its preservation. He claims that he devotes his career Yellowstone. But, alas, it loses its way. He ceases to respect the naturalists who are also fond of Yellowstone.

As a result, it is unclear whether there is in fact Chase in environmental ethics, he despises almost all of biology and philosophy. He opposed to granting the nature of freedom and for the full scientific management as if it's ethics, which appreciates nature. He does not trust the naturalists, but worst of all, he does not trust nature itself. In Yellowstone, as but elsewhere, managerial control – it is not love, biology, and philosophy here should be taught how to appreciate, rather than manipulate. Healing, heals love is what you need, and then letting nature on its way to the appropriate form of care for the bears, elk, ecosystem, land of the wild.