Information Technologies

The present development, aspires to carry out considerations linking the following three concepts.Only in the extensive mark of the coexistence, the free personality; may occur The Internet is a communication tool, and create outlying systems to ride on an evolution history and nature become inexorable. If we accept that the Internet is an ingredient of the constellation of the knowledge and information technologies, we can affirm that: knowledge and information technologies (in forward TICs) are tools comunicacionales. Whereas the human evolution as evolutionary, we dare to assert that ICTs have been incorporated into the vital flow of humanity with nature of irreversibility. There is still the possibility to design outlines or methodologies that enable to take advantage of that technological incorporation, as at the time the printing press made them contributing also to amplify the human communication. Because in last instance is of tools so that human beings communicate freely, if they so wish it. And it is not the only tools, but one tool. And if, as above, assume the communication that is also in last instance coexistence, you can contribute to produce free personalities, then follows the importance of adopting creative attitudes to the dynamics at times overpowering the TICs. Said in other terms the Tics, they amplify the communication possibilities of those who so wish to do so.

Some opinions, based on surveys, warn about the Tics, and particularly the Internet, can consolidate attitudes of isolation or solitary confinement. Contraargumentar if a person is prone to isolation and solitary confinement, considered the Tics from that existential position could be. More if deemed to ICTs, as a tool that amplifies the communicational possibilities. We can consider that: people with avidity comunicacional communicate with more people, and that people who are maybe remisas to direct interpersonal communication face to face, through ICT, and particularly of the Internet, potentially more predisposed to this type of communication, with possibilities that come from reaching a face-to-face communication at a point, or consolidate the communicational mode through ICTs.