Solutions Technology

Every day more companies and Government agencies are showing a special interest in becoming more effective and efficient in carrying out its processes and its daily operations. Technology puts within your reach innovative tools that contribute to the momentum of its evolution. Controlling the processes of recruitment and shopping, in all its phases, is as important as complex work; It manages, generates a large volume of official documentation, numerous employees and differents departments interact and with different profiles, should be aware of time and lifetimes as well as know the State where are records, having registered suppliers and tenderers and to have reports to exploit the managed information.This situation has as conseceuncia that certain tasks, which are usual, become complicated, losing information throughout the management, that there is no visibility on the general status of all records, and produce uncontrolled delays due to the lack of reminders of lifetimes and their corresponding warnings. The law 30/2007, legal context Additionally, we have a framework legad, while it drives innovation, requiring a few specific requirements to public administrations and companies that provide services to it; an adaptation of the systems is necessary to law 30/2007 of 30 October, on Public Sector contracts. To solve these problems and be able to cope with this situation, purchasing and contracting departments are turning to tools which, through innovation, help control the information and processes. Resource optimization and control of processes new technological applications manage to automate the processing of contracts, defining all the steps of the process and, in this way, guiding the user in each one of the stages of the recruitment. Technological solutions that offer the possibility to automatically generate all necessary official documentation from a definition of templates, as well as access to a repository of reports that allows you to view, the status of the files kept in every moment, and which enables a simple integration with other external systems that help to optimize recruitment, as they are the record of entry / exit of correspondence, the profile of the Contracting Party, the platform of engagement of the State, and the Integral management of invoices. All this gives an important optimization of response times because, through computer processing of data and by monitoring information, indicators of quality and activity of automated processes are obtained, reduces the volume of paper-based documentation, internal communication speeding up and improving the services provided to citizens and the interrelationship with companies.In short, through the implementation of technological solutions, is achieved greater efficiency is reached and work with maximum efficiency in procurement and purchasing departments.