Object Manipulations

The knowledge is constructed, leaving of the concrete to the abstract? Or of the abstract to the concrete? In the truth a unidirectional way does not exist to reach or to construct the knowledge. Certain it is that abstract and concrete if articulates, the abstractions are necessary mediaes to the construction of the knowledge, as well as also they are the concrete object manipulations, or same the references they. Applicability Everything in Mathematics can be applied to some subject or all the subjects, of some form, have one ' ' Matemtica' ' inlaid: it is the effective belief, and it is, many times, the used argument to justify the education of the Mathematics, world measures. Of the Psychoanalysis to Biology, of the Economy to the Linguistics and beyond already called ' ' Exatas&#039 sciences; ' , everything involves Mathematics. It is what we listen frequently. We see to each day an increasing development of the technologies, an increasing computerization of the society; terms as inclusion or digital exclusion, already are ' ' includos' ' in the jargon of the daily speech. The massificante or massacrante presence of the computers in our daily activities takes to accept us to it the idea maken a mistake of immediate applicability of the Mathematics.

Binary codes, passwords, programming languages, by the way, ' ' Science of the Computao' ' if it dresses or it coats with Mathematics and also it gains its air of ' ' Matemtica&#039 exactness; ' , of logicidade. In day-by-day of the common citizen, hardly we will see it calculating ' ' Logarithms in the base e' ' , or ' ' Esponenciais of the 0 variable x' ' , exactly that it makes it to the computer. Normally we see it using additions, subtractions, divisions or multiplications, when, analyzing (appreciating) very graphical. These ' ' manifestations matemticas' ' periodicals, magazines, programs of television, careless form are propagated in or exactly frivolous, and a movement of if bringing the media for the classroom can until creating a false expectation of that everything that if to study will be applied to some daily thing.