and 8.30 a.m. and leave work once accomplished eight hours. Therefore, the main timeline in this organization is between 8.30 a.m. to 3.30 p.m. This way meetings and team activities are developed in this schedule. Traditionally part-time workers were employees of the service sector, because they have a high variation of the demand between the moments of work and low moments.

For example, restaurants and supermarkets employ many part-time workers to serve their customers during peak times (usually nights and weekends). Du pont I use the work shared among employees of the Directorate, research and the Secretariat to avoid, in this way, dismissing these workers. Work compressed-offers the advantage of avoiding potential disruption to services to be performed 24 hours, such as hospitals and forces Security. Work sharing-two people with similar qualifications they agree to perform the same job in different hours. For example, eight hours of work each does on average four, but in the schedule that best suits their obligations…

Thus, when one has to do something is changed clockwise with the other. This type of work may be assumed by people who maintain a close trust relationship between if. (b) arrangements of leaves of absence or low allows individuals to leave work a long time. For cases of maternity, paternity, child care. In Peru by labour legislation the pregnant worker enjoys 45 days of rest before the birth and 45 days of rest after the same. Also the enjoyment of rest before the birth may be postponed partly or completely, and accumulated by the rest after childbirth, to decision of the worker own pregnant woman. Post partum rest will be extended by an additional 30 natural days (would be 60 days) in cases of multiple birth. What is mentioned is the minimum part that mandated by law the employer can extend it if deemed appropriate.