Repair Materials

Repair of walls in the apartment. How to repair a wall in the apartment – perform stucco, plaster and painting. In this article, you want to pay attention to substantive issues related to the repair of the walls in the apartment. Will you fix them yourself, or use the services of construction crews, this information is useful to everyone. So, let's begin. You have decided to make the repairs in the apartment, and one of the major steps in it is to repair the walls. Depending on the situation can be slightly to update their look or completely repair. In the first case – a plywood wallpaper or a new painting.

In the second, optional add several types of complex work: plastering, plaster, and then finish finish wall. We will try to break up these options at certain stages, and consider each stage separately. 1 Stage – Selecting and understanding the final result (Which wall you want to get after repair) Stage 2 – Selection of appropriate materials and learning technologies for their use. 3etap – Removal of old materials. 4 stage – Application of rough materials.

5etap – Apply finishing materials. Now a closer look at each step. Stage 1 – is the most interesting and enjoyable. You start to think, imagine, design the interior of his apartment. Choose a color and texture of materials. But many people forget in this case about little things like sockets and switches, junctions of walls in ceiling clearance of a central heating radiator, etc.