Used Refrigerators

For goods requiring the retention of a special temperature conditions, used refrigerators – specially equipped vans. Such transport is a heated van, which is able to a lot of time to keep the set temperature, it is equipped with refrigeration equipment, with which an artificial cooling, which allows you to carry products with the required low temperatures. When choosing and buying a refrigerator to better understand the specifics of the vehicle. Choosing the refrigerator, we recommend to pay close attention to what material used in walls and floors the van, seals doors and a heat insulating layer, on the model of the refrigeration unit, and how well all assembled. Very good material for floors and walls of the van, today are disposable, whose thickness is 8.4 inches, so called sandwich panels. The highest integrity and good thermal insulation provides flexible wear resistant rubber profile, from which seals are made of doors. Foam – a material that usually used as heat insulating layer in the manufacture of refrigerators. For a given material is characterized by low thermal conductivity and it is non-toxic and completely safe, and it is a constant to the appearance of mold and the influence of various microorganisms.

And do not forget that refrigerated trucks made using frameless assembly technology, will have a good seal. When selecting refrigerators must be taken into attention and the type of refrigeration equipment, which can be installed on them. In that case, if the size of a small van, then use the refrigeration equipment with a direct drive, which runs from the engine car. But refrigerating units with eutectic plates are more suitable for refrigerators, doors which have often open throughout the day. Stand-alone refrigeration equipment wise choice for large bodies. Choosing refrigerated, Give your preference to Make chillers as: Carrier Transcold, Seacold, Daikin, Sabroe, Mitsubishi, Thermoking. Recommendation finally: you want your vehicle to save for a long time in good condition – take care of it from rust and dynamic beats.