Road Safety Education

So we have to drivers, passengers and pedestrians and users of public roads and private roads for public use, which come under the responsibility of numerous state agencies. Regarding road infrastructure, which must provide, especially in urban areas, signaling elements and devices that depend on electricity. Specific ministries and agencies are responsible for your designs, construction and maintenance and supply of energy. The secure infrastructure is a new concept that arises from the high level of risk they mean the tracks built without thinking or to correct its subsequent implementation, the stages of concentration of accidents and of the critical points. Obviously moving vehicles for fuel, without which there would be traffic. The complexity in the management and control of fuel resides in another state governing body and an entire marketing system also complicated. Vehicles on the other hand, to qualify for circulation should meet minimum technical requirements, including highlights, environmental pollution by noise and emission of gases, factors regulated by different institutions.

Drivers to be suitable as such must go through a process that begins with carry an identity card legitimately reliable, for which there is another body. Just as there is for the issuance of the license or permit to drive motor vehicles. Control officers are responsible for monitoring the enforcement of traffic laws and regulations, so that in case of being raped or committing offenses subjecting drivers justice. So great is the number of casualties produced in the streets, avenues and roads that the World Health Organization has established the problem as an epidemic, since a death rate per 100,000 people over eight so specified. We have a rate of around 25, is the governing body for health worry, because the number of injuries should be much higher. If as we stated, the budget of this portfolio must be reviewed and reconsidered. However, the scholars based on the experience of advanced countries in road safety, with the improvement of this is also suggested the implementation of improved investment program country for the benefit of community development. Throughout the world, including the Dominican Republic, the sector most affected population is the young and middle-aged (15-45), a large number of women left their last breath on the pavement every month, an exorbitant number of motorists and pedestrians killed.

Then because reliable statistics from advertising campaigns to raise awareness defined sectors. Also promote a change in civic culture, respect for life and standards for the valuation of other road users. For the rescue of human values and fear of justice. This last is obtained from home and from school through a long process, it is time to start using materials of Road Traffic Education and Training. Civil Society should undertake to sue both the state, the design of appropriate policies, as political parties discuss the issue of road safety within their structures and agreement from the Branch Legislative, that as nation-building project is considered in the exercise of real participatory democracy. In order, therefore, the State should have the following outstanding issues: – the Road Safety should be institutionalized political will, since the quality of life of people is at stake., – Which requires an amendment to the current cultural model citizens. – And that road safety is a matter of subject matter for the planning of practice of public policy.