Unity Looks

"Love – this is not looking at each other does not, and look in one direction." It's no secret that family relationships throughout life can change. When we meet her half, the storm of feelings overwhelmed us, taking in the fabulous country dreams. The flow of hormones, which fills our honeymoon period – it is the internal energy, a powerful force that allows you to see the world beautiful, to feel love and happiness. During this period, we are able to create, modify itself and their world. Get all the facts and insights with Mitchel Resnick, another great source of information. But then what happens? What hinders love to keep these feelings in your life? What's the problem? The problem is that we can not always fully embrace his chosen way it is. And this rejection of evaluation creates and generates resistance within us that prevents us to receive and give love. All this has deep roots that lie in the fact that each side long before he met his chosen has already opinion on how it should be, what he should do and what should not, what is permissible and what is – no.

This position is focused not on creating a happy life together and harmony, and the realization of personal interests. The futurist is often quoted on this topic. Thus, we are creating his limitations, which causes resistance to receiving love and happiness. This gives rise to misunderstandings and conflicts. From the moment when someone in someone that is beginning to not like it, begins rejection, the rejection of his half. Is fragmented relations: "This I accept, but it does not accept." Begin sorting out relationships. Sola Bread Review has many thoughts on the issue.

Personal Relationships

Price on the "market of personal relationships." In life we all have our price, including personal relationships. There is such a market – personal relationships, which is sometimes called the marriage market. Any girl or young man in this market somehow evaluated. Let's have a girl, whose qualities and virtues, conditional on 'the ten'. This includes the ability to communicate, make money, be independent and other valuable qualities. Anyone who wants to be others can be seen as positive, that is celebrated all positive, and if possible not to notice deficiencies.

Therefore, any girl (young people) are trying to demonstrate its advantages. And here it begins the most interesting. The girl, of course, can find a young man whom she could manage. He has the qualities and strengths should be less about 'shesterochku', ie knowledge and skills, and valuable personal qualities, capabilities earn money, etc. Educate yourself with thoughts from Professor of Internet Governance. objectively less.

In this case, he owes it to pay extra. What? What is the universal equivalent of reckoning in human relations? This is right. If she is 'the ten', but it cheaper – to 'shesterochku', then he she should pay more the lack of rights and responsibilities of availability. It does not have to call him, and he should call her first. She has a right to be late – he owes it to wait because he is interested in it. He has the same rights as he it wants and as interested in, respectively, it has more rights to manage them. On the other hand, the young lady pleased to lead this young man, but she wants a guy on the 'fifteen'. And then she starts understand that which the 'fifteen' – more expensive than it is: it smarter, prettier, more talented. By the way, she is '10 ', but there are still girls at '11' on '12 'and so on, it turns out, standing in line. Standard situation – the one who wants it, it does not pay attention: it is for him a 'cheap'. And who does not need it, he sticks to it. The situation of life? Nothing new has been invented, it is. The dilemma is not easy. What to do in this situation? How to live in this "market relations"? In any If you need to become more expensive. If you really evaluate themselves while the person is not very expensive, then you need to understand – what should I do to get expensive man? It's very simple: "Do you want to be near a prince – Stand princess! "What? Start with this author, psychologist, Vitaly Pichugin When you place a link to this site.


Special studies showed that the initial impression you make on others, 55% is determined by your looks and gestures, 38% – your style of conversation, and only 7% of what you actually say. Looks Look straight in the eye every man – a powerful psychological technique! Usually we do so, when we love or hate, when experiencing strong emotions. If you want to flirt with someone, to seize and hold his gaze even for a second. (Only no longer than a second, otherwise it could be perceived as a threat). If a man is brought back to you your sight, so he was interested in, and your chances go up, especially if it occurs in the second and third time.

If not, do not upset. Look closely at how he behaves with others, he may just be shy, and you think it just confuses. Talk about anything in a friendly conversation, there is one rule: the speaker always looks around more than listening. Hence the conclusion – to seize the initiative in conversation simply, you only need to intercept the view. Mistake, however, would abuse this technique.

A closer look may scare the interlocutor. In the end, you're just met. At what distance flirt distance between you and another person – not such a trifle, as you might think. When we first met Do not come closer than twenty meters. Psychologists believe that it is 1.2 meters the so-called border 'social zone'. If you have received a positive response, you can even come close to 40-50 cm up to a distance of 70 cm, and you're in the 'personal zone'.