Transmit Energy

For many years, scientists are seeking the possibility of using microwaves to transmit power from the solar collectors in space to anywhere in the world. And by offering the former President of India this is possible. You only need to consider before the end of the proposed concept and to direct all forces on its implementation. Proposal Indian scientist, developed jointly with the National Space Association, gives hope that soon we will have needed to solve the energy problem technology. But, as with any good endeavor, this proposal has another not very pleasant side. Even though the use of such technology will eventually save the earth and provide free energy for all. The idea at first glance sounds easy enough, but in essence it is very difficult.

For In order to run a massive solar array in space rocket will be used. After reaching orbit, the batteries need to be prepared to work with a special group of astronauts, or whether it will reverse itself and become a fully autonomous system for collecting solar energy. This system will collect an unlimited amount of solar energy to pass it on to the surface. How does all this complex structure can transfer energy to the ground? The solar collectors will be connected to a large microwave transmitter, which will literally shoot beams of an incredibly powerful energy to the Earth's atmosphere, as well as to collectors microwaves, located across the globe. But why do not we set up a similar system before? Besides the huge cost associated with running a large satellite in space, there are enough real fear is a way to use satellite to transmit energy to the planet's surface. The giant cable stretched into space, it will be too heavy and the space station without the use of such a task virtually feasible.

Well, the wireless transmission of energy in the battery will allow it to circumvent the atmosphere, which normally blocks most of the light falling on the ground and eventually reach our planet in the form of which can freely use the energy companies. But it is safe to run microwaves to the ground? This is where lie the most serious questions that have already been discussed in the past. If the navigation control such a system accidentally somehow fails, as a result of the newly formed system of generating energy and possibly the savior of mankind turn into the most dangerous enemy to all those who will be on the surface our planet. Not to mention that such a structure would have advanced beyond the security system set up to in case of a power generator directly off the ground, bypassing the satellite. But in this case, given humanity's dependence on energy intake, this design is also a danger. On the other hand, if the system will be really effective and will help to overcome limitations in search of clean energy, we can one day wake up in a world where energy will be free for all and in unlimited quantities.