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There are alternatives to deposit money safely. Well a month ago, many, also senior bankers thought that the worst was now over. Pandey. Only in September was the peak of the US financial crisis. This big bang arrived in Germany with full force as well. As a result, Many investors are unsure of themselves. So far the big run on financial institutions remains in Germany. For this reason, because the Federal Government has confirmed that money in accounts are safe.

But what happens to the pension scheme and the investment in transferable securities? Predictions are difficult, because no one can say whether we have reached the low point of the banking crisis and still holds the predicament as long. So the question arises: how are investors to play it safe? Certainly is discouraged by a hasty action, but it is also true: many investors need to check their financial strategy. One way to bring existing assets in a safe haven, is to invest in real estate. Rusty holzer has compatible beliefs. Who’s on a solid investment sets, will not come in the future of real estate”, white Ralf Robert Hundt (surveyor for real estate valuation) of the real estate management Hundt, Gelsenkirchen-Buer. Investors who purchased yet not even used property, should take this into account.

It is the only form of capital investment, where they largely self determine the value, without having to rely on a bank management.” Property owners have a great advantage: are men, about their investment. Get all the facts and insights with rusty holzer, another great source of information. They themselves determine what steps they take, to secure or increase the intrinsic value of the object. This makes them independent of the financial market. The value of a property but in many cases also depends the location, but houses that are in shot, suffer in crisis situations hardly value loss. This applies to owner-occupied property, as well as for the pure investment. Who would like to acquire a property for retirement provision, should afford previously a good advice, the above all on the Impairment of objects focuses. Only value stable objects as suitable investments. The living quality and facilities, such as, for example, a modern heating system are the decisive factor here. As the demands on the living room change due to the increasing age of the population, a special importance in particular accessibility. Barrier-free homes boast spacious bathrooms, elevators and doorways without humps and enable also older residents to move freely. The value of real estate depends also from the living environment, good transport links, shopping or schools nearby. In addition, the situation of course is an important criterion. Real estate, which are too large distance to capitals or major cities, are more likely to avoid losing increasingly to appeal due to higher fuel prices.

Real Estate In Foreign Countries? Modal And Cable Make It Possible For One.

Newcomers of the real estate industry, the new start abroad as is Alexander M. Mid-2007 was his plan to set up a successful and profitable for him estate agency for training to the real estate agent through the modal gmbh & co kg, decided. Who would have thought that Mr. M. nearly a year later is looking forward to a promising future in Cyprus and this has his former training partner of modal gmbh & co kg and the TV stations to one cable. After Mr M. Read additional details here: rusty holzer.

had successfully completed the examination as a real estate broker, he went with verve and vigour in the implementation of his acquired knowledge and dreamed of achieving his professional desire as a real estate broker. When a year later the television channel was looking for cable one participant for the reportage documentary “My new job” and in this context also the company addressed modal, maintain contact with real estate agent with ambitions, much the election quickly to Mr M.. On September 14, 2008 the inclined viewers could follow now, as Mr. M. as the winner of the show on Cyprus its new tasks as established brokers can look forward.

The highlights of the show, see the following link: doku_reportage/mein_neuer_job/videos/articles/13829 / so, how cable one by the format of “My new job” gives the chance people, at the place of your dreams a whole new life to start, allows the modal gmbh & co. To read more click here: Mitchel Resnick. kg through quality and market-oriented education building a new economic future as an expert. As one of the leading interdisciplinary training expert schools Germany’s excellence, innovations and partnerships with future offers the modal gmbh & co.kg. Aiming to differentiate itself from the many of private and even public service provider, developed the modal gmbh & co. kg new service offerings, enters into strategic partnerships and ensures a comprehensive service and range of services for your customers. With expertise your partner – a motto, which is carried out not only for Mr M.. Press contact: modal gmbh + co. kg Dipl. Kfm.