Watering Bonsais

To water bonsais the watered one of our Bonsai is very important, we are going to see step by step following indications and side as their Bonsai never dies to him for want of irrigation. After this article it will learn the basic steps of how it must water his Bonsai. In the station that we must have but well-taken care of it will be in summer since it is where they are more thirsty and they need more watered, our Bonsai could die if it needs water more of a day in summer. But with the steps that will learn in this post it will acquire a routine that you right now will know when to water almost without touching his Bonsai. In winter logically they need less water. Now it comes most important to water bonsais in conditions, as much in winter as in summer it only waters its Bonsai it needs when it, I repeat! It only waters its Bonsai it needs when it. Many people which does are to water as any plant on a daily basis and that bonsis can be mortal for ours and would die more by encharcamiento that is reason why the majority dies, than for want of water. What they do on a daily basis when watering it with excess of water, by that excess of water it would prevail to him I oxygenate to the roots that later will die and they will rot.

And will be being been asking when it needs and like watering Bonsai? , because this is what will learn next, with a pair of tips and simple techniques will have contentment to their Bonsai. The first that could do for knowing if it needs to be watered your Bonsai is to be called on the surface to see if this humid one, but that is not sufficient with according to what types of substrates, this must that according to that substrates are so compact that they deceive, because often with these substrates the surface is dry and below the even humid flowerpot this, then is where we failed and we give water him it needs without it. Then what we must do it is the technique of the small stick. It takes a small stick of which it uses for the thorns of the meat, those will go well, logically must be of wood, introdzcalo within the Earth until the bottom of the flowerpot, djalo half an hour, later it extractions and if the small stick this humid one is that not yet it needs to water, if the small stick this almost dry or dry waters its Bonsai, easy that. It will have it to this to do every day until it knows more his Bonsai.

If it follows east step on a daily basis it will not have problems with the watered one of his Bonsai. Later the best form to water bonsais is with a pequeita regadera from above in abundance until it sees that it leaves water by the holes drainage (the holes of underneath the flowerpot). The water that we will use will be bottled, since the water of the faucet contains much lime, if djela wants to throw water of the faucet to rest 5 days. But the best water than can water is the one of rain, but logically much more difficult to obtain, but whenever it rains it takes advantage of that water. Pedro Hernaiz For but information: to take care of Bonsai