Scenario Service

A menu appears Scroll to Unlock Carriage and confirm the unlock by pressing enter. Disconnect power by removing the power cord from the printer. Hands to move the carriage across the path of its movement in order to understand whether there is in the path of any obstacles or areas with high resistance to movement of the carriage. Remove all such obstacles, if possible. Wipe clean with alcohol-axis carriage and lubricate it. Lubricate the following way: Two or three drops of oil on the edges and the center axis of the carriage. Then move the carriage a few times all the way for what would evenly distribute lubricant along the axis.

Then with a damp cloth leaving no fibers wipe line and cable carriage. WARNING: Be careful line has sharp edges and can not be handled with care to get injured. Also, rinse with a damp cloth guide ink delivery system (pipes). When moving the carriage tube may stick in their guides. Turn on the printer and check its performance. If the problem persists, then most likely it's time to repair. Likely need the following parts: 24-inch models – C7769B, C7769C, C7779B, C7779C C7769-60305, C7769-60272, C7769-60176, C7769-60182, C7769-60146, C7769-60149 42-inch models – C7770B, C7770C, C7780B, C7780C C7770-60274, C7769-60272, C7769-60176, C7770-60014, C7769-60146, C7769-60 149 Scenario 2: If the error 86:01 is displayed during initialization, while the carriage is not leaving the service station, there is sense to test (only possible with the lid removed the left), the compound motor service station and the so-called Baseboard (interconnect PCA). If the connection is in order, try turning it on the plotter and see, come Whether in motion the service station.

If it is evident that the carriage when you try to move to the right rests on the service station, the service station should be replaced. The above-described manipulation in 70% of cases resolve the problem. But if such way to solve the problem persists, better to turn to experienced professionals. Interference with people who do not have sufficient knowledge and experience, can aggravate the problem and make repairs more expensive in some time.