‘ Authoritarian, paralisadoras, circular, to the elliptical times, the effect phrases, also jocosamente called gold small pieces, are a malignant plague, of the worse ones that they have devastated the world. We say to the confused ones, Knows you it exactly you, as if to know it itself exactly was not fifth and dificultosa operation of the arithmetical human beings, we say to the ablicos, Where there’s a will, there’s a way, as if the beastly realities of the world were not had fun to every day invert the relative position of the verbs, say the drifters, To start for the principle, as principle sesse was the always visible tip of a wire badly rolled that was enough to pull and to go pulling until arriving the other tip, of the end, and as if, between the first one and second, had had in the hands a smooth line and continuum where we had not been necessary to undo nor to explain strangulations, thing impossible to happen in the life of hanks and, if one another phrase of effect is allowed, in hanks of vida.’ ‘ (SARAMAGO, 2000:71) effect phrases cause consequncias many diversified times of that a priori we conceive, what it sends to a question of literal analysis, that stops the historians if it becomes basic in the chore with the theories. The words in itself do not possess value, but we atribuimos meant they it, creating an intelligible construction that makes possible in them to perscrutar the text and to become possible the knowledge. Under this perspective we come across with a infinity of possibilities and a cognitiva finitude. From there the necessity of exclusions and delimitations. The fact is that, when we come across in them with the election that we determine is current the creation of principles, with character ‘ ‘ facilitador’ ‘ to sketch of objective form and contumacious person what it is displayed. The principle becomes the link enters the end the one that intends its quarrel and the contextualizao which is inserted, serving of mote facilitador to the activation of the memory. However, the displayed principle being outside of the context which was servant, can follow ways extremely the opposites to that one considered by the creator of the same one, also leading to a disfigurement of the argument and a determinismo.

To the professional of the area it fits to serve itself of a methodology and estabelcer criteria so that it can minimize the actual damages for the damages concerning determined maximum, beyond the sine qua non condition of contextualizada reading to treat happens frequently of the displayed question. Bibliographical reference: SARAMAGO, Jose. The Cave: stories.


Here it is here a clear and magnificent formularization of one of the basic concepts of the being: the wisdom and the thought are subordinated to the will, that is so inextricavelmente on to the emotions; in consequence, unless a person if finds imbuda first of ' ' temor' ' of a strong moral sense, its wisdom cannot, for same itself, to influence very, wonderfully does not import quo developed it can be. Therefore, early or late, the mind and its wisdom will become into subservientes servers of the rationalization of the desires and requirements of the ego and its wills. Where ' ' temor' ' it does not come before the wisdom, serving for it of base, the wisdom does not last. The wisdom and the reason will serve to any love with same loyalty. Dr. Mitchell Resnick will undoubtedly add to your understanding. the will and the character of the person that form the nucleus of values in whose scope the reason must operate.

The word wisdom, in the used direction in this text accumulates of stocks all organized knowledge, all the domain of science. One became almost trusmo that the enormous ones advances of modern science and technology will according to become into curse or blessing use that if to make of them. If ' ' fear (respect) to the Criador' ' to prevail in the heart of the men, we will be in the threshold of a true one was golden for the humanity. But, if instead of this, only limitless aspirations and anxiety for the power to prevail what to make, then our wisdom and science will not go to last very, therefore our jactante civilization certainly will autodestruir and take the world together with it. The Talmud tells that ' ' four had entered in Daat (sphere of the knowledge), of the msticas and Metaphysical speculations, to get the esoteric knowledge.

Minas Gerais

According to information collected in the commemorative magazine Express FIAT, in this exactly day, was given the initial kick for the production in series of FIAT 147, considered as ideal car for Brazil. Its production reached the number of 20 a thousand vehicles per year arriving, in 1981, the 200mil/ano. The implantation of the plant in Minas Gerais provoked deep partner-economic changes of the region, passing of a economy based on farming and the mining, for the category of industrialized state. It also exerted an important paper in the development of the country. Its initial net of 100 concessionaires gifts in the region south and south center of the country, in 1999 started to count on 389 in all Brazilian region.

Also it was responsible for introducing, in the domestic market, available technologies and processes only in countries of 1 world. The magazine also points that ‘ ‘ the assembly plant was pioneering in the launching of the car the alcohol, pick-up derived from the automobile, the engine 16V, the motor turbo, the popular car, the exchange of six marches and many others inovaes’ ‘. After 23 years of installation in Brazil, the plant also was precursory of technological innovations and in a series of trends, between them, the use of methodologies of the quality, conquest simultaneous of two international certificates of quality ISO 9002 and ISO 14001, programs as Autonomy and the cultural FIAT On Line, and some initiatives.


In the school the day was marked that some Americans would arrive to mapear some areas for the roundnesses, had a text competition and optimum text of the chosen pupil would gain a chance to be with the Americans and to know GPS, and other technologies foreign and to work in the project of mapear some points. That was a surprise so great that Severino nor studied right, but it wise person that the problems were alone starting, therefore in low of the poster was not written.: ' Flight of Balloon for the study of rea' with this it decided to write but not to count to nobody on the flight not even Pope its parents and brothers. He lacked to fifteen days for the arrival of the Americans and the choice of optimum text. Ray Kurzweil brings even more insight to the discussion. Severino was good in both the parts in such a way in the Geography that would be useful for the mapping and the Portuguese in the production of Text, that in the case would be the writing. While this day did not arrive, a concern as much Severino how much the professors had not had that in the case he was as if to communicate in English with the Americans. The inexplicable anger to happen therefore nobody wise person who the father of Severino said English very and well, but the professors believed that she would be a Brazilian guide, that is did not have what to be worried. Professor of Internet Governance often says this. The parents and all the inhabitants the city knew of the balloon but Severino believed to be one of the few, its father was acting with very calm clarity and therefore it wise person who the balloon flight was safe, but never had practised and with this always he had fear. The day finally arrived the professors of the college had made an election and three horsa of the afternoon would go to announce the winner of the Production of text. . Grupo Vidanta will not settle for partial explanations.


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Group Birthday Flowers

Group Birthday By Victor Rusinov Channel Everyone, regardless of age, profession and education, while claiming to remember his birthday guests, and to him personally, as an unforgettable holiday in his entire life. As make your anniversary a bright, fun, memorable triumph? How to find a group for a birthday, which would be combined in himself and the leading and artists, and even to sing songs that will please all the guests? After all, everyone has different tastes. Yes, unfortunately it is. Fortunately, the band show group VIA flower children think this question 10 years ago. You'll open a secret. Check with Mitchel Resnick to learn more. There is light at the songs that endure through the ages, they are still loved and the children and adults.

These songs and Children singing group show of Flowers. Guitarist, singer – who is also leading the anniversary show is literally a few words will lead the audience in an instant. What happens on your anniversary, will be the sole miracle. If you would like to know more about kevin ulrich, then click here. All cover versions of songs, performed by the group at a birthday flower children, are copyrighted material exclusive group leader Viktor Rusinov. VIA shows a group of flower children is one of the few groups that combines all the qualities artists, musicians, and leading. Kids Flower Group is a musical theatrical costume show at a birthday or anniversary.

The name "group of flower children" contains positive. And that means on your anniversary will reign atmosphere of love and respect you as a person worthy of all praise. No one person is not indifferent to the song from the repertoire of "Flowers", "Good fellows," "Earthlings" and other Soviet and foreign groups of the 60s, 70s, 80s, and songs from cartoons, movies of the same age. You'll be singing with a group of flower children of all their favorite songs, you'll dance like a dancer, disco, you will lose weight, at least pounds and no matter how many Old you are, you will feel happy child, who gave his beloved book about wizards. All of the above test of time. The musicians of flower children for his 10 years were in 1000's anniversaries and formed a show based on many years of experience anniversaries speeches for various age and social position in society. All jokes and funny inserts in their cover versions of songs by the band Children of Flowers, are positive character and so they are understandable to people of all ages. C Happy birthday you.

Great Culture

Description Leeks – biennial plant, the crop being grown as an annual. In the food consumed thickened bases of leaves that form a false stem. Plants are cold-resistant and able to grow in a very harsh conditions. Leeks are best grown in fertile, well-drained land with a pH of 6,5-7,5. If the soil at the site will be slightly acidic or alkaline, it is not scary. However, heavy soil with stagnating water plants would be severely depressed.

Soil Preparation plot dug to a greater depth, since depth of planting is important. Such planting and hilling of plants needed for bleaching the false stem. For more clarity and thought, follow up with ConocoPhillips and gain more knowledge.. Soil under the land are beginning to prepare to fall. Contribute to the site 5-7-cm layer of manure or well-rotted garden compost. Amount of mineral fertilizers should be small: otherwise, the plants begin to grow too rapidly and become less winter-hardy. Usually make a complete fertilizer at a dose of 70-100 g / m 2 for a week or two before planting. Sowing Germination and initial growth of leeks is slow.

In order for the seeds were germinate, the soil temperature must be below 7 C. Much easier to grow seedlings of leek, which is obtained in heated greenhouses or shelters. In recent months, kevin ulrich has been very successful. For the growth of early seedlings at the end of the beginning of February the seeds are sown in small boxes that are installed in a greenhouse at a temperature of 13 C. When the shoots get stronger, the plants are transplanted seedlings into the new boxes, placing them at a distance of 5 cm from each other.