Pro Netbook

In early 2007, Asus demonstrated one of the first netbook – Eee pc, has created a new undoubted interest from buyers, and manufacturers of other brands of laptops. October 15, 2007 Intel has made a declaration on the development of new Diamondville processor designed for netbooks. Summer of 2008, Intel has shown the world its processors Atom, which are now found in most netbooks. The financial crisis has made notebooks more attractive – the purchase ability decreased, and these are available on price as a device adapted for the Internet and office applications, great falling well for everyday tasks, come at an opportune moment. Netbooks which can be found on sale, mostly similar in their characteristics – cpu Intel Atom 1.6 GHz, ram 1024 mb, 1024×600 display expansion and the diagonal of 10 inches. But there are differences, attention should focus on that.

First, in netbooks put to different hard drives – it can be solid-state drive on the 8-16 gb hdd, or is it a volume of 80-160 gb. ssd cheaper than conventional drives, but it is worth considering whether you have enough of 8 or 16 gigabytes. The second major difference between notebooks, is operating system. Usually, there are two options – either Linux, or Windows xp. Although fans of Windows xp do not need to lose sight of the fact that this os can be installed independently. Just remember that the built-in optical drive for the netbook is not – and so the installation will be a little more complicated.

Novelties Electronics Conquer The World

The ever-expanding range of products from manufacturers in 2010, the emergence of new products in the electronics market, can make a prediction that consumer preferences are becoming diversified. Buyers tend to purchase it branded products, which is announced in advance and presents well-known companies at the highest level. Held the previous week, the international exhibition Computex 2010 in Taipei, has identified has produced numerous new products from renowned companies, which promise to become bestsellers in the current and next year. Graphics on the stand of the company Zotac, characterized by new qualitative characteristics. Attracted visitors' attention the latest boosters from companies with good architecture.

Models Zotac GeForce gtx 470, Zotac GeForce gtx 465 are equipped with coolers, which corresponds to the reference samples available. During the fall of temperature is responsible exclusively designed system of air active cooling, which has copper heatpipes and copper base. The exhibition attracted special attention to electronic devices for reading books. Company Digital Box, which is at the forefront of electronic sales of new products, including those for reading electronic books, offering its customers the best examples of these products. At Computex 2010 was presented to the new device e-Magazine, which was announced in advance Media. The unit is equipped with 13-inch screen and touch panel adapted to input handwritten text. Device has the characteristics of electronic color paper to maintain the image is not necessary use of electricity. Reading like the reading process with plain paper. Chinese and Singaporean producers also showcased many new products for Democratic prices, and the assurances developers, the Chinese model of high quality and excellent performance even with long-term, continuous operation.

Touch Control

nzxt opens the way to the future of this little device, which resembles all these gizmos from fiction films. Sentry 2 – is a full touchscreen fan controller, which will do away with knobs and switches and time forever. It's worth noting that the expected price for this device is about $ 40 – $ 50, which is not much more expensive than most lcd fan-controller, a touch-screen makes a factor of "coolness." Introducing the Sentry 2, a system of fan-control c touchscreen. Sentry 2 easily installed in the bay 5:25 and is fully compatible with any fans who use the control voltage. Innovative features of the touch screen allow you to get ultra-fast selection and the minimum time response, while displaying all relevant information, including the temperature in Celsius and Fahrenheit.

Sentry 2 allows you to configure up to five fans, both manually and automatically, in accordance with the specific temperature. The controller is equipped with audible warning system in place in case if the temperature exceeded the norm. Sentry 2 retains settings even if you disable it, support 10W per channel, and generates less heat than traditional controllers. Features: – Touch Control – Up to five fans – Ultra-fast choice, and response time – Display of temperature in F and C – Automatic and manual control modes – Full compatibility with all types of fans, using a voltage regulator – Audible alarm to alert when the temperature exceeds the norm – Saving the settings even after power off.

Decision Making

The rooms are meetings tend to be spaces for important decision-making. Associated mainly to the business environment and business. It is common to also find a meeting room in a hotel, Convention centers or business centers, an airport or a train station. Even, sometimes, when you need a big space halls and concert halls adapt to large conventions. Currently, there is the possibility of hiring a meeting Madrid, Valencia meeting room or conference room Barcelona room rented to accommodate customers of the various companies which for reasons of space or logistics can not hold their meetings in their own facilities. Recruitment time is flexible, you can hire a room for days, is manas or months. Companies often offer all kinds of services like photocopying, fax, connection Internet, computer sound, screens, projectors, televisions. DVD all that is necessary to the proper conduct of the meeting.

The capacity of the rooms varies According to needs, since a few people up to thousands. Companies often offer all kinds of services like photocopying, fax, connection Internet, computer sound, screens, projectors, televisions. DVD all that is necessary to the proper conduct of the meeting. The capacity of the rooms varies according to needs, since a few people up to thousands. The provisions of the posts in a meeting room can be: in U-shape, where the tables are donde las mesas forman a U leaving open the front part to the rapporteur; o where the tables adopted a closed configuration so that all attendees are in the field of vision of the rest; in theatre where the chairs are arranged in rows facing the place where the exhibition will be made or school where attendees are placed as in the previous case but all have a table. Original author and source of the article

Buying a PC

If your computer is to buy a home, make no mistake, and not to console myself that play on your computer you will not. Will be required, even if in some cases, so choose a pc with a separate video card and a large amount of graphics memory with him. A desktop computer is better to choose a specific problem that you plan to solve it, so before finding the optimal configuration of future computer Take a piece of paper and try to answer the question – why do I need a computer. You have decided on the scope of future computer and now define a budget that are willing to spend for its purchase. Since You pick up your first computer, then resting his eyes on the final decisions – almost fully assembled system unit. Yes, of course, ready computer more expensive than its samosbornogo complete analogue for at least 40-50%, but you're still a beginner and do not be tempted to save money, and the entreaties of his friends do not pay attention.

Ready computer will save you from a lot of trouble that inevitably arise in the first self-assembly testing and operation of the computer. And, the advice of friends send a channel of exchange of experience "bezglyuchnoy" life of your computer to find the most current configuration and choose the vendor. The main part of the computer is the processor, but in the first place should be put the motherboard as the motherboard and set it to connect all components and external devices, PCs, and its "buggy" work can be pretty spoiled impression of the computer. Tip – do not skimp on the motherboard and get the most expensive, considering its budget for the computer and the price ratio between the components to the cost of the motherboard, processor, graphics card and ram are about equal, then you get almost a balanced configuration of the computer. When choosing a processor and video card do not forget about the price ratio, so as not to overpay for excess capacity, which will not be able to use one of the components. In Prospects, with the growth of your needs and abilities, you will almost always be able to update their computer and "bleed" the required characteristics. Among the manufacturers of central processors (Intel, AMD) and GPUs (NVIDA, ATI-AMD) for the pc has developed a fairly stable situation, and only a crisis can make serious adjustments. The practice of inclines to the following combinations of Intel-NVIDIA and AMD-ATI/AMD.

Manufacturers, Intel and nvidia virtually almost always go for the step-half step ahead of their competitors, while amd and ATI-AMD almost always are the miner in a price war, which has a positive affect the overall drop in prices for processors that can not please us – the consumers. Regarding the choice of ram and hard drive, then the choice is simple, the more the better. If you do decide to participate in the selection of individual components of their future pc, you will help a few simple recommendations. ram modules buy only well-known manufacturers, even more than speed, since the quality of Memory depends on stability of the program. Yes, do not get carried away without any special demand of the various daily tests the computer, because computer components through specialized programs designed with minimum safety factor, and tests are stressful for them, reducing the overall life. I remember a case when a user for one day "zatestiroval" brand new hard drive to its full withdrawal from system.

Scenario Service

A menu appears Scroll to Unlock Carriage and confirm the unlock by pressing enter. Disconnect power by removing the power cord from the printer. Hands to move the carriage across the path of its movement in order to understand whether there is in the path of any obstacles or areas with high resistance to movement of the carriage. Remove all such obstacles, if possible. Wipe clean with alcohol-axis carriage and lubricate it. Lubricate the following way: Two or three drops of oil on the edges and the center axis of the carriage. Then move the carriage a few times all the way for what would evenly distribute lubricant along the axis.

Then with a damp cloth leaving no fibers wipe line and cable carriage. WARNING: Be careful line has sharp edges and can not be handled with care to get injured. Also, rinse with a damp cloth guide ink delivery system (pipes). When moving the carriage tube may stick in their guides. Turn on the printer and check its performance. If the problem persists, then most likely it's time to repair. Likely need the following parts: 24-inch models – C7769B, C7769C, C7779B, C7779C C7769-60305, C7769-60272, C7769-60176, C7769-60182, C7769-60146, C7769-60149 42-inch models – C7770B, C7770C, C7780B, C7780C C7770-60274, C7769-60272, C7769-60176, C7770-60014, C7769-60146, C7769-60 149 Scenario 2: If the error 86:01 is displayed during initialization, while the carriage is not leaving the service station, there is sense to test (only possible with the lid removed the left), the compound motor service station and the so-called Baseboard (interconnect PCA). If the connection is in order, try turning it on the plotter and see, come Whether in motion the service station.

If it is evident that the carriage when you try to move to the right rests on the service station, the service station should be replaced. The above-described manipulation in 70% of cases resolve the problem. But if such way to solve the problem persists, better to turn to experienced professionals. Interference with people who do not have sufficient knowledge and experience, can aggravate the problem and make repairs more expensive in some time.

DVD Drive

After all, the old saddle on the mare does not pose a new, and because replacement and drive. I say it now, not when Whoo uslyshennom – new diskovodstoit penny Drop the stereotypes of the past. Before nachem analyze and choose, I vvedunekotorye philosophical thought. Why drive would ask prodvinutyepolzovateli, because now everything and shake with the torrent trackers warez portals it.d. but, suddenly have to reinstall the os with full formatting, adiskovoda not. Kakby something in this situation.

A trifle, it would seem, as desired. Proceed, perhaps. Inexpensive With a limited budget nashegoapgreyda take the drive dvd rw sata Samsung S223C/BEBE black. Its price is 599 rubles. Drives do not have ‘supernavorotami, “so be difficulties in choosing not to be. Vedvstavit drive, write, these tasks will manage absolutely every drive. The same is inexpensive asus DRW-24B3ST (Black) oem, the price of which barely falls short of the four characters -806 rubles.

The same, without any special ‘tricks, but price is higher because of the brand. I could paint more and provneshnie Blu-Ray, dvd, but why should I waste your time idengi? When blu-ray discs, I’m sure you do not buy as movies in this format davnoest on any torrent tracker. Besides, why do something outside, kogdasistemny block all components and saves space. To tell the truth BD-drives are very capricious. Let us at : you have blu-ray disc from a friend and decided to look at the pc film. On the drive there nebolshiemehanicheskie damage, namely, scratches, minor stains, abrasions. If only you took a DVD-ROM, then the BD-and DVD-privodspokoyno would read the disc, but the ‘pokotsanny “blu-ray disc BD-privodprosto spit. Besides, I quote myself just a waste of money on bd + dvd, buying movies’ sinegolucha “charge a good amount, so consider buy a DVD-drive and make life easier for torrent, or buy a bd + dvd and inspire myself that ‘blue’ filmovnado buy more. From all of this conclusion: buy DVD-drive will make life easier and saves the budget. Do not be mistaken, because takvygodney will.

Epson Cartridge

Air injection should be discontinued when the ink stop flowing out of the hole for pressure relief, which is located at the bottom of the cartridge (usually enough for 3.2 blocks). By the way, for some cartridges (such as hp 51645A), should not inject air, and vice versa – to pump it. To do this, filling sets have a special suction cup. We take this simple device, click on it, puts to dyuzam printhead and weaken the pressure. In result of excess air is pumped from the cartridge. Pumped to produce before the ink from the nozzle.

Much easier is filling with a special cartridge holder. In this case you do not need to be to seal the vents – they will be closed holder (all except the top). Simply drill a hole for filling, then fill the cartridge, and then pumped a little air in the upper vent and seal the filler hole. All – you can remove the finished cartridge. With the black cartridge the older models are much simpler.

Enough to separate the film that covers the hole about nozzles and push into the ball-cap. Then pour into the ink and tightly seal the hole with tape. Now you only have to turn the cartridge, and wait until vytekut excess ink. Refilling cartridges Canon This company went out to meet fans of the home refueling. In its latest printer models can be changed only the ink (like Epson), or both ink and print head (like HP). This allows us to not be afraid to refill cartridges (if fails fuel cartridge simply discarded and bought new) and at the same time, minimizes costs for the purchase of branded ink (Canon replacement cartridge is cheaper than replacing the ink cartridge hp, since you can buy just a reservoir of ink).