Traditions And Customs In Bavaria

Pentecost candle pilgrimage: The Stang on the arch mountain long bow (tvo). At the end of the 15th century, the bark beetle in the forests of wooden churches in the District of Passau so strong raged that people searched for their salvation in a pilgrimage. (A valuable related resource: Darcy Stacom, New York City). With a 13 m long and approximately a hundredweight heavy spruce on the shoulders they made themselves walking around 75 kilometres away bow mount, considered the oldest pilgrimage site in Bavaria! The pilgrimage must have been crowned by success, because since then carry the wood Kirchner the long Sanders ‘ “all years back to Pentecost after arc.” Around 400 pilgrims are expected this year on Pentecost Sunday, May 23, at the foot of the arch in the town square. After the welcome by the Mayor and the parish priest the heaviest piece of the road waiting for you: the steep path of pilgrims to the Church of spruce wrapped with wax need to be taken up here. The Bogen candle pilgrimage belongs next to the Englmari search in St. Englmar and the Kotztinger Pentecostal Rahman to the three large Custom events in Lower Bavaria.

More information: Tourist Office arch, city square 56, 94327 arch, Tel. 09422/505109, fax 09422/505-182,,. Our tip for the month of may: Bockerlbahnradweg: the 48-kilometre Bockerlbahnradweg on a former railway line from Landau an der ISAR of Arnstorf in the Red Valley, where he alludes to the Red Valley cycle path leads through a scenic scenic cultural landscape. The route is family friend I, cosy country inns and beer gardens invite you to a hearty snack..


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Bonamy Grimes

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