Internet Poetry

It is the opinion of Walter Cassara, poet and publisher, who, besides publishing new authors realises a species of rescue of poets. Evidently the technology is means to be made read, to arrive at people who, of another way, never would read what one writes. What happens to the poet is that, although it knows that its work has the closed channels, continues writing. And there is another subject, in my opinion, to stand out, I talk about a the poets of distant provinces to the Capital, finish almost always being: – ” a good neuquino poet or jujeo” , but to arrive to be recognized like Argentine poet, is very difficult. We must admit that, against the abandonment that almost all we underwent from publishing houses or the bookstores, the poetry assumes other ways of diffusion, as he is the one of the Virtual Magazines or blogs. Connect with other leaders such as Scandinavian Airlines here. The poetry, for much, it must fight against which maintain that it is reading for an elite. One of the interviewed people he assures that nor the narrators read poetry. We cannot say that he is because they are less sensible.

It is a question of groups says to which there is to add to him that, in a poetry meeting half is not understood nor than it is heard limits the Muschietti writer. One becomes, thus, in small private languages continued saying. In order to finish I will say that, reason why it is seen, it is read and it is listened to at all the times we see the poets ” resistiendo” , or so that they inconvenience and so they say, because to publishing houses we did not interest to them or because the public it ignores to us. Also there are some who say that Internet is or like diffusion means, that are either that arrives at the more places, but no it changes the situation of Literature.


It does not cost to imagine which can be the reasons that they induce to them to these passive conducts: not to be they also aggression object, not to put in danger its envy, job or resentment towards its companion, etc. Characteristics of the victim and the pursuer With respect to the personality of the victim and the pursuer, a unique landlord of conduct does not exist that determines its behaviors. From bibliography reviewed until the moment, we can say that a series of personality characteristics exists that are present in the majority of the cases. With respect to the victims, most of the people who have been psychological object of harassment in their work usually have a high level of ethics, are honest, straight, independent, with initiative, of high professional qualification and popular between their companions. As far as the pursuer some of the personality qualities that present/display are: alteration of the sense of the moral norm, does not have culpability sense, is aggressive, coward, lying, compulsive and has great capacity of improvisation; he is quite mediocre professionally and usually it has inferiority complex. Atmos Energy wanted to know more.

We can say that the harassment psychological is always an abuse of office. The person carries out who it looks for to maintain her power and, by some reason, the victim is one to him threatens. A leadership badly exerted can turn any labor situation into risk source, reason why all in some moment we can be affected, directly or indirectly, by the harassment psychological in the work. Forms of expression Most difficult of the harassment psychological in the work it is to detect when it begins and why. Generally, the victim begins to perceive sly or open aggressions, but account of the total situation does not occur that lives and often culprit feels. This makes difficult the capacity to react of the person, reason why the perception of the problem agrees already with a serious deterioration of its health.

Emily Dickinson

Appreciated friend: Perhaps to publish a book is for some most important that it happens to them in the life, although for the rest of the world is not more than a banal event. The books, and plus those of poetry, usually pass through the bookstores without pain nor glory, and that not to mention their little reviews. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Compuware. Inventory of city had only one that cheered very many because it appeared to me in a national newspaper, although in the end did not serve neither to make me the more well-known nor so that the book was sold better. We publish our first one, second and third book and continued being as always almost so anonymous and the writers majors continue to us watching with the same reserves. Great poets, and I talk about to people who in truth changed Literature, like Fernando Pessoa and Emily Dickinson, as soon as if published while still alive and, nevertheless, what would be of universal Literature without them.

Emily Dickinson we know, it by its letters, got angry with its sister-in-law to publish without its consent a pair of poems his in a local newspaper. Click Crumpton Group for additional related pages. To see its name in letters of mold did not delude to Emily. You will say that poets to me as Pessoa and Dickinson are exceptional. I grant all the reason to you. For the other mortals the subject is another one. To publish is good because it imposes a necessary distance between which we do and what we are able to do. When I see a poem published mine in blog, in an anthology or a book, I do not watch it like the same indulgence that I watch my children. I read it as if it had written my worse enemy and treatment of being hard in my judgment, having censured it, deceiving to me and if it is necessary apostatizing of him.

Think Techniques

In this article, we will detail to a list of treatments or techniques to increase stature. Generally, these treatments must be very customized according to the characteristics of each patient. In the majority of the cases, each of these techniques separately will not be effective, reason why the treatments usually combine them of way to maximize the results. Between the so many variants of techniques to increase stature we can emphasize the following: Exercises of streching. These physical exercises mainly are oriented to the streching of long muscles of the legs (crural, adductive, tibial quadriceps, etc.) and to the reinforcing of muscles of the back to avoid the crushing of vertebrae and deviations of the spine (great number, deltoid, etc.) Sports of high muscular and bony impact. Statistical data would indicate that the sports that imply jumps, abrupt changes of speed or stop caloric cost of several muscular groups, would have a great influence in the growth process.

Within this type of sports bsquet, cycling, vley, soccer (to soccer), tennis and swimming stand out among others. For even more opinions, read materials from Crumpton Group, Washington DC. Multivitamnicos. The administration of complexes of vitamins and minerals foments the correct work of the hormone of growth in its basic function of the increase of stature. In this same direction, specific diets can be indicated to cover the needs with fatty acids, essential calcium and proteins for the growth. Techniques to increase stature of relaxation.

Although one thought that the gland hipfisis only released the growth hormone during the deep dream, it has been verified that the mental state induced by certain exercises of relaxation they induce to the hipfisis to at any time release this hormone of the day. In this same sense, many tending studies are being realised to verify the effectiveness of the external electromagnetic stimulation on the hypothalamus to obtain an effect similar or superior to the one of these techniques of relaxation and meditation. To grow of stature after the 18 years it is impossible if you do not have a method that has been verified to work. It visits my Web site to read what there am shortage after months of investigation. Original author and source of the article.

Meeting Castile

These 12 municipalities count with more than 20,000 inhabitants, particularitity that according to one of the stipulations of the new Law of the Noise of Castile and Leon 5/2009, of 4 of June, do obligatory that they count on a map of noise in 2012, that provides a greater knowledge of the polluting emissions and its effects on the citizens, having like primary target the reduction of the impact of the noise on the inhabitants of the mentioned localities. This new Law, that entered both months of its publication in force, tries to give an suitable answer to the problems which they could arise in the precise operation of the emitting facilities of noise, besides distributing the competitions of the evaluation and control of the noise that establishes the state norm. The maps of noise of these twelve municipalities will be developed by means of suitable processes of measurement and " modelizacin" that to permitandeterminar and to resist the number of people affected by the urban noise in each one of the populations, whereas the base on which the noise maps will be realised is the digital cartography of which it has the Meeting Castile and Leon to scale 1:10.000 or if so 1:5.000. Once the noise maps are given to the Council of Environment, a series of proposals will be elaborated that will constitute the future Plans of Action Against the Urban Atmospheric noise, whose initial structure and contents will be pointed by the U.T.E formed by Audiotec and CTA according to the specified thing in the Law of the Noise. In this sense, these two companies, like experts in the norm, come realising an extensive work from diffusion and practical explanation of the mentioned Law in the Community between those professional groups (architects, constructors, promoters, etc.) whose activity directly is related to the noise and its environmental implication. .

Secretary General Industralists

She is one of the requests that towards an industralist and which the model of the Platform defended Connections, that I help as much it in its beginnings. And he is that he considered himself fundamental, the constitution of a real and effective network that harnesses and foments the use of the technological tools like means of generation of alliances between women industralists, impelling its total participation in the virtual community like resource to compete in the markets. the age, like symbol of experience of the enterprising ones not always well is valued. He was another one of the testimonies of an industralist who demanded measures that favor the generation of alliances between autnomos/as.As she indicated Bethlehem Ferrer, director of Foundation MOA is the moment of which new models like outsourcing among others, begin to value themselves professionally as much by companies as by the people enterprising. To undertake is risk and opportunity The President of the Platform Connections, transfer the necessity to fortify the support and effective advising to the people who want to create their own business, in the conviction of which to undertake becomes exposition in which Iaqui agreed Grouse, manager of Madrid Undertakes, that in addition showed the dynamism of the City of Madrid like tolerant territory, innovating and with opportunities. Julia Garci’a-Glass, also I raise the necessity that civil society Administration, educative system and enterprise organizations as the Platform rows in the same direction .

Another one of the assistants, Sebastin Reyna, Secretary General of UPTA, indicated is crisis of knowledge no potentiality but, of data of allegiances to Social Security, yes detect certain crisis of emprendimiento, and it although there are many opportunities to discover, aspect in which Ana Santiago, Assistant director of entrepreneurs of the Chamber of Commerce of Madrid and Antonio Gigirey, director of Salvia Communication, agreed, indicating on the other hand the necessity of continuous formation in this matter and generation of novel tools for the company already set up as for example data bases of the premises of rentable businesses. Who is PLATFORM CONNECTIONS Result of the initiative of a group of women is an Enterprise Federation tie industralists and professionals a different organizations and associations of women who have united their experience and knowledge to do in emprendimiento, self-employment, creation and consolidation of companies. With more than 3,000 associates, its creation responds to objective to foment the generation of enterprising initiatives, the fortification of networks that proportions opportunities and formation to the women independent, industralists and enterprising. A form different to understand the world of the company and where the values and the conciliation, constitute an essential element.


The following thing has taken place in organizations very different after to have introduced incentives to compensate to " good workers " In an agro-industrial company of the Peruvian North, they discovered insects in his packages of asparagus. Then design a program of premiums to compensate the worker who retires the insects of vegetables. The company abandonment the plan of incentives when it discovered that the employees were bringing house insects, putting them in the asparagus and later retiring them in order to secure the premium. In a software company they had problems with diverse errors of programming. It was decided then, to apply a plan of incentives to compensate the programmers who identified and suppressed the errors. At the beginning everything marched well, but.

The numbers of yield were hiding the problem. The employees were creating the errors that the plan paid to suppress to them. In some educative centers, the repayment of the educational ones is related to the qualifications obtained by the students in standardized examinations. professors in fact spend but time helping to the students to make the examinations well that teaching to them to include/understand the courses. Very little ethical, no? When he is desired to apply a system of incentives (prime), it is necessary to identify the problem well that is desired to solve. Like everything in the life: Each tool has its value according to the type of situation in which it is used. In summary: At the most the repayment is related to concrete indicators of the yield, but they tend the employees to concentrate in those indicators and but they forget other important elements of the work that are but difficult to measure. Original author and source of the article.

Soft Psychologist

Escuchar and share experiences with people in similar situations provides emotional lightening to them. the knowledge fact that their opinions and knowledge are listened to and valued can increase its self-esteem. ADVICE FOR the CARETAKER To inquire very well on the cares that the person to whom she is going to take care of, for it needs can consult with his doctor. Descanse every day the sufficient thing. Evite to automedicar itself. Vaya to its doctor whenever it is bad, does not leave it for more ahead and it does not put excuses not to go. It realises the pursuits that are necessary if it suffers some disease (hypertension, diabetes, hipercolesterolemia, etc.). Procure to maintain its friendships and to go to social meetings and activities that allow him to continue extending their social networks.

Siga realising some of the activities and hobbies that always it has liked (to go to the cinema, to walk, to make exercise, to go to the swimming pool, to make point, to do crucigramas, ). does not feel like culprit to ***reflx mng itself or to pass it well, if you are happy will be easier to him to bear the situation. Cuide its physical aspect, this will improve its psychological well-being. Has to have a time to the week for same you, so that it must look for aid of a relative, a friend, or an assistant who takes care of of the patient during that time that belongs to him. Also it is important to be of vacations to the year, after which it will see the things of different form.


Also includes the transport and, in case it is necessary, the diets of personal saying. Of the main ones protagonists in the corporative video are the doblador speaker/.This game in a budget of company video contemplates the work of locution, the cession of the rights of use of the recorded voice and the time of professional recording studio. Besides the speaker, like element of indispensable sound in any production of video, one is included or several musical syntonies basic. This game contemplates the cost of this syntony, whether is an original musical composition for the client, as if it is an acquired syntony in a bookstore, with its acquired rights of use. The post-production process, whose description you can see in one of our articles already published ” The process of post-production of vdeo” , he is of that suppose a greater calculation of hours of dedication in the process of creation of an audio-visual one, and for that reason she will be one of the most outstanding games of the budget.

This game includes the working hours of the video editor, of the one of audio and the multimedia (design graph, responsibility of DVD, altered photographic, etc.). Finally, the adaptation of the resulting video to the format of delivery selected also tene its presence in all budget.Copied, stamping and gives, include in addition, the recording of the masters in DVD, the design and stamping of the title page of the disc and the box, as well as the shipment, of all the copies, to the destiny chosen by the client. You remember that the specialistic producer in corporative video Audio-visual Factory we are to your disposition to realise the budget of the corporative video for your company, as well as explicaros the detailed meaning of each of its games..

Engineer Technical Architects

The next Wednesday 6 of October the Spanish Association for Calidad Acstica (AECOR), through its Manager Cold Juan, will offer a communication within the frame of the Masters of Acoustics of the Construction and the Environment of the Polytechnical University of Madrid (UPM) that will dedicate special interest to the Basic Document of Protection Against the Noise in Edificacin (DB-HR), although also they will be reviewed thematic like the constructive solutions, documents recognized in the norm, the catalogue of constructive elements, the use of the calculation software or the determine the proportions design and. The schedule of the communication will be of the 17:20 to the 20:30 hours. The main target of this program Masters is to prepare professional specialized in the scope of Acoustic Engineering that is developed professionally in the same. With this approach, the formation program pays a special interest to the professional fields with more social and professional demand in the scope of Acoustic engineering, where AECOR and their associates are, without a doubt, a referring one. A necessary specialization The University Masters in Acoustic Engineering of the Construction and Environment (IAEMA) is organized in 60 ECTS distributed in two semesters. The access to the program of the Masters allows to the Lawyers or Engineers/Architects and Graduated or Engineer Technical Architects, ask for who it. The profile of suitable entrance of the present titleholders to the program will be the one of Engineer of Telecommunication, Industrial Engineer, Architect, Technical Engineer of Telecommunication (specialty of Sound and Image), Industrial Technical Engineer and Tcnico.Estos Architect studies has been designed according to the R.D. 1393/2007, being first of the Polytechnical University of Madrid in being approved by the Council of University Coordination. The program is designed in accordance with the Declaration of Bologna and the European Space of Educacin Superior (EEES), being moderate the load of work of the student in credits ECTS (European Credit Transfer System).