Threading Machines

When choosing the threading tool must take into account such parameters as the diameter of the workpiece, the type of thread – internal or external, performance, weight equipment, etc. Threading machines – it professional tool for creating high-precision cutting. Others including The Furutist, offer their opinions as well. It is equipped with various devices necessary for clamping and holding parts, automatic oil delivery, part of the gear and gearbox, gradosnimatelem – chamfering of the pipe end, bed, etc. Threading machines used in the tool and instrument, electrical and aircraft industries, as well as the widely used plumbing jobs in the processing of the metal. To ensure the high quality of thread to use a professional threading tool, which includes threading, rezbofrezernye, tapping, thread and worm grinding machines.

To handle different types of thread used appropriate methods of treatment, and threading tools and threading machines. To create an external thread on Our equipment is used threaded tools (comb). Cutters (comb) are attached to the die head cams SU-1 (a lathe-type), and depending on the setting of adjustable pitch and thread depth on the different diameters tubes and round bars. Another major difference, in principle, performance and quality threading equipment – whether it is rotating workpiece, or billet is stationary, but rotates universal head, on which are fixed blades (comb). The latter option has many advantages, both as a thread cutting, speed parameters and technology threads, ie wastelessness production – you do not have to give up non-standard pipes. On the threading machine MKS-95U was developed and used universal rotary head lathe type, allowing to cut the thread, even at not quite smooth pipes or round bars. MKS-95U can be safely attributed to the high-performance threading machine, which confirms its long use as building sites and in workshops. As machine simply does not substitute for plumbing work in public service in urban households. Threading machine MKS-95U. easy to use and requires no special training, we need only be trained and guided by the method of work described in the passport, and the presence of 3-speed machine always allow you to select an optimal mode of carving, combining both performance and production details required quality of carving, given the diameter of the workpiece.

Electric Pallet Truck

Until recently, the stock most often used hand pallet truck, he actively used today, but are replaced by electric stacker in connection with considerable comfort in dealing with them. Coffee Stacker was based on the manual, but differs in the fact that its design changed the mast, allowing lifting loads considerably higher and not hindering the management of the device. Heavy-duty batteries allow you to increase speed of the stacker. Electric stacker is very convenient to use at any warehouses, large stores and businesses that require constant transport and sorting of cargo. Costs for permanent maintenance electric stacker is completely paid off its high performance.

Electric pallet truck running on battery. There are even some models of the stacker in which there is no need for special department to charge the device, such stacker is built-in charger and charging status indicator shows on the case stacker. Electric pallet truck has a small weight to him very easily to move even in the narrow aisles of warehouses. Housing such a stacker is created from durable metal with a special coating that protects it from shocks and external influences. Wheel device, as well as videos twisted, usually made of soft material that makes forklift to maneuver and comfortable in any type of flooring. Electric pallet truck is very easy to operate and most secure.

All the necessary controls reasonably placed on the body and are always on hand stacker operator. Convenient handle makes the turns lever Lift is located in the upper body. In short, the use of electric stacker can simplify and automate the work in the warehouse. At customer stacker can be fitted with a specially dl certain businesses. In the production of stackers apply special coatings, protecting against rust, from cold or other conditions. Tint Quality Paint the customer can choose for himself what can make an electric forklift in corporate style. So far, in too many places, used manual hydraulic stacker, but it is becoming increasingly clear that the electric pallet truck – it's storage equipment entirely new level.

Aluminum Windows

High rates of the construction industry leave less chance for the spread of technologies which do not reflect such items as longevity and energy efficiency. This is also true with respect to window systems of new generation – aluminum windows and their various derivatives: facade and stained-glass designs made of aluminum, aluminum doors and groups. Law of the practical use of modern technology reads as follows: "We are not rich enough to buy cheap things." This principle forms the basis of the priority activities of the Moscow company "Lugol's", which makes today a huge range of quality aluminum windows virtually any configuration. Certainly, a large share of finished products, take the windows out of aluminum standard designs, especially when a large number of required glazing surfaces. Growing demand for aluminum windows with large size glass, custom window designs, large arched windows and round aluminum only confirms the new needs of the construction market. It is a unique durability of aluminum, amazing strength and, importantly, ease of this material. Long gone are the days when the large size of the window size was considered a two-thirds of human growth. Modern urban trends suggest a wide and tall window openings, glazing which use plastic does not guarantee continuous operation.

Only the use of aluminum systems for production of windows for openings area of more than 10 – 12 square meters. m to create a robust swing-out or traditional rotary design of high reliability. The spacious windows and doors are now becoming the norm design, glazing walls clearly dominates the area of visible walls of buildings. Almost universally used by both cold and warm aluminum doors and front groups, which also manufactures the company Lugol. Special popular in the construction of buildings with high traffic and enjoy automatic swing aluminum doors. All windows and doors are equipped with aluminum fittings imported from world famous manufacturers – Use high-quality electric actuators for opening the aluminum windows, reliable closers and accessories gu, savio, dorma, locks kfv, which also improves the reliability of aluminum translucent structures. However, good material and Hardware – this is not all that is needed to guarantee the durability and achieve the desired characteristics of the consumer of aluminum windows and doors. The most important factor to consider when choosing Aluminium Joinery, a flawless performance of work by the manufacturer within a specified time. Wide experience of "Lugol's" in the production of architectural aluminum construction, advanced imported equipment and qualified staff – the major components that positively affect the quality of doors and windows from aluminum.


No less important are design features and quality of the system of compulsory screening and filtering of gases. Better if it would be a two-loop. In this case the pump is used simultaneously for pumping the filtered and drained the gas, and for automatic removal of condensate from the filter. The filter device is simultaneously used for the retention of mechanical particles, and to separate the moisture contained in the exhaust. He must be as safe and better multistage. Getting into the cell block spectrometric particles or moisture not only makes the error, but it can incapacitate the most reliable unit. Last but not least the role played by the performance of the pump.

It defines reaction time of the device to change the composition of exhaust gases. They are fed from the sample probe into the measuring unit by the length of hose with a small bore. It is desirable that the reaction time did not exceed 10 seconds. Many sites unit, their temperature is maintained with high accuracy. More convenient if the heating time analyzer to the working temperature is not more than 10-15 minutes.

On ease of use influences nature of the power unit. Combined (both mains and 12-volt battery) powered, allowing more flexible use of gas analyzer. In particular, if the dimensions of the gas analyzer is small, we can perform measurements of gas while driving. In general, miniaturization of diagnostic devices, such as gas analyzers – one of the main contemporary tenedentsy instrumentation. This is not a fad.

Organization Production

In order to study the characteristics of the organization of production in different plants require grouping them by type, in accordance with a common key indicators that determine the choice of methods of organization production. Types of production – is a comprehensive description of technical, organizational and economic features of industrial production, due to its specialization, volume and repeatability issue products. There are three main types of organization of production: mass, mass and individual. In turn, mass production is subdivided into large-, medium-and small-scale. The basis for determining the type of production are the release program, the type of products and complexity of its manufacture. Depending on the type of production at the plant in different ways to address issues of organization, planning and management.

Features such as production reflected in the form of flow production process – a continuous or discontinuous, the pa level of the process, the boundaries of economically viable use of automatic and special equipment, consisting of equipment and tooling used, the organization of workplaces, the composition and qualifications of employees, the system of production planning and control. The correct definition of the type of production allows choose an effective method of its organization, ie, to answer the question of how to more effectively carry out the production process. The method of organization of production is a combination of methods and means of implementation production process. For single and small batch production type is characterized by a single (individual) method of organizing production, using the method of group technology to sredneseriynogo – partionny, using a group method, and the elements of stream, for high-volume and types of mass production – process.