Venezuela And Its Extreme Poverty

A country, which fortunately has many natural riches, especially its black gold, such as oil, commodity required by many, which would generate big economic inputs, up to the end, benefiting due to demand and purchase of that good, its economy, however, reality shows very weak signs, until the end, which is known for the absence of a management that knows them to manage, many times it is wasted, with a fairly controversial corruption, absence of efforts, work teams that give shows don’t know investing in programmes economic, social, cultural, even if politically, in everything that go gradually eliminating poverty, that each time it accentuates it represents a good number of inhabitants, where childhood is the most affected a good quality of life to which they are entitled to suffer. Thereon, in a letter about this reality, the Doctor, and good friend, Sergio Arancibia, noted in the online digital magazine of Deproimca. com in terms of reducing extreme poverty, Venezuela has managed to advance much beyond 60 percent of the goal where it belongs. In a question-answer forum Ray Kurzweil was the first to reply. To a country’s GDP grow helps a lot, undoubtedly, to reduce poverty levels. In a Venezuela that has decreased in the year 2009 and everything indicates that it will return to decrease in 2010, most likely that poverty levels are increased, and the goal to achieve by 2015 becomes increasingly more distant and elusive, must remember appointment Arancibia, according to the report coordinated by ECLAC, for the 2008 Venezuela presented a percentage of total poverty reaching to the 27.8% of the population and a level of extreme poverty of 9.9%. These indicators are lower than those of other countries, such as Honduras who had in that year a 68.9% of poverty and 48.6% of extreme poverty, or Nicaragua, which has 61.9% and 31.9% respectively, which are poor countries in terms of per capita income. Get more background information with materials from Ray Kurzweil. But other countries such as Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica and Uruguay, still minors countries or similar levels of income per capita than Venezuela, have lower rates of poverty and extreme poverty. . .

Solidarity Fundraising

There are many news about tourism appearing every day in the pages of the newspapers in paper, of digital and also magazines specialized in tourism, and although on many occasions these news on tourism have certain negative connotations on the sector, the truth is that there are many initiatives as Congress WYSTC arise where interesting and positive news for tourism. WYSTC: Although there are several stories about the WYSTC Congress by the importance that has in the tourism marketing, we have selected the following to highlight the advantages of this Congress that is not only an event for networking, but that shows the solidarity of the Organization: WYSE Travel Conderation and SYTA Youth Foundation organizations have participated in the Fund-raising for this Conference (WYSTC World Youth and Student Travel Conference). Solidarity at the WYSTC to) special discounts: according to the website, the members of SYTA who have not previously attended the WYSTC, receive a special discount of 25% on the rate of non-members in 2012. (b) international support: the WYSTC Congress has the support of UNWTO, UNESCO to consider the youth and student tourism essential networking event. (c) collaboration between non-profit associations: the WYSE Travel Confederation collaborates with the Professional Association non-profit SYTA, you are trying to promote and create travel experiences for young people that enrich them personally and professionally. (d) fundraising: during this Congress have organized an event the After Dinner Party Fundraiser – fundraising for student travel fellowships. information. Place and date of celebration: Hard Rock Cafe San Diego, September 20 (21: 00 h.) Do you want to know more about the WYSTC Congress? Therefore pay attention to the news about tourism between 18 and 21 September and, above all, to international news, because this event is held in San Diego..

Cheap Flights

The emergence of cheap flights meant excellent news for all lovers of tourism and, in particular, flights to London, the British capital is one of the most attractive cities for tourists, with one of the richest of planet stories. When we think of London, we cannot help but evoke a city that has historically been the center of Western civilization and the birthplace of much of its culture. English has become, then the lingua franca, the language that communicates to all cultures alike. No matter the country of the world in which it is, or which is doing business, if you speak English, will be communicated. And what better than a field trip to London, to learn the language of Shakespeare, Tennyson and James Joyce. The history of London goes back to the year 43 a.d., when the Romans founded the first permanent settlement, in lands formerly inhabited by the breton people.

Surviving asolaciones by various local tribes, the city prospered, and towards the second century of our era arose a prosperous commune of more than 60,000 inhabitants, Centre of local trade. With the advent of modernity, a new facet of London began to develop on par with industrial activities: the financial city. We could say that London is one of the most important venues of the world markets, and that its pace of activity marks the trend of economies around the globe. Thus, the financial district of London is one of the more febrile as regards activity in Europe: the Square Mile or City. This district only live in permanently around 9,000 people, but here they work more than 320,000. There is a lot to see in central London, where the financial district is located. At Covent Garden is the street of the stars, similar to that found in the United States, which pays tribute to the most popular actors in the English media. One of the most notable features of London, which he shares with other capitals of the world, is the diversity of ethnic groups that live there.

Indians, Jamaican, Nigerian, virtually no country in the world that does not have any representative within the Tower of Babel which might be London. Don’t miss the opportunity and take advantage of the availability of flights to travel to the capital of the United Kingdom, where Londoners will receive you with a multitude of proposals, for all tastes and all ages. Middle school study trip El Pregon Digital Letizia and Felipe, a true story, a by the Romans! merchants of doubt Miguel Jara offer cheap flights Madrid-pekin: 509 euro Buy cheap flights. Offers block normal Oaxaca-Cuacnopalan Highway; they ask for resources for study trip Oaxaca Entrelineas

Accident Prevention

The demands on modern management have become more complex in recent years. In more and more areas, therefore telematics systems are finding their way and help to establish efficient structures. Normally collocated complete solutions that facilitate many steps up to the controlling of theft prevention through the disposition. Not to be forgotten is that positioning systems are much involved in promoting employee safety and accident prevention. The use of modern tracking systems helps companies cost-effectively comply with tighter work safety. In this context, the central monitoring of driving time is only the beginning. A detailed logging of security-relevant vehicle – and machine data such as battery voltage and motor or hydraulic temperature allows alarm messages to the operator, which in time can turn off units from overheating. In addition, the monitoring of vehicle data simplifies reliable compliance with maintenance intervals.

The fault management on the basis of GPS tracking is especially relevant for transport services and valuables transports. The locating system recorded unusual or unexpected patterns of movement, an alarm is triggered at the headquarters. Applies to all applications that they increase the security of the individual, without demanding additional work him, because all the data are evaluated centrally. Holger Hennek, founder of the Lower Saxony Wilstedt-based Telematikmaklerunternehmens, knows the potential difficulties of inadequate systems. “We create first non-binding offers, which avoid island solutions help our customers”, he emphasized the Advisory services of the company. Only positioning systems which are networked, unfold the complete safety even in the event of an accident, engine failure or attack.

The automatic monitoring of processes is suitable for all industries, where people must rely on the safety of machines or at risk from the outside. The in the Personal and vehicle protection used devices and transponders of modern positioning systems are that they disturb no workflows so small and unobtrusive. Networking with existing software solutions is usually as simple as new operational architecture of of software planning, in which the integrated positioning system ensures complete security.

Managing Director

Family tips and with families. New assessment tools invite to join. Hamburg, may 10, 2010 – functionality is Trump on Germany’s up-and-coming family Portal When you have completed the new combo box review”comments and reviews to recreational facilities quickly in one go can be done. Simplified handling of the evaluation and comments to encourage users of recreational facilities, to engage actively in the portal with own experiences. The Star award as the assessment tool was retained as optical detection feature. New, however, is the unique assignment of individual assessments to each comment. In addition, the average of all ratings will be shown.

“Also new: children’s books of section book tip” can be commented and rated with the new rating system now. The registration has been greatly slimmed down. Now, only four fields for successful registration are required. Therefore operators of leisure facilities and active users can login faster, their offers and tips without Detours to publish. Contact: Markus Gruber, Tel.: 040 / 2273 8081, e-mail:, recreational adventure GbR, tapered Court str. 8, 20251 Hamburg the idea for the site: recreational adventure GbR sees itself as virtual Leisure Guide for all commercial and non-commercial activities of the family. At the same time we families give a simple leisure planning instrument on hand. Stress ade. In addition, we want to stimulate by interactive ideas, children and parents, to engage with own comments, reviews, and even experience reports. Shareholder: Managing Director: Markus Gruber design / technology: OLE Lohmann & Vortmann of Sven


More than 1,200 employees are active in research & Development, project management, electronic design, test laboratories, as well as SMD – production sites worldwide. The 1973 founded meta system S.p.a. is one of the MetSystem group among others. It develops and produces electronic modules and systems in the field of consumer and automotive, in particular telematics units. Meta system is active in the ups sector since 1974 and has the modular and redundant UPS systems in the RF series first 1993 / MEGALINE on the market brought. The interruption-free operation guaranteed by the redundancy and the modular expandability have opened new horizons the use of UPS systems in critical applications.

Today, meta system is one of the pioneers and industry leaders in the market segment of modular and redundant UPS systems. Driving forces for the development of UPS solutions, of meta system are innovation, quality, simple and low-cost operation and environmental protection. The modular ups series MEGALINE, TRIMOD and ARCHIMOD that one by design, reliability, ease of installation, ease of handling, modularity, redundancy, scalability, flexibility, core products in the ups sector are characterized by high efficiency and low TCO. Meta system today is a global company, present around the world with subsidiaries and partners and more than 150 national and international patents. The distribution of all meta system products via authorized power partners in Germany. More information under.

Color Printing Systems

“” Ricoh Europe gets ‘Most Outstanding Colour Printer Line of the year’ – most outstanding colour printer line of the year award for the third time in five years has the independent laboratory buyers Laboratory Inc. (BLI) Ricoh with the award “awarded, there are four systems of the manufacturer previously during the autumn season 2009 for individual picks” in the context of the pick of the year “award had qualified. Ricoh receives the prestigious award, because the color printing systems optimally combine benefits, performance, and ease of use, so the reasoning of the BLI. “We are very pleased that we award colour printer line of the year’ have once again received”, as Jan Hellmold from the product management of Ricoh Germany. This is a recognition that we also offer a compelling and cost effective printer portfolio at Ricoh to the proven multi function systems.”the systems, the the Pick’-award have, are characterized by very high reliability. With over 220,000 There were no paper feed error and no maintenance of whatsoever cumulative printing”, said Carl Schell, co-editor of BLI. This is an incredible performance, whereby the high customer confidence in the fact that the devices of Ricoh handle everyday use in any environment, is once again supported.” Manufacturer must each pick “section of individuals. up to submit to larger workgroups/departments at least a system for laboratory tests, to qualify for the award BLI taken into account in the selection of the line of the year”numerous factors. “The four systems of winner in each category: outstanding large workgroup departmental color printer”: 50-ppm Aficio SP C821 series (BLI tested the DNX ‘model); Outstanding large workgroup colour printer”: 40 ppm Aficio SP C820 series (BLI tested the DNLC ‘model); Outstanding small workgroup colour multifunction printer”: 20 ppm Aficio SP C232SF; Outstanding business Inkjet printer”: 10.9 ppm colour / 12 ppm black Aficio GX e3350N.

POS Systems

Thus also in peak hours track keep even in hectic times keep track with a PosBill cash register system. The special strength of the PosBill POS systems is that they have been tailored to the needs of the hospitality industry. They are the product of over 15 years of experience in the development of POS software for restaurants. One of the main advantages of the PosBill POS systems is the clear user interface, which can be adapted to the individual needs of the employee such as taking on the mother tongue or a conversion to left-handed operation. The system is easy to learn and easy to use. So, also briefly employed temporary workers can learn the operation of the Fund already after a few minutes. With the PosBill POS system offers many useful and thoughtful features, thus it can be adapted to the individual needs of each individual catering operation. The PosBill POS systems are all requirements just because they were developed in close collaboration with gastronomes.

The POS systems of PosBill have a well-thought-out course management, which enables a menu management of up to eight aisles the restaurateurs. One of the special features that you will find only at PosBill, is the integrated article modular. This useful feature allows with side dishes, as well as the kinds of cooking on a page clearly to represent an arbitrary assortment of entrees. Thus staff without complicated selection of articles on the individual guest wishes can enter and quickly and easily capture this. In particular steakhouses, sushi restaurants, pizzerias and ice-cream parlours have a large additional benefit through this function. Following plug-ins are already included in the base version of PosBill: reservations, course management, article modular, customer management with customer deposit, customer cards with individual system of discounts, unlimited price lists for special occasions such as such as happy hour, a layout editor for Invoices and receipts as well as a graphical table plan for easy visual mapping table and table number.

Udo Finkbeiner you want endless product descriptions, rather than PosBill POS systems easy no obligation & free test through its paces? Click Download under just not quite then even decide whether what they have tested you also like. About PosBill :, more than 15 years of experience speaks for itself. The PosBill GmbH offers worldwide customer POS software and systems to be touched”- for gastronomy, hotel business, trade. Sounds complicated? How about this: A fund that is simple to set up and use, makes it easier for you to the daily work and lots of money, saves time and nerves! Sounds like music to your ears? What are you waiting for then try our PosBill products simply binding off: PosBill catering – the efficient point-of-sale and gastro management system PosBill trade – the cross-industry “POS system PosBill – mobile radio funds ResiGo – free hotel software you want a contact person, the you without marketing bla bla” answered all the questions? PosBill GmbH Brunnengasse 4 56355 Eagles b Tel. + 49 (0) 6776/959100 Udo Finkbeiner (Headquarters)

State Terror With System

State terror with system …und the Inquisition has system and method state terror with system Hans Kamusiime (January) acting in good faith like including system protection, less believers, as I understand see it as crimes against us humans in our humanness. To scan the depths and shadows, at least for me, it took you long enough, because I had not expected this in such a treacherous and despicable extent… The States keep Inquisition systems to maintain in their dreams-systems, also and especially our alleged before pointing democracies which democracies call them due to lack of better knowledge… The Inquisition has system and method: 1 people and citizens will forfeit their fundamental rights, if they interfere with the prevailing conditions of society and the common good and troublemakers, or even alleged enemies of the State. 2. Official site: Viktor Mayer-Schönberger. as enemies of the State, they lose all rights: to secure existence, integrity and even the right to life. All constitutional principles and rules apply except Suspended, any support in the opposite in this respect justice and authorities fail them, they work conspiracy with the Inquisition squads, which in turn have Narrenfreiheit…

The media circus, which otherwise makes mosquito elephant, is conspiracy involved, as far as it concerns aid and confidentiality… All actions of the Inquisition squads are strict secrecy, with crimes including… Enemy of the State, supposedly or actually, is unprotected at the mercy of them, ultimately he finds himself in the delusion or crime driven and therefore in a psychiatric facility or correctional facility, he succumbs to the fact people torture methods, the torture murders on rates, or he is eliminated insidious: provoked accidents and even murders are possible. 3. the question of human rights: what are these? The UN Charter guaranteed the rights of our people still in pretty good although it now needs a revision. The Europeans were, and these rights are too much Human rights and because we Europeans clearly know better everything, we dropped summarily the threat to the public interest and of public policy over the UN Charter and the Charter of the European human rights Convention was invented and to human rights charged…

Photovoltaic Systems

However, there are some things that takes into account must be one wants to turn the yield minus not in a thick a photovoltaic system for electricity generation on the roof is a super deal. It is environmentally friendly, produces no CO2, operates silently and the operator money thus. Unfortunately no Ackermannsche 25%, but referred to a twenty-year solid return of approximately 10% p. a. of the invest. Should one believe. So, PV systems partially on old be installed (ancient) roofs that don’t survive the next months and years.

Scenario: A PV system is installed on a roof that has quite a few decades on the hump. After some time, the roof is leaking. In some places, water enters. A normal roof repair cannot be performed. The plant, remove all or part which represents a significant cost factor. After the repair, the system is mounted again.

Very good, all tightly, the line is running. The next winter, the same game. Your roof is leaking. Now thick have the fax and call Her Roofer master, who should look at the disaster. This expires in a few, what drives you, the water in the eyes when you see the cost. Conclusion, the old roof must be down, so also the PV system. Said and done. Photovoltaic system break down, roof according to EnEV (energy one pair Regulation) the very latest 2009 refurbish, install PV system. These costs for dismantling and reconstruction of the plant alone can your yields to zero or even in the deep minus area. Therefore: consult before any construction project on the roof, flat roof, always by the roofer master of their confidence. These can give you information about the durability of the roof and the static load of the roof. Not infrequently, your Roofer master assumes also the assembling of the photovoltaic system. The roofer has experience, because it is his daily workspace. Why do you give your car in a car – repair shop, not a tailoring or butcher’s shop? Jump into the solar industry”many self-proclaimed Experts”around who look at the closer before a few days or weeks still laces, newspapers or vacuum cleaner sale have. Many here only to the sale. Professional consultations, nil. It has spread now among the laity, that nothing may be built on asbestos-containing roofing. And still builds the solar mafia”, despite all prohibitions and set, PV systems in the large handle on sheds and barns with asbestos cement plates. Where no plaintiff, there no judge. But there will be still a rude awakening with safety for contractors and clients. The demolition and renovation far exceeds the yield. Not counting financial penalties.