Palau Dels Arts

I am told that the professional level of the Valencian medicine is the best in the world, but health care still leaves much to be desired. This has been so, I point out, until the creation of the new Hospital of faith: Although the modern management model of Alzira Hospital already was a turning point, now, with new hospital facilities in Valencia, the community has a reference element that display above all the world. As the person who makes me these interesting thoughts, not enough to be good, but you have to seem so: it has tried to do in culture with the Palau dels Arts, but this has neither utility, nor sufficient for its colossal scale content. Faith would be something quite different, according to the scientific level of our doctors: there have, if not, surgical interventions of Dr. Pedro dug or the work of the Instituto Valenciano de Infertilidad, with Carlos Simon, for example. Same thing, oops, it happened in Barcelona makes 40 years with Antoni Puigvert neurologist or Joaquin Barraquer Ophthalmology Centre and that both contributed to the image of modernity of Catalonia.

That is, that there are grandiose but dispensable, and works up to ruinous, if the case, such as the aforementioned Palau dels Arts which has physically opposite the equivalent more modest and effective of the Palau de la Musica, and other necessary and perfectly useful, as the faith or the high-speed train, two examples of strict today. The phenomenon of the bird, as the unique faith hospital in Spain authorised to perform all types of transplants, is paradigmatic. And do not say it because it creates the report by PriceWaterhouse & Coopers, presented by Francisco Camps, that will create 32,500 jobs with a 3,800 million impact juntillas feet: these reports are made to suit the consumer PriceWaterhouse has in its history resounding failures, as its rating of Banesto of Mario Conde and not covered, as in this case, an economic overview adverse. However, the (((money invested, and very well spent, in faith and in the bird, offers three exemplary and rare features in our country: 1) creates value added in the economy, 2) provides this essential r & d for the development of the future and 3) going in the direction of that sustainable economy heralded by Rodriguez Zapatero, but then the President contradicts a day other also their aid to the automotive sector, subsidies to the mining industry and opposition to nuclear power that many analysts considered the least polluting of all. And I say this because, apart from encouraging trade between Valencia and Madrid, bringing tourists, increase productivity by the minor AVE travel time drastically reduced travel by car and prevent the annual emission of 842.000 tons of carbon dioxide into the air. They will recognize, therefore, that between spending on pharaonic works but more than debatable as the conglomerate of the Agora and the Palau and invest in other expensive but profitable, the election offers not the slightest doubt. Original author and source of the article.

Las Bets Sporting

The amanos in sports betting are more common than it seems. In tennis you are having numerous suspicions in many matches. For example happened with Davydenko a few years ago. I played against a player’s worst ranking than the and had won the first set. But suddenly moved a huge sum of money in favour of the opponent of Davydenko, becoming this favorite, and giving Russian soaring fees (and I repeat that it was already winning 1-0 in sets). Obviously, the match ended with the comeback of his Argentine rival, and alarms at Betfair jumped against the possible amano of Nikolay. Another example in tennis very recently, gave just a week. In a first round of Wimbledon match between Melzer and Odesnik, moved 300,000 euros of blow to the Austrian would win the match in three sets (fee which was paid above @4.00).

Betfair closed at that point all bets for that match. In the end, obvious. It won Melzer 3 – 0, and again arose suspicions of amano. At the conclusion of the match, both players are them He asked if they knew something about this issue, and the two denied amazed. As these cases, there are many others in tennis, though of lesser impact, which makes every day to question more this sport.

It is clear that we will never find an amano in matches of the TOP 5 players, however, are fairly abundant in lower ranking players. Do not think that they exist only in tennis, but also in minor football leagues, and even party as vital as the decrease in first Division, as it did with the Athletic and the Levant, when the first played it and the other does not. Be seen as van sports in Latin America than betting although they move less amount of money that in Europe, are increasingly popular. Original author and source of the article.

American Earth Rojas

Poet, teacher by vocation (1854-1917). Throughout its existence, he knew how to show an original personality, harshness in saying, worthy of someone who knows the nature human, as its medicinal 7SONETOS exemplify. There the pace and intensity vary up to complete a whole of singular beauty.Not missed who said that it lacked aesthetic sense, but not missed those who saw in it, to the unjustly forgotten. The work of Almafuerte contains the preaching of a haughty behavior with the powerful, but pious, and open to the humble. Idealist and dreamer. Strong and free.

He raised daring images, bold metaphors, where not escatimaba fantasy, shapes that move away from the paths of romantic poetry, and whereas, therefore, can it be located among the precursors of the modernist movement. All of his work reflects the concerns of a spirit, accented tone sometimes philosophical which – in his time – have given rise to some contradictory judgments. The prose also knew of his pen, standing out Speeches and Evangelical, the latter the most representative of its kind. This sonnet, of my authorship, remembers it well: ALMAFUERTE art more reality. Verb with force. A titan of irreverent pen that knew how to flagellate, for being hurtful, and fought for life not scattered his loquacious projection was immersed in allusions free of mind, supporting the word, the voice that converses with consistent ink. He was always teaching and Council, also was freedom and even Sun to warm with faith, to the helpless.

Illusions wove with poverty. He battled from the plain and simplicity, thus clearing the path to oblivion. Today there are several generations who gather to applaud and remember that crying first that, with age, being turned into expressions of lyricism or cries of rebellion.An example of his pen is this fragment of the poem to freedom: as the same Fund of heaven the eternal Sun glittering rises, as turgent breast of a Virgin to the fire of life swells. I as well radiosa and so graceful, is it rose from the sea where lay the exuberant American Earth Rojas said:-stood by his natural talent to other areas, those of literary celebrity, what shines in Almafuerte, as with other poets of his time, is that natural talent that drew Rojas. In the absence of a rigorous aesthetic education, improvisation and the self-teaching, offset by an overwhelming, sometimes stormy inspiration, places him among the greats of the liberatura. In the anthology of the poetry Hispanoamericana (year 1934), already the Colace to Pedro B.Palacios between the definitive precursors of modernism, reconociento remaining in the manifestations of the old school, that involving didactic themes or morals that characterized the lyric of the second half of the 19th century.His work was recognized by the years, award this difficult to accomplish and much less retain. He learned the hard fighting from keep since, to not possess enabling title to exercise the Magisterium, the charges left without effect teachers, who have ever served. Faithful friends managed a pension that failed to perceive. Death found him, so, in 1917. Original author and source of the article.