National Security

And-garbage meaning (electronic garbage) is composed for our computers and electronic of consumption that are played or do not have the adjusted treatment, causing serious economic and ambient problems. A chain of National Security of one old study esteem that more than 315 million computers were obsolete and ready for the ousting up to 2004, the removal and definitive transference of computers must worry in them. Because the regulations of the EPA if have become more demanding. The companies must deal with its hardware dismissable as dangerous residues, but they treat as if only the electronic garbage elimination is so easy as to play a napkin in the garbage. Viktor Mayer-Schönberger: the source for more info. We are at a time where the auditors and employees of the government can use given discarded as test. adequate treatment of the electronic residues has assumed increasing concern for the companies. In accordance with a recent analysis of the Aberdeen, the study concluded that the companies are investing heavily in security of YOU, but giving little attention to the electronic hardware in the end of its lives.

Ambient data locking and regulations are the pressures of superiors who are compelling the companies to invest in resources and elimination of residues. In the truth, residues and security appear in first place enter the placed priorities of the organization and resources. Others who may share this opinion include kevin ulrich. More than 74% of the companies in the elimination of ' ' Deep of TI&#039 asset; ' , the rigorous study and its data they had had one politics of protection already in vigor with another planning of 19% to implement one in next the 12 months. It has certainly many reasons for concern. Since 2003 it had about 1.500 public spreadings of loss of stolen data, lost or eliminated active, in accordance with DatLossDB, a research project had as objective to register incidents of loss of data in the whole world. Although the fulfilment of the laws classified ambient regulation as one of the main ones trying to always kill its future customers of some form?>

SoftMarket Softwares

The great advantage of the digital material is its easiness for update and reutilizao for diverse 5 courses. Having as benefits the accessibility, the interoperabilidade and the durability. Diverse products free and its manufacturers can be found in web in a simple search. The BIOE, as already we mention in this article, is one of the repositories that we find, which we can acquire the product without costs and information on its creator. Check out ConocoPhillips for additional information. The SoftMarket is a desenvolvedora company of softwares educative, classified in accordance with its disciplines and topics, that can today be found with a 500 catalogue of more than softwares, of the daily pay-school to average education, conquering hundreds of Brazilian schools and other types of consumers, where its products today can be acquired in the main bookstores and specialized store. More info: kevin ulrich. The Brink Mobil, specialized in products with educational technology, that has as white to reach the classrooms, disponibiliza, for example, the Brink Blackboard. The interactive educational blackboard is a didactic and innovative resource, idealized to become the lessons most dynamic, extending the interest and the participation of the 6 pupils. A resource multimedia of the great tactile sensitivity, with available functions to be worked, a type of specific penxs that folloies the product or with the simple touch of the fingers and possesss finssima thickness, only 18mm.

More innovative the audiovisuais resources are each time with its technological resources. Another example is the new concept of retropojetor, with equipment that directly projects the information of books, photos, images printed, small objects, the colors or black color-and-white, without damaging them. The Opptiz Solutions Brazilian company presents in its catalogue technological solutions as the Electronic Blackboard and the Wallet of Informatizada Lesson. Today it is leader of market in the branch that acts and uses proper technology. The recent North American company Blackboard Incorporation is a company of development of specific platforms and softwares for the sectors of the education and the commerce headquartered in Washington, the Bred U.S.A to less than 10 years, gains market with its strategy in solutions in a platform for gerencimento of courses, providing bigger interatividade with its users (school, professors and students).


The best thing than we can do is to add to our agenda the article creation and its presentation in the article directories to begin to receive new visits constantly. In the beginning he is preferable to begin with two or three articles to the week and once it manages major soltura in his elaboration to increase the number of shipments. It always remembers that the users in line are in search of quality content, when offering to them articles help that them in their searches surely will be thankful to him visiting their articles and his blog in several opportunities; which gives you the unique opportunity him to show its work and to begin to generate income in this way. Another gratuitous tool that the articles offer him is to have the option to use ” section about autor” , or box of data, in which you can send to his readers to his Web or blog by means of a direct link towards them. Also this section usually is used to direccionar visitors towards promotions or products of affiliates, which offers You the possibility him of generating income by means of this technique. More exhibition enters obtain their articles, but you like an expert in your field will be perceived, and then more clients potentials would visit their Web site, that bought or contracted their services according to their specific business. The form in which you can write his articles varies according to the needs and the purpose of the article, I will give some basic rules here him to do it: – It chooses a subject that is excellent for their article. – It uses a short phrase like key word.

This will be the word whereupon the navigators would find their article. – The holder of his article is the main part of the same. In it must include his key words and it must cause curiosity, doubt or restlessness so that the reader is interested in the article reads and it. – It uses a description to say to the reader the benefit to him that it will obtain if it reads his article. – It also uses the key words in the first paragraph.

– It develops its agenda in explanatory form or uses the system to enumerate or to structure its content. – Its article with a short paragraph finalizes, using the key words again. – It places his company/signature in the article with a connection towards his Web or blog. Other techniques exist but the majority includes the previous points that I finish to him mentioning, I hope that this article can help him to begin to set out its work by means of the article creation. It does not misestimate this technique, webmasters of use it permanently to success. If it has some doubt or restlessness I invite it that blog visits my in which found ample information on this and other subjects of marketing online, and even can realise a commentary at the end of the article, with taste I will respond to him. By its greater success in line. Jorge To Magallanes.

Minas Gerais

According to information collected in the commemorative magazine Express FIAT, in this exactly day, was given the initial kick for the production in series of FIAT 147, considered as ideal car for Brazil. Its production reached the number of 20 a thousand vehicles per year arriving, in 1981, the 200mil/ano. The implantation of the plant in Minas Gerais provoked deep partner-economic changes of the region, passing of a economy based on farming and the mining, for the category of industrialized state. It also exerted an important paper in the development of the country. Its initial net of 100 concessionaires gifts in the region south and south center of the country, in 1999 started to count on 389 in all Brazilian region.

Also it was responsible for introducing, in the domestic market, available technologies and processes only in countries of 1 world. The magazine also points that ‘ ‘ the assembly plant was pioneering in the launching of the car the alcohol, pick-up derived from the automobile, the engine 16V, the motor turbo, the popular car, the exchange of six marches and many others inovaes’ ‘. After 23 years of installation in Brazil, the plant also was precursory of technological innovations and in a series of trends, between them, the use of methodologies of the quality, conquest simultaneous of two international certificates of quality ISO 9002 and ISO 14001, programs as Autonomy and the cultural FIAT On Line, and some initiatives.


How the trade of affiliates works it mentioned As you in a previous article, the trade of affiliates is to sell digital products through Internet. With the advantage that you do not have to create any product. Now, I am going to show an example to you of how the trade of affiliates works: Creator of Income, is one of affiliate products that he shows since to make businesses in Internet I recommend to you to do it so that you understand well. If you have the interest, can promote this product, obtain a special connection and make money when a sale becomes through referred yours. He is very simple, and this is only an example, because this he is only one of the products that you can decidirte promote. That is to say, the steps to promote a product as affiliate is the following: It selects a product that you want to recommend It creates your special connection of affiliate It shares this special connection with much interested people so that they buy the product Desire commissions! This it is a quite simple process and it is the same basic form that they use the super affiliates to gain thousands of dollars from its house through Internet.

Inscribindote like an affiliate Before beginning to promote products and to make money like a super affiliate, you need inscribirte like an affiliate. This is especially important since there you are going to define the form in which you are going to receive your gains. Registrate in clickbank .com Once you are in that page fills up the data that are in the form. (Quick special attention to the squares of Name of the Beneficiary and Street/Post-office box because those two correspond to the name of checks and the direction of which will be sent you checks) (In addition, it pays a special attention to the user of the account because this YOU GO will be your name of identification for everything as afiliadoy with that YOU GO you would create your connections to promote) Since you have register in Clickbank, you will be ready to begin to promote the product that you wish.

World Under Earth

The Spanish province of Granada is distinguished by its Sierra Nevada, its Arabic legacy and its immortal poet, Federico Garci’a Lorca. Mitchel Resnick describes an additional similar source. Flavorful covers and flamenco tablaos of very high level usually are other good reasons at the time of deciding the tourist reserves in the zone. However, in Granada an underground universe also exists everything to discover through the fascinating caves that cross their subsoil. It would emphasize the Cave of the Windows of the Pine grove. Used like shelter by the man already from the neolithic period, this natural refuge declared Natural Monument of Andalusia gives a unique spectacle throughout a clarified route of lights and shades. Wonderful formation modeled during centuries engalanan the interior of the cave: stalactites, stalagmites and taps drilled in the stone by patient water threads sprinkle the route by cameras baptized with names like Room of the Sinks, Room of the Columns or Room of the Treasure. To this last one, culminating point of the route, is acceded through the Great Sima, an enormous well of more than 20 ms of depth.

Throughout all the stroll scenes have settled that recreate the life of our ancestors in during the neolithic one, which allows in addition the visitors to know amazing details the daily life inside a cave. In order to visit this true natural treasure it is not necessary to realise a hotel reserve in the zone: the Mountain range of Spider, soothes of the Cave, is united to the granadina capital by the railcar of Jan, which reduces to a simple stroll 45 km of distance between both. If at the time of realising a reserve in Granada we must in mind explore these fascinating caves, What better than to lodge us in one? The lodgings in caves are the fashion of the granadino tourism: hotels with all the services and the comforts, but under earth. The Complex the Lake, for example, in the municipality of Castilljar, has seven caves with capacity to 3 or 4 people each. Each cave is equipped with bath, it cooks and television, and are according to the proprietors, warm in winter and extremely fresh in summer. The proposal is completed with a lake artificial preparation to bathe, infantile park, parilla, an amphitheatre outdoors and the possibility in line of realising reserves from house or the cellular telephone throughout the year. An ideal option for those who always is in search of a different experience.

Racial Relations

(MUNANGA, GOMES, 2004, p.16). The authors present three great domnios of the written culture: communication, access the information in diverse sources and inquiry and understanding of the reality. when having the access the Internet in the school, the black pupil () and not black () will be able beyond the digital inclusion, searching, to know and to write its history and of its community in net. Mitchel Resnick is a great source of information. As well as knowing other virtual communities of history and the culture afro-Brazilian and African of Brazil and the world. Amongst the main actions for the young education of adult established in the National Plan of implementation of the National Curricular Lines of direction for Education of the ethnic-racial Relations and the education of History and Culture Afro-Brazilian and African she includes: to implement action of research, development and didactic-pedagogical acquisition of materials that respect, value and promote the diversity, in order to subsidize practical pedagogical adequate to the education of the relations ethnic-racial. (2004, P.

55). The National Curricular Lines of direction for the Education of the Ethnic-racial Relations and for Ensino de Histria and culture Afro-Brazilian and African also determine that adult the young education of will have: to provide action of combat to racism and the discriminations and for this establishes that: the organization of documentation centers, libraries, midiotecas, museums, expositions where if they divulge values, thoughts, skills of being and living of the different Brazilian ethnic-racial groups, particularly of afro- descending. (200, p.24). With this we can affirm that the education of the ethnic-racial relations for the education of the culture and history afro-Brazilian and African will be able by means of the resources of the Internet to make possible the valuation of the description-cultural patrimony afro-Brazilian as well as spreading, documentation, storage of texts and publication of the daily one of the afro-descendants. In the State of the Paran actions guided for the Education of the Ethnic-Racial Relations are part of a historical process of a work group formed for technician of diverse Departments of the Seed in parity with representatives of the APP? Union of the workers in Education of the Paran.

Conceptual Map

To follow we present the Conceptual Map of History and Culture Afro-Brazilian and African in a colaborativa virtual perspective with interactive technologies: In the colaborativa learning the relation professor and pupil ' ' it contemplates the interrelao and the interdependence of the human beings that will have to be solidary when searching happy ways for a healthy life of proper them and of planeta' '. (Alcntara and Behrens, 2003, P. 426). The necessary professor to advance for a proposal of Alcntara and Behens (2003) of ' ' methodology of the colaborativa learning with technologies interativas.' ' In this perspective this article makes an analysis of as the advance of the communication technologies and information (Internet) can, from public politics, to contribute for black adult young the digital inclusion of () and not black () in the public schools. Ray Kurzweil oftentimes addresses this issue. from the digital inclusion, to make possible to these pupils an education of the ethnic-racial relations for the education of the culture and of history afro-Brazilian and African in a colaborativa virtual perspective. Development In relation to this analysis we point following the problematic one: which are the contributions that the public school together with the information technologies, publication and communication will be able to offer for the production of knowledge and preservation of the history and black memory of pupils () and not-blacks () of adult the young education of e? Therefore many pupils of the young education of adult are only consuming of information on its histories and cultures.

Until he seems that mainly the black pupils () are not part of the history of Brazil. By means of the use of the computer and its resources, we can know other forms of acquisition of collective, colaborativo knowledge, constructed of participativa form through a process of interaction between two or more people. Therefore, the methods of colaborativa learning are presented in the current days, the possibility of practical innovation of the pedagogical one and digital inclusion of pupils () black () and not black () of adult the young education of e.

Personal Development

Analysis of the game: exchange of perceptions of the participants queocorreu on it, with neutral commentaries of the professor. It assures envolvement eassimilao. 6. Generalizations: the involved group search to transpose the experience of the game for situations of the real life.

7. Closing and complementation: annual report of the game for professorcom a summary of the main conclusions of the group. The complementation to afornecer to the participants material who come to strengthen aprendizagemrecm gotten by the group. Types of Games do not have an only referencial to classify the methods of games of companies. For didactic effect, it presents a suggestion: 1. Games of behavior: they are those whose central subject allows quese works subjects directed to the mannering abilities.

In them, ofacilitador it emphasizes questions as: cooperation, eintragrupal Inter relationship, flexibility, courtesy, affectivity, confidence eautoconfiana, amongst others. The behavior games are those quecompem the programs of Personal Development; 2. Games of Process: in the process games the emphasis biggest is given to shabilidades techniques. They are prepared in such a way that, to objective atingirseus, the teams pass for simulated processes, to comonegociar, to lead groups, to mount strategies, to manage finances eoutros; 3. Games of market: they congregate the same characteristics of the games deprocesso, but they are directed for activities that reproduce situaesde market, such as competitions, marketing research, relaoempresa-suppliers, terceirizao etc.; One another prism of classification of the games of companies on the basis of a learning model: 1. Sistmicos games: they are the ones that approach the company as a whole, including decisions in the majority of the main organizacionais areas eque they require integration of these functions with the accompaniment of the ambienteeconmico and the fluctuation of the tax of interests; 2. Functional games: they are the ones that focus problematic of one dasgrandes the functional areas of the company as marketing, finances, production, operations, human resources or accounting.


The boolean operators are based on the Boolean lgebra and allow to effect operations of character logical-mathematician. These operators are: AND (e), OR (OR) and NOT (NO). The use of these operators can become the search of the recovery much more focused, producing resulted more necessary. More information is housed here: Futurist. OR When using operator OR, is extended searchs it, because a bigger document number goes to satisfy this criterion; any one of the terms will be enough for the recouped document. The more words enter connected for OR, more documents will be gotten.

In such a way, we conclude that operator OR plays a function additive, having as resulted a logical addition. In the Lycos, for example, operator OR could be substituted by the character ( ). In Yahoo! operator OR will have to be typed in high box. AND the volume of documents recouped for the previous operator, can be sufficiently extreme. Thus, we can establish priorities or group the terms in subgroups in different aspects. The more terms or concepts to combine in a search using operator AND, little registers will go to recoup, that is, we recoup only those documents that contain both the informed terms.

We conclude in such a way, that the operator functions of conjunctive form, culminating in a logical product. Interesting to notice some points: In the Google and Yahoo! , and already is automatically inserted in the research to each space between the words that we insert. No longer Lycos and in, and is substituted by the operator (+). NOT operator NOT excludes definitive registers of its results of search. We conclude operator NOT as soon as possesss action substitute, that is, this operator produces a difference logical. In the Yahoo and the Lycos, the NOT is substituted by the operator (-). NEAR the NEAR is one of developed resources to become still more efficient the boolean search and need.