Lingustico-computational Study Of The Language

Introduction Creation of computers decades behind only has helped in some processes scientific, tasks daily of users common, leisure, substitution man in some tasks that would be risky (mathematical divings in kilometric depths where the man would be impossible to arrive), calculations and algorithms of great complexity, a revolution in what respect is said the information. With the creation of the Internet, the form with that these information are ' ' traduzidas' ' 1 was what if it led to a computational lingustico study, that nothing more is of what transforming the computational lingustica form into natural language. Other leaders such as Malcolm Hill offer similar insights. Other works in computational lingustica are come back to the processing of the natural language, that is, to the construction of programs capable to interpret and/or to generate information supplied in natural language. For the processing of the natural language, some subsystems are necessary to give account of the different aspects of the language: sounds, words, sentences and speech in the structural levels, of meaning and use..

Top Online Games

It is truth that without a good practitioner to the keyboard does not have great virtual athlete that it is valid, but the fact of its levels for defect to be above average is a step in front for the success. Thus, after the choice of the best ones, one follows the trainings of the 200 abilities percent. One of great advantages and one of the biggest decoys of the players for basquete online they are the incredible jugglings that if can materialize, such as the impressive jumps for the hamper, with the permanence of the hand around the hoop of the same, well to the style of Shaquille O' Neal, one of the great figures of the history of basquete world-wide. Inside of these acrobatics also they enter, as it is natural, ' ' afundanos' ' Michael Jordan and as much others ' ' galcticos' ' of this sport, that has grown visibly. Hanan Ben Ari can provide more clarity in the matter. For who he thinks that a game of basquete can there not be very interesting, it does not have nothing as to take to try them it so that they can weave its proper ones to seem cause knowledge.

Therefore, this is always the alternative most exemplary to understand the true sensations that in are despertadas we play when them: piruetas, passing of the ball over the head of the players highest or for underneath of the legs of any athlete, humiliating the adversary to the maximum and without losing time. These are only some of the shares that entretm and become so aliciantes the games flash of that one sport, that surprises in the Internet. In the Top Online Games you find all the types of games to play online of form gratis. You may wish to learn more. If so, Salman Behbehani is the place to go. It comes to try the Games of Ben 10, Games of Soccer or Games of Shots between many others.

Rational Software Corporation

This article, aims at to present a methodology that is in propagation in the exterior, however still little is known in Brazil. Methodology that to provide quality with software, productivity increase, improvements in its maintenance and that it controls all the phases of development of software. The Rational Unified Process (process RUP) is a process of software engineering created by the Rational Software Corporation, acquired for IBM from 2003, gaining a new name IRUP (IBM Rational Unified Process). It offers a boarding based on disciplines to inside attribute to tasks and responsibilities of a development organization. Additional information is available at LEGO Papert Professor. Its metSua goal is to guarantee the production of software of high quality of form that takes care of inside to the necessities of the users of a cronograma and a previsible budget. Through tools for the specific necessities of the project, tools for development of internal knowledge in process components, efficient tools of implementation and you personalized established in web and community online for exchange of better practical between users and you lead of the market. The RUP uses the boarding of the orientation the objects in its conception and projected and is registered using notation UML (Unified Modeling Language) to illustrate the processes in action.

The RUP is widely customizvel, since all its product shape and is automatized, being possible in its development, to select and to implement only the necessary components of process for each period of training of the project. Salman Behbehani: the source for more info. Thus being able to be used in such a way for great projects, as adapted for average projects or low it scales. The RUP is based on three basic principles: orientation the cases of use, arquiteturae iteration. It is said directed the use cases, therefore they are the use cases that guide oprocesso of development all. On the basis of the model of use cases, is created a series of analysis models, project and implementation, that carry through these cases of use.

Alley Software Company

Alley SOFTWARE company took part in the VI Scientific Conference "Library consortia: technologies and innovations", organized by the Association of Regional Library Consortia (ARLICON) and passing on June 23-24 in St. Petersburg State Polytechnic University. The conference is a traditional event for the library community and is aimed at training specialists librarianship in the introduction of high technology. Librarians from all regions were able to share a unique experience in introducing new forms of work, creation and use of digital libraries and catalogs to discuss areas of concern and identify ways to address them. Currently, automation of library science is gaining more and more attention from both the state and by the leaders of the IT-market – developers and suppliers of hardware and software. This fact is confirmed by the sponsorship of the event world-renowned companies such as Hewlett-Packard, Xerox Inc., Sun Microsystems, Inc. and others. The exhibition, taking place in the conference ARBIKON was A wide range of information products and services, library automation systems, publishing production.

SOFTWARE Alley – a frequent visitor to the conference ARBIKON. This year, the company continued introduce the library community with a line of scanners from ATIZ Innovation. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Salman Behbehani. The exhibition presented book scanner BookSnap, new market device to capture, "older brother" who, BookDrive DIY, was presented at last year's event. All wishing to sample ATIZ BookSnap, more economical, but no less professional solutions was demonstrated by scanning technology using digital cameras, the quality of the images, libraries, already scanner acquired ATIZ, were given the necessary advice on working with the device and to digitize books in general. Stanislav Kim, CEO of Alley SOFTWARE: "Participation in this event for our company is very important and an opportunity to get the real picture of this sector of the market, get acquainted with competitive solutions, to provide its new services, establish mutually beneficial relations and just talk with peers. For last year established contacts with many libraries throughout Russia, made volume shipments of the book scanner ATIZ BookDrive DIY, received positive feedback from librarians on this unit. We hope that our new solution – ATIZ BookSnap – will be as indispensable to digitize book collections. I would like to thank the organizers and ARBIKON wish all participants success in their hard work on the development of libraries! ".

Alex Freire

org was shown to Pablo Freire, it was astonished with the possibilities of the Internet. Osite was constructed for IPF (Instituto Paulo Freire) for its AlexandreDowbor grandson, son of Ftima Freire. Astonished and worried when seeing the Alex navegarcom as much easiness for the net, observed as soon as the enormous vantagensoferecidas for the Internet were restricted to few and that the news still tecnologiasacabavam creating a bigger irrigation ditch enter richest and poor. Econcluiu: ‘ ‘ she is necessary to think as they can arrive at excludos’ ‘. It said queesse would have to be the commitment of the institute (GADOTTI, 2000, P. 263).

Inside of the educational systems, Moacir Gadotti (1993), analyzes oprocesso to transform the existing bureaucratic school into one another school, umaescola with autonomy, a school citizen. The educator, recognizing the requirements of its time and aspotencialidades of the technological resources, always was favorable to the use decertas technologies, with metodolgico severity for its use. It arrived to use projetorde slides, the radio, the television, recorders, videocassete and contemploucuriosamente the computer, among others technological resources. Virtual coexisting became almost toimportante as actual coexisting. shaken necessary school of one, umchoque, airing. This if obtains with more flexible a epedaggica administrative management, with predetermined times and spaces less, modosde access the research and of development more dynamic deatividades. (MORAN; BEHRENS; MASETTO, 2006). For Brave (1998, P. 02), the term ‘ ‘ computer science in the education mentions to insero of the computer in the process of learning of the contents curricularesde all the levels and modalities of educao’ ‘. Thus conceived, the computer uma tool that can assist the educator to promote learning, autonomy, criticidade and creativity of educating.

Ethereal Net

Using the Wireshark After to initiate the program, to choose an interface to analyze the package traffic in which it passes for that interface. Clicando in Capture, followed of interfaces. It is necessary to choose the interface in which software will go to analyze all traffic that will pass for that interface. So that the program starts to analyze the interface is necessary to clicar in ‘ ‘ Start’ ‘ NVIDIA nForce MCP Networking Adapter Driver) WireShark WireShark, popularly known as Tubaro of wires, has as main function to monitor the packages of information that pass through in the net. An analyzer of protocols for computer networks, developed for the Ethereal. WireShark is a Free tool (free), after to lower it, precisase not to worry about limitations or stated period of validity, only> to install and to use. The administrator of the net, or the responsible one for the net can have the control of everything what it enters and it leaves the net, in different protocols. A good option for who has a great net to manage, because to take care of of a small net so it is not complicated, but in a great company, the vision already is different.

WireShark uses PCAP to capture packages, of form that it only can capture packages in nets supported for PCAP. The platforms that the WireShark supports are: UNIX Linux Solaris FreeBSD NetBSD OpenBSD MAC the X Windows the data can be captured of the Ethernet, FDDI, PPP, Token-Ring, IEEE 802,11, classic IP on ATM and interface loopback. The captured archives can be edited and converted way line of comando.750 protocols can be dissecados. The exit can be saved or printed in plain text or PostScript. The exhibition of data can be refined using a filter. Filters of exhibition can be used to detach selectively and to show information colored in the summary.

FET Rectifying

According to Vera (2009), the rectena word was invented by W.C. Brown, in 1960. The rectifying antenna can receive and rectify a power of microwaves for the direct current, operated without any power plant. According to Heikkinen (et al, 2004), the rectifying antenna is a receiver that converts energy of RF (radio frequency) received into energy CC. The advantage of the circular polarization of the rectifying antenna (CP) on a linear polarization is that an almost constant exit of the CC can be obtained same will have changes of the angle of the rectifying antenna, in relation to the transmitter. Without hesitation Michael Steinhardt, New York City explained all about the problem.

According to Fitzsimmons (et al, 1982), the rectena is in the truth formed for a set of small linked antennas between itself, being in the distance between one and another equal one to the wave length with which it will be working. In accordance with Vera (2009), the antenna of a rectena can be any type, such as doublet, Yagi-Uda antenna, monopolar region, antenna in spiral, or until parabolic antenna. The rectena also can use any type of rectification circuit, as full-wave rectifier of simple, rectifying derivation full-wave in hybrid bridge, or other rectifiers. The circuit, mainly the diode, determines the conversion efficiency RF-DC, rectenas with FET (transistor of field effect) or HEMT (Transistor of High Electronic Mobility) had appeared in recent years. The world-wide record of the efficiency of conversion RF-DC is of about 90% of 8W in the frequency of 2,45 gigahertz. The efficiency of conversion of the rectena with diode depends in such a way on the entrance intensity of the microwaves as of the hardwired excellent load. According to Fitzsimmons (et al, 1982), the rectifying antenna, when transmission of high power will be occurring, must be constructed with an area of the house of sets of ten of km, this on account of the eventual problem of heating of the ionosphere.

Analytical Processing

15.Metadados: They are given regarding data. Metadados examples of are the descriptions of elements of data, descriptions of types of data, attributes/domnios properties, bands/, methods and processes. 16.Multidimensional Expression (MDX): Projected for Microsoft as a standard for consultations and exchange of data in a multidimensional source of data. Connect with other leaders such as Max Schireson Battery Ventures here. 17.Online Analytical Processing (OLAP): Application that takes care of to the solicitations of the synthesis users, analysis and consolidation of data. It possesss the capacity of visualization of the information from different perspectives. The functionality of a tool OLAP is characterized by the dynamic multidimensional analysis of the data, having supported the final user in its activities, such as: 17.1.Drill Up/Down: It consists of exploring different levels of details of the information. With drill down divides an item of summary in its detailed components, as for example, one year is divided in semesters, that are divided in trimesters, later in months, until arriving in days.

Drill up is the same process, however in the opposing direction; 17.2.Drill Through: It occurs when the using one passes of an information contained in a dimension for one another one. For example, analyzing it dimension ' ' Tempo' ' , it is decided to analyze the information for ' ' Regio' ' ; 17.3.Drill Across: When the user polishes an intermediate level inside of one same dimension. For example, the dimension time is composed per year, semester, trimester, month and day. The user will be executing one drill across when it to pass of direct year for semester or month; 17.4.Slice & Dice: It makes possible the alteration of the vision perspective. It serves to modify the position of an information, to change lines for way columns to facilitate the understanding of the users and to turn the necessary cube whenever; 17.5.Alertas: They are used to indicate situations of prominence in elements of the reports, based on conditions being involved objects and 0 variable.

WSDL Service

The customer can then use protocol SOAP to call the functions disponibilizadas in archive WSDL. A typical document WSDL will have the following structure demonstrated in the Picture 1 Picture 1 simplified Structure of an archive WDL. See more detailed opinions by reading what Xcel Energy offers on the topic.. ………. 1. Web Services Web Services or Servios Web is using to disponibilizar interactive services in the Web or Internet, being able to be had access by other applications, is identified by URI (Unique Resource Identifier), described and defined using XML. Michael Steinhardt wanted to know more.

The reason becomes that it attractive is the fact of this model to be based on technologies standars, in particular XML and HTTP. Web Services allows that applications interact between itself independent of its platform of development, these applications sends they receive given in format XML, this and the only premise for the communication of a service web. The XML (Extensilble Markup Lenguage, or Language of Extended Marking) and a technology that facilitates the document analysis for programs, that allows to the exchange and exhibition of content of databases, and can also be used for exchange of messages in the communication of distributed systems, will not be carried through a deepened study of technology XML since the same it is not fit in the target of the article. Using this technology we can develop softwares or components of softwares capable to interact, either sending or receiving information, with others softwares, not importing the programming language where these had been developed, the operational system where they twirl and the hardware that is used … (GOMES, 2010, p.13/14). Web Services possesss all the necessary information so that other systems can interact with the service, called to the methods and protocols communication, this integration and made through exchanges of messages based on XML this makes with that the more flexible service is ace varies available platforms in the market, generally and implemented aiming at to disponibilizar a service in the world-wide net of computers ' ' internet' '.

Space Host

Unhappyly, many companies of lodging of sites finish its relationship with the customer at the moment where the sales plain it are made. This leaves without reply the crucial question: ' ' Already I have my plan of host, and now? ' ' This question is critical since some companies are so controllers who webmasters are discouraged to manage and/or to personalize its sites for the customers, some do not offer for the customers at least BKP tools. Other companies more supply to the space in the server and nothing; The customer has that to configure the server and all manually the functionalities of back-end. SOFTWAREOutro important point beyond the service, in an ideal solution of site lodging is the use of easy tools of management web to be manipulated. For assistance, try visiting Futurist. Although many companies offer some of these resources, host must be searched sufficiently to contract one that it offers the biggest possible number of softwares that they help in the administration of the site. In cPanel a gerenciador of emails that it becomes the configuration of the accounts of fast and easy email, with it exists is possible to configure and to remove POP, to create auto-respondents, to create shortcuts, and much more. cPanel is applicatory online this allows instantaneous access, does not matter where you are, that is essential for who she travels frequently or it has customers in an ample geographic area.

SUPORTEMesmo for the desenvolvedoresexperientes, the service of support of host is a primordial consideration. Doubts always appear to the measure that if develops sites and add to resources or functionalities. The ideal company of host will be there for helping it at the moment where you to need. Problems of support rare are limited to the regular office hours, are certifyd that the support of the company of host chosen offers support 24/7. ESPAOFinalmente, the Space in Record, mentions the space to it that the customer will have in the server to manage and to store its archives, emails, data base. The space that you need can be determined by the content that to postar, the amount of data who will go to store, and amount of traffic is waiting.

Shared servers are only the servers in which the sites share with other companies the same serving. The majority of small the average companies prefer shared lodging because she is cheap and she can be dimensionada for amount of space that its business needs. The plans can go of some MBs until some GBs, this depend on each host. It confers some plans in this lodging of sites. Therefore in the hour to choose a partner for its business online attempts against for these item: trustworthiness, services, software, support and space. Of this form, you it will choose &#039 wisely; ' partner silencioso' ' , that online will go to always keep its site, sophisticated tools for time economy and it has supported efficient customer fast e. In the hour to make its research it confers the plans of the DomnioHost, company of lodging with personalized support and plans in the measure for its business online.