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I often wonder what is NLP or NLP. It is a concept that is complex to carry common terms, so I believe that the best way to define the NLP is to make it through examples. That is what I'll do it in this article. Finally, I'll tell you what to do to begin today to see how to use NLP in your life. Example is the best way to define something: It's like learning what makes a program like Windows, where, when we double click the left mouse button on any icon (Window) opens, for example, Word, which, experience we know that is a program used to write (basically). Just as would not think you double-click to open Excel, the Internet Explorer icon, we can not expect to be given reaction in ourselves (or others) if we do not "double click" on the "icon" right of our mind.

a concrete example: Ines, throughout his life, from small, every time you feel anxious, sad, lonely or bored, eat something sweet. At first it was just an action. However, with repetition, self-programmed so that, for the stimulus (something that makes her sad) come the effect (income of something sweet in your body). Ines's brain, like the Windows program "feels" sadness and double click to run it that Agnes, unconsciously, scheduled: eating candy. However, if Ines perform a new programming to replace the old, negative habit could turn into a positive one that will serve to eat only what he wants. .

Pedagogical Politician School

In another question destined to the professors, we ask of that they form participate of the construction of the Project Pedagogical Politician. One of them answered: ' ' Of form some, therefore until the moment I am unaware of I project Pedaggico&#039 Politician; '. (Teacher of 3 series) Being that another professor affirmed to participate with suggestions and opinions, therefore according to it, to be the Project Pedagogical Politician in the paper he would not only have usefulness none for the school. He perceives yourself, one more time, a contradiction in the answers. It was also questioned to the professors, as the participation of the pertaining to school community in this process of elaboration of the Project occurs Pedagogical Politician and who they consider as pertaining to school community. Below some of the answers: ' ' All very possess an important paper in the execution of this task, direction, professors, servers, pupils and pais' '. (Teacher of 4 series) ' ' I do not have the lesser idea, or better, I would be the employees of the school, acho' '.

(Teacher of 3 series) the conception of the professors identified through the interviews on the participation of the pertaining to school community in the construction of the Project Pedagogical Politician revealed sufficiently contradictory, therefore if it became difficult to identify if really it happens such participation. What he observes yourself is an interaction lack enters the diverse segments of the school, that is, it is necessary to oportunizar with more frequency moments for quarrels, reflections and information concerning what really either a collective construction. How much to the managers, it was questioned as if of a elaboration of the Project Pedagogical Politician in the Pertaining to school Unit Montezuma and, according to them, all the activities of the school are planned collectively. They had emphasized that even so the Project Pedagogical Politician of the school still is in construction process, exists one ' ' version preliminar' ' of the project, that involved the participation of the internal pertaining to school community, over all of the professors and with some points harvested in the meetings of parents.

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Now I understand the importance of handling double optin (double confirmation) in our email marketing campaigns as the author says we have to be very careful who send mail. must the marketer stop selling and start listening to what they want to receive my client? You have to be more aware of what you want to market and meet that need of subscribers It meets the needs of your subscribers and they will cover your own pyramid of the Digital Marketing feed:. Viddler. com/browse/mduque/videos/12/according to this the author of the seminar (Maurice Duque – Doopler) graphic show the foundations of email marketing matter what its strategy website, searches (google adwords, or organic positioning) and Email are the three basic tactics that generate greater return on investment in the long term and help improve the results of the other strategies the new essence of the Email Marketing 1 design your web site to retain customers 2. uses search engines to attract new subscribers 3 uses email to assist the process of decision-making conclusions personal Y solutions recommended: 1. email is the means par excellence to have direct contact with our customers and remind them that exist 2.

never send unsolicited e-mail. We must use double optin and filter very well to our subscribers so we are not unfairly associated with spam. 3. the positioning on search engines is also critical for the essence of email marketing to work, i.e. to carry traffic to our Web site to subsequently convert with email marketing. Solutions recommendations: As being at the top of google on the keywords of search that we are interested (special link). .

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Studies Online

The educational system has evolved thanks to studies at a distance that has benefited many people, however, is not accessible to all. In these globalized times framed by technology, society looks for alternatives to survive in a world of crisis and competitiveness, the evolution has turned to teaching online at an option that has led education to people who, in decades ago, would have been almost impossible. Online studies is a system that began to have popularity in the business sector, with the need that their employees were always trained and updated, so helping technology achieved an ideal model which does not influence on the job responsibilities of the productive force. How are online courses? Depending on times and courses that we have chosen, studies in line have a system very similar among themselves. Is carried out through an Internet portal where opens an account in which the student receives his lessons, in the same way, all the both technical and academic doubts are resolved through emails and discussion forums.

Sometimes there are citations identified to conduct chat sessions, where both the teacher and the other students can clear doubts automatically with respect to assignments. Certain requirements are requested for this type of teaching, some have requirements academics but what is a general rule are technical specifications, these encompass a whole series of requirements that must have the computer on which it will be studied, as well as some programs or software that are necessary for the development of the system, and of course, connection to the Internet. Who can study online? If you meet the requirements, all. This system of education has benefited students from all levels, some universities have implemented the diplomas online as method of titling; in a large number of companies has offered their employees training by this means, while some people who left his unfinished studies they can’t finish their training, even who ended his professional career seeking these courses online as a resource for his postgraduate studies (master’s degrees, doctorates, specializations, diplomas virtual, etc.) which conform to their schedules.

Resell Products

Resale products always generate a concern: why the author concedes rights of sale to a third party? The answer is that most authors seeks to create an effect of viral marketing towards other his products of greatest importance, recalls that in all products this published the name of the author and links to their pages. It is a formula to win = win, the reseller gets a product ready to be sold total profit and the author gets more visits to their other products and traffic to their websites. It is a business where everyone wins because the marketing is beneficial to both parties. However there are various types of resale rights, it is important to know this: basic resale right: where you are selling the product that you purchased, you win 100% of the sale, but the customer who purchases you can not resell it. Master resale rights: you sell the product leaving you with 100% of profits, and buy it you also can resell it also gaining 100%. With private label resell rights: lets you do what you want the product, modify it put your name, your links, your signature, in the end what you want him to do. Free transfer rights: you can offer these products for free on your website or wherever you want. Now if you have a job, it is likely to come with the fair end of the month, and is clear that additional revenues all would the months do not come you so bad, the problem is that the majority of jobs are of long hours, so it is not easy to find an activity that will generate additional money without neglecting his current work.

Fortunately for you, there is the internet, where you can generate income every month. One of the ways easiest to generate income on the internet is through resale products, once you purchase the rights to a particular product, whether this an book or a software, you can start to market it online immediately and stay with 100% of the profits, you won’t have more additional costs and work is complete does not need to rewrite the book or reschedule the software, the work is completely made, even in the majority of resale products include sales pages and be digital products do not have to worry about having stock, or shipping and handling. It is a business that operates completely on autopilot. As you can see this is an easy and profitable business because remember, 100% of the profit is yours, and do not need any special knowledge to do it, with all the advantages offered by the resale of products you save much time, money and frustration..