If you do something different to what you were doing, your reality is inevitably changed. And if where you are think you already did everything from you for something be amended and this has not happened yet, maybe is time that you consider the possibility of going in search of other places and employment options. You don’t focus on the crisis and everything that we already know, that does not help. You focus on opportunities, not on what we can do. If you are still talking and thinking about the crisis, short the energy of creation of new possibilities. So be careful with that. Stay on the lookout for your internal conversation and choose carefully what thoughts stay and gate that does not support you. You will create your own solution and it may not always mean that let the current job and undertake their own risk.

Or Yes, it all depends. Perhaps you can take advantage of many of the benefits that gives you your current job while you take advantage of this stability to go by undertaking an independent work, step by step, but concrete having a goal clear in your mind; or it may make you feel completely safe to make the leap to leave your current job to dedicate yourself fully to your passion. In many cases radical changes are very good results, this is very personal. Of course, everything has its share of doubt and fear. The person who wants to succeed in life has to get used to this, to drive between the uncertainties and have made clear that there is a destination where arriving, but it is the same way that reveals to us the wisdom of learning. It is the here, now, present the unique moment of possibility.

If you develop and hold a plan, you can bring any change to reality. So he thinks and develops a strategic plan to undertake the job of your dreams. This plan must contain each of the steps you need to follow to achieve your goal. Once clarified the type of job you want, reported you your self how recognize opportunities arising out of here more. Not only that introduce themselves eventfully, but also that you generate from your belief, decision, and action. Having clear these priority ideas for you will be able, among other things, inform your network of contacts to support you and help in this new mission. Create your same in your inner mood of security. Don’t expect a job, person or any external thing give you that assurance. Takes the reins of your life, you focus on what you want to be, do and have, and put hands to work making yourself your own way with every action you undertake. My father always told me: find a job that you like and you won’t have to work a single day of your life. Jim Fox would then be prepared to receive the job of your dreams? If your answer is Yes, it flies to this link now to find strategies that will help you as soon as possible undertake the labor changes you are looking for. It reinforces these strategies with these questions. With love, Ani Vera 2006-2010 Ana Cecilia Vera. All rights reserved. Do you want to publish my articles in your newsletter, blog or website? You can do it if include the following full text in the.

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Paper House

It is what it characterizes the popular culture: the learning obeys a system of traditions and customs. In this direction, it is interesting to think as the popular culture, through its more diverse references, can show to the Education, or to other sciences, that the predisposition to the learning becomes more detached the more significant will be the study object. To the educators who work with the small children, de0 a6 years, valley to retake, to consolidate this relation with the popular culture, the principle whom playing characterizes as activity where if it estimates a propitious relation to the process of integral development: partner-affective-intellect-emotional. In the practical one, she is necessary to be intent to the possibilities of redimensionamento of the strategies and the materials that we have by hand for the planning of activities that come to contribute, effectively, with this operacionalizao. Under this optics, Playing To fold Paper between Cantigas and Contos is an activity, but it could well be thought as a system: from the choice of pertinent a practical instrument the tricks (in the case, the paper and the possibilities of its transformation for the process to fold it), are developed flowing of infantile discoveries and/or retaken of cantigas and the verbal narratives. Remembering that already a popular song exists very (' ' &#039 was a funny house very; '), the educator can lead the initial trick exactly to strengthen what he has of funny in this house does not have soil, does not have window etc.

-, with the intention to become livings creature the verses of music. If the song not to appear spontaneously, nothing hinders to present it the group, teaching to it what it says the letter. To illustrate the possibilities of this activity, let us think about a simple model of folding, that all must know the house. It is a sufficiently classic figure.

Federal Statutory

The learning is a continuous process, and happens in the individual since its birth, depends on the genetic inheritance, the maturity of the nervous system and on its effort and interest. According to theory of the cognitivo development, the child in accordance with passes for periods of training differentiated in the learning its maturation. The first period of training is the motor sensrio, going until the two years of age, as it is the daily pay-operational one that it goes approximately until the seven years, until the eleven years enters in the period of training of the concrete operations, passing then to the formal learning. When the child is not motivated inside of the environment where she coexists daily occurs damage in its intellectual and cultural development, being able to transform enabled children into children with potential below of the level of normal learning. The children who it has learning difficulties start to demonstrate them through drawings, action, tricks, behaviors and even though arriving at the failure pertaining to school.

The current challenge is to understand the reason of the upheavals of learning in mathematics (discalculia). The objective is to provide to the educators and professionals knowledge on the subject, of form that can give the due attention to the pupils who present such characteristics pedagogically, identifying them and intervined, looking for to assist them with strategies of studies that allow the academic and personal success. 7 2. The History of the Field of the Upheavals of Learning For Federal Statutory definition in the United States (1977), You referemse the upheavals of calculations and mathematical concepts. For the definition of the National Joint Committee on Learning Disabilities (NJCLD2,1988), ' ' Difficulties of Aprendizagem' ' it is a generic term that says respect to a heterogeneous group of clutters revealed for significant problems in the acquisition and use of the capacities of listening, speaks, reading, writing, reasoning or mathematics.

Cultural Problem

The marginalizao of the aged one is really a cultural problem. It is good also for remembering that with passing of the age intelligence can or not suffer a decrease, differing from the memory, whose decline is inevitable. Although this can happen some authors (Gooldfarb, 1988; Simes, 1988) affirms that the will to learn is sufficient so that the learning occurs, in the same way that for an adolescent of 12 years to one gentleman of 80 years. Logically, the limitations caused for the aging, as well as the used strategies to compensate are evidenced them. In this way, the learning in the third age is viable, however it is limited specifically by the speed that the new task is presented, a time that the aged one holds back little information after a first presentation. Although many times camouflaged, can still be observed that many of the actions supposedly destined to take care of of the people oldest, nothing more are of what subterfuges to keep them isolated, as well as many elogiosos speeches they are not more than disguises to hide what of threatening and overwhelming the oldness it locks up in our imaginary social one. It is important to detach that the oldness is not an only process, but the addition of several others, distinct, between itself. Therefore, one another possible explanation for such difficulty in if categorizing oldness consists of the fact where it is not a state, but constant one and always unfinished process of subjetivao. Therefore, it can be said that for the most part of the time one does not exist ' ' to be velho' ' , but one ' ' to be envelhecendo' '. Love and sexuality in the third age Parallel to the difficulty that if has for the conceptualization of the oldness, are had, also, problematic of the acceptance of the practical lovers and sexual manifestations in people who if find in advanced age.

The Child

In a history, for example, the professor creates a propitious climate, stimulating the children so that they feel to its redor so that they can see the images and the text if thus desire. An author also displays that, when finishing reading, either of literary or informative direction, the professor puts the book that read at the hands of the same children so that the o turns pages and to confer what the attention called them more. ‘ ‘ it considers that they take for house this interesting book and others that them seem … (LERNER, 2002, P. 96). Thus, professor will continue acting as reading in elapsing of all the escolaridade, because it is reading material that it considers interesting, beautiful or useful that will be able to participate to the children the value of the reading.

In this context, Lerner (2002), affirms that, as much when showing as if makes to read when the professor if places in the reader paper, as when helping suggesting strategies efficient when the reading is shared, as when delegating individual or collective the reading to the children, the professor is teaching to read (Id. Ibid., 2002, p.97.). Emphasizing the importance of the reading in the infantile, necessary education if it makes to understand that ‘ ‘ to read is not to decipher palavras’ ‘ (BRAZIL, 1998, p.144). One searchs to understand that, before the development of the orality, the child seats to hear histories and to hear history, a text, already if it can consider as a reading form. Thus, Macedo (1999, p.122) explains that ‘ ‘ the reading acts precede the reading of palavras’ ‘. Ahead of these concepts, Meireles (2010, p.50) affirms that the children must have same contact with books before learning to read.

Visual Deficiency

In recent years it had a significant increase of the inclusion of pupils with deficiency in the regular school. Although this advance appears a new challenge: what to make to potencializar the learning of these pupils? Detaching the visual deficiency that if applies in the blindness forms and low vision, where the blindness means the loss total of the vision and low vision means the illnesses or errors of refraction that implies in the quality of the vision, the playful activity is presented as one allied and collaborating fort for the learning, therefore from the moment that activities are developed that they include and they propitiate the full pleasure of the child, increase the possibilities of that it learns what was considered, where the result will be satisfactory. However which must be led in account are the methods used for the application of the activity, because for blind pupils, for example, total visual activities or that they depend on the vision for its development, will not propitiate for these, the necessary learning, but they will have been adapted (placing objects in high-relief, for example), the blind pupil will have the possibility to use the tato to understand the activity. Already for pupils with low vision, the alive and intense colors must be gifts in the classroom, therefore they are important for one better visual perception and the professor must be worried in knowing that type of visual deficiency the child possesss to effect the activities that if adjust to its necessities. Valley to stand out that, more than what to apply practical and strategies of learning, the professor has the duty to make with that the pupil feels itself received and valued, emphasizing whenever all are capable to learn independent of its deficiency.


It is in this direction, that resolution of the mathematical problems can stimulate the curiosity of the pupils in the aspect of the learning and motivate if interest them it for the Mathematics, in way that when trying to decide the problems they improve its creativity and its logical reasoning, extending its mathematical knowledge. But, the important one is not to know to decide certain type of problem, and yes to have a minimum idea of what it comes to be one. For Van de Walle apud Allevato & Onuchic (2004, p.221), ' ' a problem is defined as any task or activity for which the students do not have methods or prescribed or memorized rules, nor the perception of that has a specific method to arrive at the solution correta' '. We point out that a problem consists of everything what we do not obtain to decide, but that we would like to make. Therefore, when a pupil does not obtain to decide a mathematical problem, it does not want to say that it does not know mathematics, in this in case that innumerable factors can exist that contribute for this, being one of them fact not to obtain to correctly understand the problem considered that can be derived from one me the interpretation of text for the event of the lack of habit of the reading or even though not to obtain to find a way to get the resolution. It is natural that it occurs some incorrect solutions, since for the process of Resolution of mathematical Problems, the pupils will be instigated to freely express its way to think. This does not want to say that the incorrect solution for a type of problem does not generate a new moment of learning that can later be used, therefore for the fact to only have the attempt to decide, the pupil is acquiring new strategies for problems that come to appear in the future. .

Mental Upheavals

The thought of execution of the act does not have to be in exactly pleasant itself. The thoughts, images or impulses must be disagreeably repetitive. Obsessions the obsessions are thoughts or ideas, impulses, images, scenes, words, phrases, counting, doubts that invade the conscience of form repetitive, persistent and estereotipada, that the patient does not obtain to prevent, followed or of destined rituals not to neutralize them. To wash the hands repetidamente, to verify doors, to repeat questions, to count, to repeat a word, a phrase, a music, are clear examples of these obsessions. The contents told for the patients are mentioned habitually to the aggression and the loss of control, to wound somebody, the recklessness, to be little honest, to the accidents, the sexuality, the religion, the contamination and the illnesses. Treatment the objective of the treatment consists of changing the knowledge of the patient on the obsessions, preventing the neutralization and to allow, thus, that the patients if accustom with the obsessive thoughts. The frequency and the duration of the thoughts and the malaise caused by them will diminish consequentemente. In this treatment the specific objectives are: To provide an adequate explanation of the obsessions.

To make with that the patient understands the paper of the neutralization in the maintenance of the obsessive thoughts. To prepare the patient for the exposition to the thoughts and the situations that unchain the obsessions. To correct, when necessary, superesteem of the power and the importance of the thoughts. To correct, when present I exaggerate, it of the consequences of fear specifies associates to the thought. To correct, when present, the perfeccionismo and the extreme responsibility.

To make with that the patient perceives the situations where he is more vulnerable to the fallen again one. To prepare the strategies to be used when to occur the fallen again one. The program is standardized and each patient receives all the components from the treatment. On the other hand, also he is individualizado, since the type of exposition, the objectives of the prevention of the reply and the correction in accordance with vary the characteristics of each patient. The patients receive from four the five months of treatment, including about three months with two therapeutical sessions per week normally. The psicofrmacos more efficient they consist of antidepressants that recapture inhibit it of the serotonina as the clomipromina, sertralina, paroxetina, fluoxetina and fluvoxamina. When adequately treated, at least 2/3 of the patients they get significant improvement. Consideraes Final: The TOC is an illness that presents a rich and diversified fenomenologia, with infinite possibilities of presentation, what it can make it difficult its identification. The degree of criticizes can the same vary between the patients and in agreement individual the occasion. We can evidence in this in case that the TOC is an upheaval in which if can get a significant improvement, since that has a good psychological accompaniment, and that it correctly follows the treatment until the end. Bibliography: CORDIOLI, Aristides Volpato. Psycotherapies: current boardings. 2ed. Porto Alegre: Medical arts, 1998. Classification of Mental Upheavals and Behavior of the CID-10: Clinical descriptions and disgnostic lines of direction. Translation Dorgival Caetano. Porto Alegre: Medical arts, 1993. CABALLO, Vicente E. Translation Magali de Lourdes Peter.

Multilizer Gadget

Automated translation and its technology are constantly improved and developed, currently, most of us has taken advantage of the benefits of an automated translation. The best of these tools is its variety and speed of translation. One of these innovative tools to translate is the translator Gadget, which is Gadget easy to use on the desktops of Windows Vista and 7. The translator Gadget is a tool useful, easy to use and that we can use immediately after his discharge. To begin, select the language of the source text and the language to which we want to do the translation.

Then, simply write or copy and paste the text of a document or website, in a few moments the translator Gadget makes the translation automatically. With one machine all can translate with just a few clicks! The translator Gadget can be a very useful tool, and usually the translation tools offer a decent translation quality. It is good to remember that the quality of a text translated with a translation tool does not reach the level of quality of a professional translation. The risk of using translations made with software is the quality of the same. The majority of times the quality is good enough, but sometimes, translation software and tools can make mistakes with some words as synonyms. How can we check if a translation is good enough if we don’t know the language? We now have a solution. The translator Multilizer Gadget includes a quality translation. This checks the quality of the translation and tells us the degree of quality of it.

The estimate uses colors to let us know the quality. Green, indicates that the translation is probably good, yellow indicates caution and red indicates that it is advisable to use the help of a professional before it is used in public to the revision of the translation. The key point of the automated translation is knowing when we can rely on the quality of the translations and when not. With a quality estimator automated have this benefit without much effort, this way can take advantage of good and free translations and forget the mistakes.