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Invitation to the country final Brandenburg of the student competition Ecopolicyade invitation to the country final Brandenburg of the student competition Ecopolicyade: Prime Minister Matthias Platzeck chooses the system thinkers of the future on Monday, June 07, 2010 from 14:30 to 16:30 the Brandenburg?Hall of State Chancellery of Brandenburg, Heinrich?Man?Allee 107, 14473 Potsdam the leader of tomorrow will need to think in contexts. The 90,000 pupils who participate in the competition in 2010, learn responsible behavior and acquire the right thinking for the design of their future as a virtual head of State. You will make effective so that their wisdom and knowledge and find solutions for themselves and for the society. “16 students in seven teams from four schools determine the representative of Brandenburg for the national finals Peter Stadelmann, COO Malik Management at the national final of the Ecopolicyade on 2 July in Berlin. While they compete in the computer simulation game developed by Frederic Vester Ecopolicy.

Aim of the game is to a country so rule that optimally developed economic, environmental and social point of view. The participants learn systemic and networked thinking. The competition among others by Malik Management and the Federal Agency for civic education is promoted. More information, please refer to the attached document. Prime Minister Matthias Platzeck is the patron of the Ecopolicyade and will open the competition. The ceremony will make Dr. Peter Stadelmann, COO Malik Management, together with representatives of the State Chancellery of Brandenburg Brandenburg sponsors BASF and E.ON edis. Other contacts for the press at this time are: Hans Werner Hansen, initiator of the competition, Ecopolicyade Office Gabriele Harrer, senior Malik Management System expert and longtime collaborator of Fredric Vester, teacher and student teams of CPA o Havel Elstal high school, high school rank village and the Emil?Fischer?High school black Heath. For organisational reasons, we ask for your registration under

DolphinGuide System

AIDS DolphinGuide facilitate everyday life for the blind and visually impaired Braille libraries provide literature of all genre and divisions in formats accessible to blind people. On the amount of time, also blind man can online search in the holdings of the libraries of the blind and home order desired Litheratur. The open reading system DolphinGuide eloquence supports this feature for free. It is therefore for the blind Leien easy to use the service of the blind library of Hamburg. The open reading system DolphinGuide eloquence is a fully configured system of including hardware and software. Including high-quality headphones, which also books on the DolphinGuide system can be enjoyed and a powerful scanner is a pair for example, to read documents and read up. What default not supplied is a monitor. DolphinGuide makes this unnecessary.

However, you can connect a conventional monitor at DolphinGuide. Thus, the system is suitable for People with a visual impairment. As a special feature, DolphinGuide offers also a free news reader. Hereby, many newspapers can online be read by blind and visually impaired people, without the additional costs incurred. DolphinGuide can be tested free of charge and is to get under downloads/dedemo/guide.

Telephone Systems – Business Success

How telephone systems can contribute to the success of your company. Especially in the digital age, personal contact with customers again increasingly gaining importance. As more and more communication via email, the personal is however often too short. There’s no time for face-to-face meetings and often quite long distances must be bridged. Yet to establish personal contacts and to maintain business relationships, an importance to the phone. From the business environment, it is known that the greatest successes in the personal interview can be updated.

Since this often represents a not erfullbares criterion for the above reasons (lack of time, distances, etc.), you need an alternative: the phone is the communications solution that is closest to the personal call approaches and enables the conversation yet time – and location-independent. By phone the feeling can be made personally to communicate and Inquiries can be made immediately. The opportunity to communicate with the interlocutors also informally to (joke, private etc.), can be more relaxed conversational situations. So, a similarly good relationship between people can occur, which is conducive to the business. For companies, it is so central to be equipped to relations with customers and business partners can establish and maintain an appropriate PBX. Telephone systems, so communication solutions, which enable the management and the connection of different devices (telephones, fax machines, answering machine), can be seen therefore as a motor for the success of the business.

Corresponding systems support the use of more devices than there are telephone lines, enabling the simultaneous discussions of multiple devices from, the forwarding of calls (for example from a central point), free internal calls between all of the telephone system connected devices, and the targeted settlement of individual connections. The market is covered by different options, equipment and systems. A telephone systems can distinguish between analog and digital (ISDN). But also VoIP systems, which enable the telephony over the Internet, are becoming increasingly popular especially for reasons of cost. The einzlenen models then vary with regard to their functionality. If you plan to purchase a PBX system, it is accordingly, to inform again about the various possibilities on the Internet. The mediation service vomFachmann.de (www.vomfachmann.de) here offers a good starting place for one to find out about the different types of telephone systems and then free to send offers of up to four suppliers of telephone systems. Just because telephone systems occupy a large importance for the company’s success, it is for larger companies, a service contract with the Complete telephone systems provider, continuously to ensure the proper functioning of the equipment. However, considering what benefits have telephone systems for the company, the cost of profitable quickly.

Asian Techniques

There are many people who seek help to quit smoking and do not want to access the laser or pharmacological treatments for various reasons. Fortunately, the ancient Asian techniques are also used in the Western world and are perfect to get rid of bad habits and other ailments. Acupuncture is based on the application of needles in certain nerve centers of the body to stimulate the flow of energy. This fabulous technique is currently used as one of the methods to quit more effective and less invasive. He has re-edited to achieve this end with excellent proven results and a very high in the majority of patients satisfaction. Once you have decided to seek help to quit smoking, if you opted for this ancient technique, is important to well advise about will be like therapy and how patient will reach goals like quitting smoking definitely.

During the sessions of these treatments for quitting smoking, will be placed approximately twenty needles in several key centres of the Agency, to ensure that the patient significantly decrease their levels of anxiety, and therefore abandon the habit of smoking. The sessions of acupuncture patients stop smoking duran, in general terms, about thirty minutes and are set, at least for four weeks. In comparison with the other methods, it is much more economical, taking into account the relationship between cost and effectiveness. It is a technique that works for virtually all ailments, but mostly for those such as smoking that generate a very high State of anxiety. If the patient wanted to, you could decide to complement it with another type of natural therapies, also generally linked to oriental medicine, such as the Bach flower therapy.

Ellos Childbirth Technique

Ellos technique showed the cloak, which is the way that fits the baby that is not in the birth canal, which explains why they have so few cesareasa , noted for his part Gustavo Marin. Punenelchefe .- In the Mapuche community a existe a figure called punenelchefe that accompanies the process of pregnancy and particularly the time of partoa said Azpiroz Clenan. He added: a Al women bear faces east and is squatting and often taken from a tree, or assisted by another woman, to lose strength and help the baby, (baby) a . Also stated that a previo birth is the baby fit vertically so you can go through the birth canal, and massage are used hierbasa . Before birth, as detailed, it is a pelontun-diagnosis or visualization of how the mother is and how it could reach trigger labor.

This makes it a machi machi or that have a supernatural knowledge or pre-logical, as the Mapuche, “that can not be explained logically. In the Mapuche tradition, the-or-machi makes a diagnosis of a delivery through saliva, urine, breath, and that is a mirror of how the child is . And as he said, a despues childbirth is a ritual with the placenta and umbilical cord: they are buried as a way to give back to the natural forces of life. It is a family ceremony agradecimientoa . Azpiroz Clenan said a OESI complications must refer the mother to a hospital, as there is no experience of how tratarlaa .

United States Technique

In the last ten years this technique that was born from the hands and minds of the American physical therapist Vianna Stibal has evolved and taken a big leap. If a method you created for your patients after overcoming her own cancer in 1995, it has become one of the therapies of self-help with greater expansion and broadcast worldwide over the past decade, once the own Vianna was able to masterfully describe the method used to enter into Theta State consciously and speak with your body, with its superior intelligence (or the creator as many others prefer to call to that essence, which is the soul of every human being) to produce changes within yourself. Vianna has written books, it has treated thousands of people as spiritual adviser and most importantly has managed to capture all their wisdom in a method, a roadmap, which explains clear and concisely how to do things. Currently he travels around the world giving therapists already trained in the technique, the master to teach Thetahealing classes. She is so careful that one of their greatest efforts is that the technique stays faithful to how it was created and why in the headquarters of Thetahealing (Idaho, United States) there is a database with the names of practitioners and teachers of Thetahealing with official certificate.

All have been trained with the same manual and in the same way by teachers who only Vianna has formed at the same time so the magic of Thetahealing remains intact. After this long introduction step to describe as faithfully as possible what is Thetahealing. Thetahealing is basically a process of meditation, with a focused prayer (prayer I mean a sentence in which you manifest a desire) through the creator (this word can replace it with one that will be more comfortable and conform to your beliefs: Buddha, mother nature, Jesus, Shiva, my conscience, my soul, Dios) physical changes occurpsychological and spiritual in it. .


In the recipe for ceviche fish cooks in cold, or that never receives heat (oven or stovetop,) for example. This makes a cooking mode quite particular. It can serve as an input or as a main dish. Ingredients: 800 g grouper (a filet. Other white firm meat fish can be used. Pollock, for example) limes 5 units ginger 14 g (once crushed will be approximately two tablespoons) (a bunch of leaves) 20 g coriander pepper 2 units 1/2 red onion unit preparation cut the ginger and the pepper brunoise (small cubes of 2 mm of side) and mix with the juice of limes. This juice may be prepared using a juicer or simply cutting limes to the middle and then flowing with the help of a fork. Adicionarl chopped cilantro and set aside.

Cut the grouper bites of about 1 or 2 cm thick. If prepared with larger pieces the central part will be crude, and is not what is being sought. Mix the fish with the game previously prepared and add salt. This preparation Let stand at least 20 minutes before serving. Meanwhile, ciselar onions and wash with water and salt. This involves placing it in a container, salt and cover with water. Let it stand for a few minutes, drain and repeat the procedure two or three times. In this way the onion will remain tasty but much less strong.

Add onion to the rest of the preparation just before serving. Traditionally, this dish can be accompanied with corn or boiled sweet potato, sweet potato, salt field (Andean corn) or weeds (algae). Source: Ceviche Recipes and cooking techniques, recipes and cooking techniques I define as a gastronomic constructor.


The origin of the five S is in their names in Japanese, all words beginning with S; Seiri (sort), Seiton (arrange), Seiso (clean), (welfare) Seiketsu and Shitsuke (discipline), as you can see, to translate them into the Spanish no begins with S. This method has been integrated to the enterprise quality certifications, you can implement it today. The first 3 points relate to things. 1 Classification. Separate the things that serve as they do not serve, what is required of the unnecessary, far enough away from the excessive. It is common to find useless things are clogging, as well as consumer items in good condition which are no longer used, you must classify all.

Get rid of what doesn’t use, them you can sell, donate or throw, but already not occupy him space in the company. 2. Organization. Everything must have an order and a location to locate it easily when needed. * Sort by alphabetic or numeric keys. * Designates a place for every thing by priority of usage, the frequent user put them close to you and those of sporadic use Save to a loquer or warehouse. 3.

Cleaning. It is an indispensable in the areas of labour rule, remove dirty things, also includes paint or touch up so they have a better appearance. The company is responsible for cleaning, but each who must deal with his work area, clean before starting work, when you exit leave everything tidy, clean and in place, over time will become a habit. The 2 following items relate to people. 4. Personal well-being. It’s the worker’s physical and mental health, so consider the following: * toiletries and personal grooming, bathing daily, well groomed, and clean clothes. * Be cautious on the consumption of alcohol, smoking or harmful substances that create addiction. * Power balanced condition of hygiene. * Position in your work area. * Rest enough, sleep and live with family and friends. Do all what they consider necessary to maintain a balance between the physical, mental and spiritual. 5 Discipline. Be strict with the 5 points, does not tolerate mistakes, a balanced and healthy working environment is accomplished with discipline. * Make sure your behaviour at work. * Cultivate the habit of fellowship and solidarity. Discipline is a very powerful weapon to progress at work, preach with example. We said that it is the technique of the S 5, we’re going to add an H. Refers to home, analyze the five points that you implant system in your home, works the same but with better results, your home is the most important part of you. It is not enough to have good intentions, it is necessary to do so on a daily basis, at the beginning it is difficult, you can compare it with the launch of a rocket, at first it requires lots of energy, but then the effort is minimal. Propose a plan of 21 days to overcome the resistance to change, the benefit is great. If you apply it in your home, the fruits are even larger, get started today. Ramon Salop original author and source of the article.


There are multiple techniques for marking today, but you must know that you one of the most popular, is better known as pad printing technique. The printing is a relatively young printing process. What is basically done, is the reproduction of a mark through a plate either plastic or metal, which is then covered with a photosensitive emulsion, which is precisely where records the image through a chemical process. After this recording, this plate is covered with ink and is swept with a knife and a tampon silicone material, pressed on the previously done engraving, and picks up the ink from the plate. Subsequently is to then carry it on the piece to be printed through the contact.

This mark is mostly used for marking industrial parts and advertising. The ink that is used in this technique is also used to mark or decorate certain parts and they consist to solvent-based that require mixing with additives at the time of use. In general, dry in a matter of seconds, although the complete drying can take a much longer period of time. A. Verastegui hold.mx original author and source of the article

Electrotechnical Commission

Now, I recommend you a new machine for the manufacture of sand, its name: Shock-roller crusher VSI5X, also called the 'centrifugal impact crusher. " Shock-roller crusher VSI5X (sand Making Machine) – When you create a This crusher used in German as well as its own patented technologies. This equipment includes three methods of processing raw materials and used for crushing of metallic and nonmetallic minerals, ceramics, abrasives, sand, iron ore, corundum, bauxite, basalt materials, perlite, etc. Advantages: 1.Spetsialnaya shape of the rotor to improve performance up to 30%. 2.When you wear armor, you can simply turn upside down, which naturally affect the cost of maintenance and increase the service life of up to 48%.

3.Modulny hammer allows you to replace worn parts by parts, thereby reducing replacement costs by 30%. 4.Osnovnoy node is made of heat-resistant material resistant to abrasion. 5.B equipment used bearings made in Japan, Sweden and the United States. 6.Spetsialnaya form the gate to avoid oil leakage. 7.Gidravlicheskie Drives made of Japanese parts. Open the top cover is easy, but because maintenance of internal nodes requires a minimum of human resources. 8.Elektrodvigatel manufactured in accordance with standards IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission), insulation class F, level of protection IP54/55. Technical Data: Model VSI5X7615 VSI5X8522 VSI5X9532 VSI5X1145 production capacity, tons / hour Cascade and central feeding 150 280 240 380 350 540 500 640 70 central feed 140 120 200 180 280 250 360 size piece of source material most, not lasting mm material