Andreas Hermsdorf

Now the objection of course coming “in any industry that is so”. So you are right, of course, but… To do this I want to of course, an aspiring young consultant give an example from the IT, normal good university degree in the mid twenties has in his employment contract, of course 40 hours are at a monthly salary of 3,000 euros for 28 days holiday. Its priorities are the subjects of data warehouse and CMS. The projects are going well and now it happens more often that he also still in the evening have to work in addition to its 9 hours everyday on your notebook concepts or similar the next day to show timely an appropriate template customer. Basically nothing objectionable but normal, especially in it. Everyone this motivated and ambitious young consultant due to a huge project growth in all Germany allowed to travel around, at the expense of his Privacy.

His new friends are the hotel mini-fridges, the Anzugtrolly sponsored by the company and its miles-and-more card from Lufthansa. On Monday, he flies from Hamburg to Frankfurt, on Tuesday evening, he must quickly for a project escalation from Frankfurt to Berlin and on Thursday in Munich a new customer waiting on the performance of the company’s portfolio. By the way a new technology’s next course starts in two weeks and in 4 months comes an update to an existing system, also lacks still project information to a customer from Stuttgart, whose Projekt begins next week. At the first moment this job sounds really “gorgeous” and “cool”, each a consultant there would be or be and make a career. Life has its full benefits, it is travelling a lot, learn some places people know and correctly many miles you collect the greatest. In contrast to his social life loses pretty, especially with regard to his own family, friends, acquaintances and the own relationship.

Also a one can not perceive so unfortunately everyday. In turn, one is fixed always at a fixed location as an administrator, you can even remotely at home out on the systems access. However, this site has a very clear negative factors. Within all systems, whether physically or virtually rebuilt, it has a huge responsibility towards the company, colleagues and customers. Conflicts in the system or even all crashes you must be ready to be rung by 02:00 a.m. out of bed to resolve the error. The professional services include mainly among colleagues, who has more expertise on the server, client, or to the software. A power struggle begins, and you are a part of a closer. The training on the systems and software are largely superficial and you need a lot of self-initiative in books and on the evaluation systems, to build up the ultimate Know-How. I think you must be born for the IT industry, whether you as administrator, Manager, consultant, supporter or developer works, ultimately you must really always give 110%, always UP TO date, in fact automatically absorb the technologies thus normal to compete with. And finally it ends as it started, that we sit at a table with another person… Just with other variables and priorities.