Heidelberg Customer

Heidelberg start up the fire is with SUMMICS-C new world’s first intelligent evaluation service dynamic data collection in the big-data segment before Heidelberg, 22 January 2014 a trend GmbH now allows innovative analysis system-SUMMICS-C a fully automated analysis of the data in the field of customer feedback. Never companies could access so quickly, precisely and in detail all important insights about their customers, their wishes and their feedback. With regard to increasing quality demands, as well as increased costs, companies are encouraged to increase their customer value and at the same time to reduce the costs. Automation and optimization of the customer service and support processes are crucial for. In addition, over 70 percent of online consumers contact prefers to the company via the Web site or communicate her opinion on a product in the relevant fora.

To analyze data, community managers invest that much time and effort: it is necessary, the evaluations and their Interpretation prior to the set and the analysis of themed content itself is done mostly by hand. SUMMICS-c we start SUMMICS the development of our integrated and flexible customizable software solution and offer a fully automatic content analysis worldwide for the first time for the area customer care”, so a fire can undertake trend GmbH. Markus Schneider, CEO now in unprecedented speed and improve efficiency to respond to the needs of their customers and the service such as support. That the difference between a good and a great company for the customer as well as for the employees themselves.” The intuitive front end of SUMMICS-C gives precise information about the opinion on products, innovations, services etc. the competitors or your own company within the community. The software-as-a-service tool analyzes the texts and processed automatically.

While each text undergoes several semantic levels. Then a grouping is done by Textclouds and Clusterverfahren. The service evaluates in detail and deeply all available data regardless of the source of the data or the language. Through the detailed semantic analysis of pre-defined information sources such as forums, communities, etc. SUMMICS-C offers the unique chance to break established patterns to uncover potential and thereby to optimise their customer service companies. The analysis of incoming requests and feedback reveals temporal and thematic frequencies. The company recognizes as what content on the site can be customer-friendly recycled or formulated understandably and where a product or service can be improved. Peak loads are avoided through regular reporting and communication gaps bypassed. Customers can receive so the answers to their questions earlier or in future to the part already find in the FAQ.