Christopher Nolan

The main function of one technician in visual effect is in becoming the dreams a reality in the screens. They are responsible for changing the half appearance with objective to create sensations, being able to define scenes, to stand out surrounding, to embelezar productions, to become more real environments. The category had origin in 1963, therefore before it existed inside of a called category Effect Special together with the Sonorous Effect. He was George Mlis who gave to origin to these techniques, and by having been excellent in the world of the cinematographic productions the specific category in the awarding was created that exists until today and will be shown in Oscar 2012. The development of computer science techniques allowed that to the visual effect if they also developed in fast way. The film ‘ ‘ The Exterminador of the Future 2’ ‘ of 1991 it is a good example and a landmark of the effect special had the introduction of digital effect 2D and 3D on a large scale. Good part of the success gotten for the film ‘ ‘ Titanic’ ‘ (1997) of James Cameron, winner of 11 Oscars if must to the impressive scenes of the shipwreck of the ship.

The production of ‘ ‘ Park of the Dinossauros’ ‘ (1993) also it had the visual effect as a great factor of influence, therefore it shows a world of dinossauros previously never seen. Another film of Cameron that was recordista and relieved US$ 2 billion, had great success for its visual effect in 3D was Avatar. I finish it winner, indicated in 2011, was ‘ ‘ The Origem’ ‘ , film of Christopher Nolan.