Pedagogical Quality

This is not the idea, would be an excellent chance of the professors to learn with the pupils, with this gesture could teach that, no matter how hard if knows a substance, it always has something to learn in another one. Zagury (2006, p.203) affirms: The method can be moved and techniques of education for the other most modern ones, without this improves the quality of education, because it is not the method that makes a good professor; he is the professor who makes any method to become effective. What it does not annul nor contradicts the necessity (only reinforcement) to play all ours ' ' cartas' ' in the recovery of the teaching quality. The professor is who teaches e, to teach with quality, needs itself to believe what he makes and that they believe it, demonstrating extra respect, devotion, security and abilities. Psicopedagogo must play different roles in the development of educational practical its, over all in the direction to make possible significant changes in its prxis comunicacional.

Thus computer science comes contributing for the significant changes in the world of the work that had resulted one more time in the alteration of the paradigm of the production and also in the education. 2,2 Pedagogical update of psicopedagogo How much to the computerization of the education, it is agreed to Motta (1986, P. 123) when it judges that the effort of the education in the direction to form free, safe individuals and responsible, capable to think on account proper, it will be necessarily bigger and more difficult in the future of what already it has been. The computer has provoked a revolution in the education because of its capacity to teach. The possibilities of implantation of new techniques of education are practically limitless and are counted, today, with the relatively low financial cost to implant and to keep laboratories of computers, each time more demanded in such a way for parents how much for pupils.