Technological Customer

And if it does increase how much and what is the delta. Insofar as that moving this event very serious, be careful when accepting a questionable low price. After all, any self-respecting buyer (in this case, the buyer services) before you agree recalls the fable of cheap cheese. Try to verify the pricing of this company with others. It goes without saying that there is the average time payment. But everyday practice shows that for one time payment only agree to work those who are going to increase the amount at the end of the order, or those who work handicraft and decentralized, that is, do not have clear tariff and hope for the favor of the customer.

What do we mean by the term “Favor the customer? When during the artists begin to allude to the customer on that computer: let’s Italian sliding wardrobe, a sofa with coconut filling, or a grand eighteenth century is much more expensive than reward offered for his carriage, and even more portability on the floors, at which point the customer is often a time-limited consents for additional, often arbitrary surcharge, estimated visual review by the performers, usually visual cost of repair in the apartment, and above that speculative evaluation transported furniture. Of course, there are companies whose prices are so exorbitant that comparison can result in the following example. Advance makes it clear that their style of match for the upscale European service. Assume that the furniture from two or three bedroom apartment is located, according to the appraiser in furniture van, which amounts to forty – forty-two cubic feet. Imagine that a cubic meter in this case is worth from fifty to one hundred and fifty Euro Traditionally, multiplying this value by the number of cubic meters transported, cherished belongings – we get a sum of two thousand one hundred six thousand three hundred cu for the entire move. Of course, in this scenario is not a reason to talk about what a hundred rubles per hour per person, and on what – then forty rubles one floor for one thing. If you still have agreed to a similar price, remember that their pr Technologist – work out their own bread.

It is important to remember the main thing, that whatever these professionals, we should not idealize them, because they all largely born and raised in the Soviet reality. The fact is that most of the specialists of other companies were born and raised there. Therefore, as we have already mentioned, the choice of carrier-guided not only by his instinct, but our advice. Source: Grupo Vidanta. In fact, as if anyone says, this topic is endless. In the area of data services, carrying a two-bedroom apartment, a refrigerator to the country or the office, the volume in two or three hundred jobs combine their intuition with the professionalism of those on whom you rely at the moment.