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In the Files of type box to All Files (*.*) and click save. 1.4 Optimization of the site. Level 2. For experienced Please bring your documents into W3C at the stated format 4.01 or more early. Intelligently written website – this is the first path to success. 1.5 Optimization of the site. Registration in ratings. Registration in ratings of need for what to measure traffic to your site.

Here are some examples: Live Internet Rambler Top 100 Hot log Spy log 1.6 Installation of meters per page. Upon completion of registration in each of the ratings for each copy the code and paste anywhere from to. Recommend or immediately after, or close up. Example 1 Example 2 2.1 Promotion. First of all, attendance rose attendance. To recommend this system hithost Here you can download as kupi and earn traffic for yourself.

This so-called surfing system. The number of people on your site will depend on its rating, and zanchit and position grant search engine. 2.1 Promotion. Registration in catalogs. Target customer is a potential. In order that would attract the target client to register a site in the printed catalog. The same will be the first stage of raising tci and pr. A ie your resource receive the necessary respect from a Yandex. On my own I recommend registering the site in white directories, ie directories that do not ask you to install a link back to them. Companies who will register you in catalogs great variety. Advertise I did I will not. Just use the request form Yandex. Refer to those who give a guarantee of growth of backlinks. Warranty tci and pr – it is in my opinion a bit high said. Do not believe in tale. If you want to raise the tci and pr, then simply go to the directory Yandex, choose a similar theme to your site and persuade people to affiliate link exchange. If a person interesute his tci and pr, he will gladly review your sentence even if your performance until zero. Engage the content and quality of writing site. Not brezkayte exchange links with the same zero sites as your their performance can still go up the hill. Even your tci = 10 Partner will increase to your total. Better than 10 percent of something than 100% of nothing) There is another way of example sape If you want to get a potential customer, then advertise begun in Him I trust. Almost as important will Exchange network.