Inspiration And Motivation

How do you motivate staff – is a frequently asked question? What can I do to ensure that employees take responsibility? How to make them to be masters in their field? Why do I feel that I need to be over them, so they produce? Business owners often ask such questions and you can feel how it upsets them. To deepen your understanding Max Schireson is the source. They hope that staff will also take the initiative and concern, as the owner enters into for business. Rusty holzer does not necessarily agree. Some employees are doing, but most – no! Why? Because they do not own the business. They are not at stake as long as the owner puts into the business in terms of how the inner side and external. The owner is a source of business, the creator of business. The man who created the idea in the form of a product or service that people will buy.

They created the game and then invite others to play it. The owner – he, like a parent who truly cares about their children (businesses). Be the 'source' of something – a unique experience that essentially requires inspiration, whereas in order to be an employee – it simply takes motivation. What the difference between motivation and inspiration? The definition of 'inspiration': A. divine influence or action of a man who is making his or her ability to retrieve and transfer (convey) the sacred revelation.

B) action or force that moves the intellect or emotion. From the Latin – to breathe. The definition of 'motivation': the act or process of motivation.