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Bonn SPD OB candidate Jurgen Nimptsch and Klaus Wowereit the visit of the reigning Berlin Mayor Klaus Wowereit (SPD) on July 13, 2009 as expected nothing new to the critical attitude of Berlin to the German city of Bonn brought. In this respect the question turns what Mr Wowereit in Bonn wanted and what the SPD-OB candidate Jurgen Nimptsch on this issue. Benedikt Hauser: Chairman of the Bundestag group “that Wowereit still not clearly known to the statutory Division of labor between Bonn and Berlin has not really surprised. Lapidary phrases how “The law applies, as long as it does not change” from the mouth of a proponent of total removals for me means “the law must be changed only. The passive attitude of the SPD-OB candidate Jurgen Nimptsch, where clear words for the Division of labor of Bonn and Berlin were missing, however, is much more disappointing. This is a signal, how little Mr. Nimptsch Bonn to expect as Lord Mayor in this matter. A clear commitment to Bonn was in this thing apparently not desired. Good to know that even in times of election the SPD-OB candidate here has dropped “. Benedikt Hauser is represented in its capacity as a city councilor and Chairman of the group in the current Council period in the following bodies: full member of the Panel UA finances since the 09.12.2004 town/r with advisory voice on the Board of BV Bad Godesberg member in the Panel main Committee since 04.11.2004 Council since 05.10.2004 ordinary member of the Board of UA ‘Future Bonn’ since the 09.12.2004