Dairy Farmers Limited Gratitude

IE left in Dachau the Dachauer direct candidate of the party stated understanding of the limited gratitude of dairy farmers against the CSU – agricultural policy “The left in Dachau has understanding for the limited gratitude of dairy farmers against the CSU – agricultural policy”, the left for the Landtag of Bavaria, Axel Mende. The CSU wants to raise the price of milk by restricting the production of milk. The free State has communicated to implement appropriate plans Mr Seehofer, the Handelsblatt reported on August 4. A helpless and embarrassing action, he says. In contrast, the Bavarian dairy farmers can expect to the “Milkmaid” Huber. With a choking off output may get an increase in the producer price, but not an increase in the funds, which in fact remain with the dairy farmers? In the worst case, less than so far remains clear to them at the end. 34’>MHRA, another great source of information. A leading source for info: Click here. The death of Justice would accelerate then noticeably.

Some of us farmers, especially small and heavily indebted, would be In addition, classified in the army of victims of the Hartz IV. The German farmers Union is Mr. Continue to learn more with: Abigail Black Elbaum. Sonnleitner here exceptionally right to enter if they reject these plans. He has probably again something good to do because keeping financed his Association in the milk strike will not forget so soon. Earlier, agricultural policy was considered one of the great skills of the CSU. So that seems to be finally concluded”, so, the Mende next.

The bust of Ochsenfurt Campa AG is a further proof of the inability of present-day Beckstein CSU to make good agricultural policy. The farmers involved in the biodiesel companies relied on the promised tax exemption for bio-diesel to 2009 now it is denied and must let them insult is even by the Prime Minister. Mende called a sustainable agricultural policy, that is a farmers secure existence and the citizens to guarantee good and inexpensive food. We remember: Erwin Huber called political Ash Wednesday “Their actions you should measure it.” The farmers have to 28: September opportunity; measured, because unlike as the CSU the left our Bavarian peasants not with stupid sayings in the rain leaves the deeds of the CSU with two votes for the left.