Pedagogical Politician School

In another question destined to the professors, we ask of that they form participate of the construction of the Project Pedagogical Politician. One of them answered: ' ' Of form some, therefore until the moment I am unaware of I project Pedaggico&#039 Politician; '. (Teacher of 3 series) Being that another professor affirmed to participate with suggestions and opinions, therefore according to it, to be the Project Pedagogical Politician in the paper he would not only have usefulness none for the school. He perceives yourself, one more time, a contradiction in the answers. It was also questioned to the professors, as the participation of the pertaining to school community in this process of elaboration of the Project occurs Pedagogical Politician and who they consider as pertaining to school community. Below some of the answers: ' ' All very possess an important paper in the execution of this task, direction, professors, servers, pupils and pais' '. (Teacher of 4 series) ' ' I do not have the lesser idea, or better, I would be the employees of the school, acho' '.

(Teacher of 3 series) the conception of the professors identified through the interviews on the participation of the pertaining to school community in the construction of the Project Pedagogical Politician revealed sufficiently contradictory, therefore if it became difficult to identify if really it happens such participation. What he observes yourself is an interaction lack enters the diverse segments of the school, that is, it is necessary to oportunizar with more frequency moments for quarrels, reflections and information concerning what really either a collective construction. How much to the managers, it was questioned as if of a elaboration of the Project Pedagogical Politician in the Pertaining to school Unit Montezuma and, according to them, all the activities of the school are planned collectively. They had emphasized that even so the Project Pedagogical Politician of the school still is in construction process, exists one ' ' version preliminar' ' of the project, that involved the participation of the internal pertaining to school community, over all of the professors and with some points harvested in the meetings of parents.