All Use OCR

Thanks to new tools nobody must tap off troublesome texts how often it happens that you just have to copy a text. Unfortunately, this is not always possible via simple marking. For example, because you want to read the text from an image file or from a scanned document. Remedy the here so-called OCR tools. They can recognize texts from graphics and spend. Now student, software developer, Secretary or private computer users – everyone encounters every now and then use cases, where such a text recognition software is extremely useful.

On the market there are the various providers that offer simple to complex software from cheap to expensive for this. In my studies I’ll spare you a lot of typing work me through the use of the OCR tool picatext again. Is it because I need the text from scanned documents or would like to use text excerpts from scripts. A good text recognition software should be expensive for me. For this I don’t like unnecessary features, the I never need. “, says the student of Christoph Stettner. The detection of different languages through a single software can facilitate a much.

Since I use pica text, many things during my daily work quicker just by hand. Eliminates annoying typing. To read out text by selecting a region of the screen saves me a lot of time. “, expresses the Management Assistant to Bettina Weick. A small OCR tool that recognizes text from image files as well as on the basis of a choice of screen area, makes so many things easier. Softwareinmotion with picatext has proven clearly that something need not be expensive.